…the value of solitude and silence


Hour by hour, the days accelerate. Days fade when some have made their hay while the sun is shining. Some haven’t harvested their produce yet but are yet to hold their great harvest very soon; while others harvest sowed anything to reap.

Do you ever sit by yourself and accompany your inner spirit? Feel it talk? What were you created to perform in this universe? Why aren’t you like the other person?

This is because God designed you to be who you are. He has bestowed on you something

essential both for the benefit of human –you and for the others also. Explore your potentials and abilities and try to grasp a single quality that you can spearhead. That’s what God assigned you to perform.

You were made totally different from the other. Not even the fraternal twins. Other people can perform better than you do. On the other hand, you can perform better than them in other aspects of life.

Example, one can be weak in class but as soon as the class ends and its due time to go home, he/she goes to the nearest auditorium where he/she stands a chance to be chosen for the local singing auditions. As soon as they get the chance, count them out of the non-sufferers league- as they call them. That’s when people who had despised you find their way to your privacy; they ingress in your pace with a humble heart asking you to promote them or open their gateway just as you opened yours. This is also the time those who persecuted you try to be as far from you as possible to avoid public annoyance. If at all they were to show up before you, they would humble themselves in a certain way to express respect.


That’s why I say, we shouldn’t force people to respect us. The secret is to perform best and do always good things, our positive deeds force people to give you respect out of the blue. I once listened to this song and got a hint of what I wanted to express … ‘wanaokudharau siku moja watakusalimia kwa heshima…
Those guys, who like despising you in school or at work especially because you have a certain unique glow that you wish to get, are often a nag. That’s an act done when one is secretly admiring that glow you have. That glow may make him/her prosperous one day such that you will be of great shame.


When you have a certain special ability, you should be aware of the present orgies of this universe. Great people have always encountered noisy opposition from mediocre minds. Nothing significant has ever been accomplished without controversy or criticism.

Next, when you allow people to stop you from pursuing your passion, absolutely they will. This is because someone can never make you inferior without your consent. Many great ideas have been lost because people who had possessed them couldn’t stand the fury of criticism and gave up.

My friend, choose an excellent way to respond to criticism because that’s the most important decision that you can make. Critics are always and will always be there. They find faults without a search warrant.


This quote by William Hazlit says that, ‘the most insignificant people are those apt to sneer at others. They are safe from reprisals and have no hope for rising in their own esteem but by lowering their fellow friends.’ Being at a position to explore them, I have noted their character completely. You whisper to them your dream and talent and how you are going to make it up in life and their response put you into stroke. ‘You know what, many have possessed that you call your super career but they are jobless. Secondly, do you think those in high offices are there by chance? You will have to study very well in school. So, just change that super dream that you have because it will just take you nowhere.’ Don’t fall for such criticism and jealousy.

If you have a unique skill or talent, you should be aware of your fellow rivals. They are jealous of you. They want to see you fall down greatly. They want to fill you with inferiority complex so that you become a nutshell- with no value in life. They themselves don’t possess or haven’t yet discovered a glow of the great riches the world has bestowed on them. This fills them with anger and wrath against the people who possess the beauties of skills.

Let yourself be viewed as a lit candle that gives light to others, but not as an empty bottle to be filled. Make a daily demand of your creativity. All people of action are first dreamers. Ability is a flame, creativity is a blaze. ‘No man that doesn’t see visions, will ever realize any high hope or undertake any high enterprise’ that’s the saying by American’s former president Woodrow Wilson. Because of that, you should be proud that you have the vision because it shows you have a planned future.

When people are alone, they tend to think more especially when in a stationery position. Every great idea must be established within you and you alone. Know where to get alone and separate yourself. Eagles fly alone while crows fly in groups. That’s why an eagle, alone as it is, fly’s high and spots the minute prey on the ground. Learn to be alone and always standing alone or nothing worthwhile will catch up with you. Be like the eagle! Most big ideas are discovered when one is alone. Be sure to spend some time alone on regular basis. Measure yourself, upgrade, scrutinize and test yourself. See things, not as they are, but try to be more observant on the two sides of the coin.

When you want to start; start with what you have. Don’t wait for what you don’t have. If you are an artist, don’t wait for an established studio. Use a tape recorder at first, other things come later. You already have been given what you need to begin to create your future. Never let what you think you can’t do keep you from doing things you can do. The ability you possess now and you have tried to develop it, is the only influence you have over your future.

Ignite what you have and share. The time is still ripe. But if the expiry of the date comes and you haven’t explored your talents, then be sure it’s dead. Never let it reach such a point because all you will have is regrets especially if your social life is in poverty and maybe your talent/ability was the most profitable ever.


Give the drive to your goal a lot of love.

An individual with passion is greater than the passive force of ninety-nine who only have interest. What your hands finds to do, do it with all your might and love. Every being is created and possess the ability to love something. We are shaped and motivated by what we love-it’s our passion. If you ignore what you are passionate about, you ignore a part of the potential that God has put inside you. Do you want to know your passion? If yes, then do this, ‘stop and think about what grabs your attention, stirs your passion, rouses anger, unleashes strong words and causes definitive action from you.’

As Mike Murdock stated, ‘what generates passion and zeal in you is a due revealing your destiny. What you love most is a clue to something you contain.’ That’s very true and if you follow Murdock’s statement, truly you will see what you hold to show the earth.


The small opportunities you get or posses are often the beginning of greater enterprise in the future. The young and feeble ideas which have no momentum to rise should be driven by self motivation so that one day, you will embrace the enormous work of your hands. Small things make a big difference; therefore do all it takes to be successful in little things.

Start and maintain a constant flow of new, exciting, enormous and powerful ideas on which you can start immediately. If you believe that you can achieve it and you possess the passion, then truly you got to achieve it. There are million dollar ideas around you every day. Each idea has a positive and also a negative side effect that can make them unsuccessful. So you must develop and equip yourself with the right idea. You must be ready to persevere through impediments and also be ready to tackle big risks.


A talent is a blessing. You are an original. You didn’t go for training to gain that special gift or skill. An original is hard to find but easy to recognize. This is because you actually distinguish yourself from others by what you do. Don’t be awestruck by other people and try to copy them. Be original.

The number of people who don’t take advantage of their talent is more than made up for by the numbers who take advantage of the scarce gifts. They don’t utilize them at all. These talents and abilities are like deposits in our personal accounts and we get to determine their interest. The more interest and attention we give them, the more valuable they become. This is evident to people who explore and utilize their talents.

Morris West once said, ‘if you spend your whole life inside waiting for the storms, you will never enjoy the sunshine.’ So guys utilize your talents, gifts and the unique skills that you got

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    Mmmh it a nce inspiration guys its really lovely… Keep up the spirit.

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    • Hayday. ..thanks for dropping by…in a web set up it all requires your commitment,enthusiasm in making it be a success by going an extra mile of creating clicks and links just to cause traffic.

      Your great passion to start a blog is what will keep driving you….that will be the driving force towards its success of course if what the blog entails appeals,moves and really excites the audience.
      It’s all about your zeal,passion and determination and soaring the heights towards your own dreams of creating a blog



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  7. There is definately a lot to know about this issue.
    Ilike aall off the points you’ve made.


  8. I really like it when people get together and share thoughts. Great website, keep it up!


  9. Beautiful and inspiring 💜

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  10. Great article.. Nothing is powerful as reading something and feel it speaking to you. Keep up the good work.

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  11. Great article.. Nothing is powerful as reading something and feel it speaking to you.. Keep up the good work

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