In the world today, sex has become a prevalent addiction. Everyone wants to have it at a tender age. To most people nowadays, it is rare to attain the age of 18 without having to taste the ‘sweetness’ the forbidden fruit – premarital sex. Despite the ‘sweetness’ they claim to feel when eating the fruit, there are deadly repercussions that would make your life come tumbling down like a stone from the top of a quarry.

Winston Churchill once said that however beautiful the strategy, we should always look at the results. From what we have witnessed, the repercussions are harrowing and the marks are significantly huge. While making the hay of under-age sex, its ‘sweet’ as they claim it; but the fruits can turn to be really sour  especially when it is the case of viral diseases  or abortion failures leading to inactivation of some female organs e.g. removal of uterus.

Just recently in December 2013, a 17-year old lady walked in a certain mission hospital. She reported that she had been sexually assaulted and that she was experiencing a lot of pains in her lower abdomen. She was admitted and the nurses did their job well done.

The next morning, as the lady was visiting the loos, Mr. Mania – the head nurse of the ward noticed that the lady was dripping something from her abdomen. She knelt down on the tiled floor and checked the dripped ‘slurry’ whitish fluid on the tiled hospital floor. He concluded that it was gummy pus.  He informed his fellow colleagues to perform a full physical examination on the lady paying detail on the affected area.

The nurses found out that the pus was originating from the inside of her body. These sprout a lot of question and they questioned the lady once more about her rape case. This time around, the lady filed a different story. She knew she could not hide anything if at all she wanted to be cured. She took a deep breath and changed her position on the hospital bed. She sat up and glared at the bewildered intelligent nurses.

‘Tell us the truth about this’ one of the nurses told her as she held her shoulders compassionately.

‘This is my third abortion.  I have had a lot of premature sex since I was 9 years old and the abortion thing comes when the intercourse went wrong. The abortion was performed at a certain sub-urban area in the outskirts of the city. I have never experienced what I feel now after the two proceeding abortions. I  …’

She held her lower abdomen again and made a painful sigh. She was in pain. Deep pain that she could not hold anymore. One of the nurses called for an ambulance and reported about the pus in the uterus and the swollen abdomen.

She was referred to a distant hospital where there were specialized gynecologists. With a span of three hours, the lady got out of the theatre and was taken to the ward. She was okay. When she got up, she met the doctor looking at her with those curious eyes. They greeted each other.

The doctor confirmed to her that she would be barren for the rest of her life. He had managed to save her but could not save her uterus. It was destroyed during the abortion.  When she performed her third crude abortion, her uterus received a lot of cuts and wounds that led to its inactive state.

Many years later, the lady wanders and roams in her estate and neighboring urban areas in search of babies to care for. She recently got a job at a children’s home where she now takes care of children. She was aware that she would never have children of her own.  She had killed three of her children in her life during the crude abortions she had been having.  

The hard part came when she remembered how the sex was so good and powerful. The bitter fruits will never be unraveled from her heart. The instilled pain burns her like wild fire when she flashbacks her life as a teen.

That is a very touching experience and should be a take-way- home- message for ladies wishing to perform abortion on their young life. Abortion is truly a crime. It is killing the unborn.

Those who are planning on abortion try a change of plans and see the best way to perform what you want. If you are confused, seek medical advice rather than taking unnecessary moves that would ruin your life or even kill you. The painful sores that reside in our hearts due to our actions are the worst ever. They hurt painful when we think of what happened earlier. Let us keep safe and always keep our bodies clean.

Life is so precious. Cherish it.


About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. Such a horrible story.

    Ruining your body and life with ignorance.

    Spread this story widely, so young people know what they are up to.

    Kind regards,

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  2. Great message. Let it spread to reach greater multitudes.

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