I ironically laugh when I hear Kenyans saying that we attained full independence over 50yrs ago. When you ask one of them why they are happy, they responds by saying, ‘don’t you see we got Madaraka Day celebrations yearly?’ did we really get full independence or is it just a feigned process that hides itself in the annual celebrations?



You will hear the village men saying, ‘we fought for our country and it’s our own who are ruling us and we are happy because of that’ Not knowing that the white settlers estimated the recourses they were using and saw there were a lot of extravagance; most of them refrained back in their country so that they could

effectively rule us without much wastage. This is the ironical euphoria happiness we celebrate on Madaraka day that blinds most Kenyans of our independence.
Our government and private sectors are constantly employing foreign people to run, exploit, extract and manage our resources. Most of the high ranking jobs are run by the whites. Are there not unemployed Kenyans looking for Managerial and mining jobs but can’t get them? Why don’t we entrust our own people in profitable businesses? Take an example of the CEO of Equity Bank or Titus Naikuni of Kenya Airways. The CEO of Equity Bank has taken it to another level to the extent that he supports poor families who’ve got brighter children and grade A students to study in Harvard University and other major universities in the world. Secondly, look at how Kenya Airways planes have had great modifications of late. How precious and lucky would Kenyans be if we had such leaders who do things with all their heart and with an incredible objective? We could be competing with the likes of Japan because am dead-sure that these guys could have come up with descent and profitable projects.
The government knows very well that foreign people rule us by extracting our resources for their personal benefits. E.g. after extracting the mine, they have first to siphon or hide a certain percentage of minerals for their benefits before we can officially commence on ‘eating our own fruit’. Why can’t the government employ a few teachers from abroad to teach the unemployed lot of Kenyans the skills and technical know-how of how to mine! Flocking of Europeans, Americans and even Asians in our country for such activities, tells the world a lot. Secondly, the come and behold an eyesore! Lots of unemployed people loiter along the streets while the government has hired over a hundred foreign technical workers from abroad, who get paid exorbitant wages. They always wonder what the government is doing if at all they can hire miners yet her people are jobless! Let’s take an example, how much could have been saved if it’s Kenyans who discovered Oil in Turkana? See the comparison and try to get a resolution of what the government should do. Educating jobless people mining skills is the best thing a country can do to eliminate the first lot of the whites that is exploiting us. That’s why I persist that we haven’t got ultimate sovereignty that some countries have. In fact very few African countries have attained total independence.

Take a look at the football systems we have in our country. Almost all the coaches of our teams are whites; those with ‘black’ coaches are craving for the time they will get enough cash to ‘buy’ a foreign coach. This is the new swag in Kenyan football. Each player wants a foreign coach. Why the infatuation of the foreign countries? We, Kenyans, believe too much on foreign people, opinions, and way to host presidential debates, languages, way of dressing and many others. Can’t we try to modify our own products? People shouldn’t come to exploit our resources while we are still here.
We import luxury clothes from the whites while we have our own designer cottages across the country. Most Kenyans prefer the imported rice and also the tea leaves compared to the one produced hear in Kenya. If possible, the government policies should be altered to reduce on the importing rate in order to promote the local produce. They just raise the debt burden or spending money in areas where it’s not necessarily needed. Let’s utilize everything we have and Kenya will commence economically and socially. The fact that we import a lot of gadgets, Kenyan government should venture in improving technological universities and education on manufacture of gadgets. The governments can also open doors for foreign investors to construct and run manufacturing firms so that we can save on imports. This also tries to reduce foreign enslavement of our country a great deal. It is so because, we use our own man power thus reducing cost incurred on paying hired workers and their machines from abroad.
The other issue is about the debt burden in terms of cash and economic resources we owe foreign countries. This is true evidence that we legitimately survive under their mercy. What if foreign countries can refuse to purchase our products? Example: – the Miraa issue? If it was a major earner let’s say tea or coffee. How could we survive? These foreign countries tie us with enormous loans that we can’t pay easily even if the interests were written off. As we are on the verge of completing the loan payment, they increase by lending us another loan. And because we never understand why and we see everything as gifts; we are still in need of cash, we go ahead humorously and accept the ‘unpayable’ lump sum of cash. We do this by not looking at the serious repercussions of our actions.

Swim to the low and high waters colour your world blue and be its king

Swim to the low and high waters colour your world blue and be its king

As George Bernard Shaw said,’ the moment we want something, we suddenly see all the arguments for it and become blind of the arguments against it.’ Some of the things that happen are really eye-sores. What’s the aim of taking a huge loan to help the starving people if only 50% of it will be utilized for the right purpose? What’s the use of giving a crippled man who sits at the entrance of a supermarket 100 shillings only! Can’t you take him for special therapists in a hospital nearby where he will start earning his living in a more respectable way after proper treatment? Why take foodstuff and cash only to the starving and poor people; which will last for a short period of time. It’s like a ‘Euphoria of food’ or fawning of ‘puppets’.
Yet they claim they know more by the objective and aims you give holding the bible swearing to the almighty who gave them the mind and power to help helpless people.
Remember if we have a lot of loans succored from foreign countries, it may start governing certain critical issues because it’s like we are been controlled by them. Take for example: – you have my debt that I’m sure you can never pay anytime soon; you cannot take a serious decision about your finances without my concern because some of your decision may render my loan unpaid. So, I must take control of your monetary life until my debt is resettled. Looking closely, that’s what happening nowadays; if at all people have eyes to see. That’s why we are still their slaves no matter how people disapprove it. When will we ever be emancipated?
What does the government do when a problem that may betray the country arises? They immediately form a commission that will discuss and survey the cause of a certain issue. Check out the commissions formed about the national scandals. The commissions of Golden Berg, Anglo Leasing, Ouko’s, J.M. Kariuki, George Saitoti’s death among others. Have we ever found the solutions? Never! If yes, they are very painful as of the Case of Anglo-leasing scandal. They even go ahead to import heavy and expensive gadgets and hire forensic pathologists to investigate a certain issue just to act as a cover wrap so that tension among the masses may cool down. In most death scenarios especially those performed by the ‘untouchables’ such solutions are never found. The authorities are fully aware of what went on; and because they fear destroying the good relationship or certain critical issue leak-out, they immediately form a commission to investigate the whole issue. These are processes to show the masses that they are working really excellent in finding the solutions. They are very good in playing with the minds of people not knowing a few know what’s really cooking.
Citizens are like stepping stones to show the world that we use and uphold the right method to discuss political and security issues. They see the masses as blind people who do not know the head or the nose.
Lastly, why don’t we unite the whole of Africa as a tribe to be like the states? This will greatly help reduce Neo-colonialism. We can export and import between ourselves cheaply thus helping promote international development and reduce foreign dominance. Instead of hiring laborers from foreign countries, why don’t we buy labor from African states? That’s why we are called ‘the dark continent’. We tend to favor the whites not knowing their main motives. We can make this ‘dark world’ of ours become a ‘brighter world’ if we want to. We were divided and partitioned during colonization and that’s why we are all under their rule. Why don’t we unite together and show the world that we can make it? Furthermore, they depend much on us. The first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah said, ‘we can only achieve complete economic and political freedom from European domination, if we create a powerful United Sates of Africa (U.S.A)’
That’s very true. Think about it.

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  1. thats awesome . you really are observant in political issues


  2. liberal minded political views….I like it




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