‘Ponyoka Na fresher’ [GRAB A FRESHER]

…where campus wolves hunt for fresh kids


your first display in campus tells a lot to the people around you

This is a real phenomenon. It happens and every striking fresher lady should be on the lookout. Oops! The fresher dudes too. You are grabbed too. Grabbing of fresher’s happens; only that the extent of it depends with the kind of university/college that you have been integrated into. Every guy/lady out there knows that a fresher’s mind can be very easy to manipulate and some are mishandled completely during that one ‘bash’ that brings the ongoing and fresher students together. Smart fresher’s tend to be alert from the time they step inside campus. Those ones prosper well in the first year of campus life. So what about this campus life?


On the eve of fresher’s month, some guys save their helb money for ‘impeccable’ deals. They want to shower the fresher like that one queen just to buy the trust, before finalizing all the evil plans in their heads with the damsels. This is something that happens and the fresh damsels who still have smell their mother’s skin should be on the lookout.


Kate joined this vast and globally populous college in town early last year. She was extremely felicitous. This had been her dream- to get to campus so she could finish her degree.  As with all the registration on the first day at campus, she got in a line with the other ‘fresher’s.’ They were all speaking with their newly made friends. She was all alone and her ultimate job for now was watching and listening the fresh-comrades as they had their hullabaloos. Just then, she noted a peculiar guy throwing serious glances at her. She was not accustomed to such rummy ways of glaring at a girl. The dark-chocolate guy was dressed in a shiny black suit and with those shoes, that one would fear they would inject the host’s tibia bone – extremely pointed. He had put his hands together as though praying. Kate tried to imagine what the guy was thinking about but could not come up with any idea. She gazed at her brown skin again and felt a bit clammy at her armpits.

Silhouette einer Person, die aus einem Plastikbecher wie aus einem Schnellimbis trinkt. Sie ist an ein verschnörkeltes Gitter gelehnt.

he stood aghast gazing at Karen as if probing on something

As the line proceeded to the front, she walked closely behind. She pretended to be looking at the line’s far end. Her abducens nerve was extremely perfect as she used it to rotate her eyes laterally to get a closer view of the guy. She shuffled again as the line proceeded forward. At one time, she lost the view of the guy. She could not perceive the guy. She started staring at all areas she could possibly think of but the guy was not there. Where could he have gone? She asked herself. She wondered why all this thoughts about this guy had stuck in his mind. She had never got in a limbo ever again thinking of such a dude. Did I view him as a threat? She asked herself again.

She turned around and saw a lady behind her. She smiled at her and the lady smiled back.


‘I’m Kate. It’s nice to meet you?’ she said lively

‘I’m Katherine. It’s nice to meet you too’ she responded and they became friends while still on the line. All this moment, Kate was turning eyes around to see if she could catch an eye of that stalker-dude. He had shook her to bits. She was happy to have got a friend to keep her company. The two ladies exchanged numbers and continued speaking of their different backgrounds. At last, they were at the registration desk, they were registered, and some documents were exchanged. Kate was the first to complete the registration. She sat aside at the visitor’s pew awaiting her friend. Just then, this guy rocked in and smiled in front of her. He greeted her.



‘I’m Derry’

‘I’m Kate’ she was looking uneasy and uncomfortable as she awaited her friend.

‘I’m a tour – guide to show you around the school’ Kate gazed at him again, his tag on his breast was written ‘University Tour Guide’


‘Can’t we show ourselves around the school? I almost know every corner ‘she explained herself and after a short time of tedious discussion, she trusted this guy. They waited for Katherine and walked together. They were now so happy together to have a company of a flashy person with intellectual thoughts and who seemed to have a future – that is how most fresher’s see the world.  They also come with this slogan ‘Ponyoka na future’ such that they target the bright guys doing law, medicine and engineering related courses. Kate had now bought a lot of trust to this guy called Derry.  The school rotation was over and after talking some leisurely walks admiring the architecture of the campus, they came to a certain iconic – monument where they took many selfies together.


that evening, they got in and drunk to their fill

That evening, Derry took them out for dinner at a certain frequented high-end hotel in town. Sometimes, it pains many dudes spending a lot of money on women and most of the pleasantries come at a PAY! The talk at the table was excellent. It was so interesting when you just join campus and a guy takes you out for dinner just like that. After the meal, they took some alcoholic drinks together. Kate and Katherine were not accustomed to drinking alcohol and after three glasses, they were all in (diplopia-mode) double visions and hallucinations had set in. the euphoria was there too. Derry was gazing at them as they were alcohol did some great changes in their Central Nervous System (CNS). Kate came around Derry and slept on his chest, as she looked extremely dizzy. Derry hired a taxi and walked with the two damsels inside the car that accelerated to the campus’ hostels. He took them to his friends’ room and did the unexpected to them continuously as the damsels craved for more as the alcohol too absolute control of them.


At around 11 am the next day, Kate got up and woke her friend- Katherine. They all had marks of struggle on their wrist joints and some bruises on the neck. Kate specifically had a large bruise on her back. They gazed at each other.

‘What happened to us?’ Katherine asked Kate

‘What is this place?’ Kate asked her. They were all alone.


that feeling you have when you are sure that someone misused you and dumped you for good

Kate got up and felt that something had transpired tonight inside her body. She was not feeling okay. She at once gazed at Katherine and whispered to her.

‘That guy –Derry manipulated us. He used us. He mishandled us and did what he did to us the entire night’ she dropped a tear.

Katherine got up too and held her mouth with her both hands. She dropped a tear too.

‘We had been informed about such things in campus but… ‘Kate continued

‘We assumed them’ Katherine completed.

She got hold of Katherine’s arm and walked out of the room.


Everyone appears friendly just only to notice some hidden agenda.


awaiting the next prey

Pokey predators on the prowl preying on poor souls that just arrived campus – Ponyoka Na Fresher is real.

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