Relationship is a particular type of affiliation existing between people related to or having dealings with each other; also a relationship can be viewed as a romantic or sexual involvement of a person to a particular person. It’s a consociation between two people who have agreed to live together. From my own privy I view relationship as a step to marriage hood and parental hood. If you exemplify gratified values at the blossoming age of the relationship you seem to be living a good parent life in the coming future.


However, having or securing a great loyal partner isn’t a facile job .On the other hand, making your partner staying by your side until marriage

isn’t a no-sweat job either. Getting into a great relationship means you have welcomed a whole new phase of quandary and problems by which you must persevere through

Relationship come with advantages and also mishaps. The eminence of a relationship are those that make you feel awesome just because you secured a right partner. You enjoy the feeling of having your accomplice by your side, touching him or her, kissing or holding his or her arm and enjoying each and every bit of your secured love together. Having a person who can stand by you who can exemplify great attitude on seeing you. One who humbly respects you and supports you, is also a great advantage of being in a relationship. The most important advantage is having that person who clobbers you with utmost love and shows great passion towards you.

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Ten Ways Why You Should Be Truthful To Your Partner

The two integrate successfully when the other partner agrees to love you back with the same intensity.


Despite the fact that you enjoy those privileges relationships come with great challenges that many find difficult to uphold. The first issue is loyalty and trust. This two things define what kind of relationship you have. If the two range below average for both parties then there is no relationship existing.

On getting into a relationship you should bet on yourself that you must adhere to the terms and conditions that come with it. If situations get worse for you guys its better you talk it together and you learn to forgive each other. When you argue make sure you recollect or flashback on your relationship. The past that you guys have come from will help you get to know the reason and stick together.

You should always remember that love is never assumed or taken granted. You should respect the power of love because, it’s usually so strong and can affect a person in all aspects of life.

People out there admire you guys. They admire seeing a couple who have survived for long but still never part. There are also those people who feel jealous and envy your relationship. They are always umbrageous on perceiving a lovely couple together. Your love is greatly envied by people and that is why we advise couples to always stick together during the bad and good times.

When a relationship perseveres for many years before marriage it is bound to last despite the ups and downs. The reason is because it has been made to withstand all types of pressures from the two couples.

To sum up, a relationship is a blessing. Your partner is also a blessing. Getting someone who is ready to spend his/he whole life with you is a gift from God that you should respect and never take it for granted. Always put prayers first in your relationships and always make sure you surprise your partner each day to keep the candle of love still shining.

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