Let yourself be seen as a candle lit but not as an empty bottle to be filled


we have stages of change in our behavior such that if any stage is interfered with, we loose our focus

A human being is a creature who’s been created in a very complicated way. Whoever believes there is no supreme being that created heaven and earth, doesn’t understand the complicated physiology of human beings. Our brain is integrated to help us differentiate good and bad. To some, they have programmed themselves that the ‘bad’ is ‘good’ and vice-versa. This happens when someone kills for pleasure or as ‘they’ say ‘when I kill a non-member of my ‘family’ I go to heaven’. Such people view killing as normal and good in the eyes of whoever watches us. Anyway, our main aim of writing this article was to understand role change and behaviour.


How do we change our behaviour? What motivates? What is it that happens that one just changes his way of living and starts living in a completely different way? When you start thinking of such things, you get to put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to change and you visualise on factors that may precede personal behavioural change. What are they? We have all changed our behaviours in one way or the other. Formal ways of changing behaviours are mostly in schools where the teacher tells a young kid that eating ball pen cork’s is not healthy or a mother disciplining her child because of touching dirt or playing with sharps. However, there are the non-formal ways in which we change behaviour. This is the best and most effective method of practice of changing behaviour because it comes from the inside.

Make a daily demand of your creativity. All people of action are first dreamers. Ability is a flame; creativity is a blaze

fish escape concept

come out of that bad or evil or old-tradition cocoon and embrace change

In informal ways of modifying behaviour, someone decides that s (he) wants to change his/her behaviour to match a certain way. The subject is not forced nor implicated to do it. It is just a feeling that comes and he feels that he really needs to change for the best. This is why we consider it the best way of making behavioural change. From survey, not many people have been endowed with this inner response to change. Most people must be caned, warned severally or even forced to go to school in order to learn. Most people don’t have that inner self that is always optimistic to change in behaviour.


We came up with some of the modes of informal learning that may precede a personal change of behaviour and came up with the following:

Role Remodelling: this comes about when on feels or when one comes into the know that some of their behaviours aren’t that pleasing. When one is now aware of that, he /she changes and does their best to avoid the behaviour they were expressing. This can also happen when one admires the behaviour of another person until they decide to change their way to copy the acquired /admired behaviour. This is what is called role-remodelling.


Another method of behaviour change is through;

‘filling a vacuum’: this is seen especially in suffering children (though it is also an adult thing) where they are occasionally heard saying, ‘when I become big, I would want my children to live well not like me’ or for a case that the father is a drunkard, most children or teens will vow to work hard in life and not to live miserably like their fathers. Most kids have different ideologies concerning filling a vacuum that they didn’t meet. In adults, most say that when they become chosen in a certain seat or gubernatorial position, they will do some of the things that the preceding leader didn’t accomplish. Such ideologies make the teens and the adults work differently in life to achieve the said or visionalised dreams. Actually, these makes them change behaviour completely so as to achieve the said terms. A teen may say, I want to be the best father ever maybe because he doesn’t like the way his dad is treating him or because he just want to be the best of her children. On survey, we have found may teens working hard to achieve what their parents didn’t have e.g. Richness. Most poor teens tend to work hard in school having the drive that someday they will be in a position to help their families rise to at least some sense of comfort. These type of children who follow this way of behaviour change tend to be honest, hardworking, always focused and their life is always a struggle. Most of them find happiness later in life and this has been proven.


be the change that everybody admires and don’t try the negative

The last mode of behavioural change is through;


Selective Reinforcement: in this case, when you do something so well that you get accolades from your peers and your superiors you feel great. You feel so welcomed in the world where maybe you felt you didn’t belong. You feel you want to do it again and again with more improvement. When you change your way of doing it to suit how you did it until people congratulated you, that’s when selective Reinforcement comes in. you have personally changed your behaviour just because you got praises from people. This is usually the most common of role /behavioural change. When a child or business (wo) man is ranked 9/30, from a position below 20, he/she feels good that he has improved. On receiving praises, he or she vows to work harder to scoop the 1st place and this is what is termed to as Selective reinforcement.

In behaviour change, we have different ways in which we change behaviour. Most of us change behaviour in accordance with the theories above. However, there are other methods in which we modify our behaviour. Last but not least, behaviour change is a must for everybody. We don’t behave how we were behaving 10 years ago. This is because of education, friends and most of all the internet sites. Stories from blogs like Melting Ice Towers make you view the world in a different perspective and maybe change how you see things. We change behaviour to make ourselves better and to be better. We have heard of cases where people change for the worst but that isn’t a formal or informal behaviour change. If we need to be good examples in this world of humankind, we need to change for the best and explain which method we used to make ourselves much better.


change is something accepted and appreciated by everybody,especially if it is a positive change

‘Continue frustrating tradition with your creativity and imagination


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  1. I think respect should be reintroduced into our behaviour. Thanks very much for your interesting article. Very best regards

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  2. ‘Continue frustrating tradition with your creativity and imagination’
    Quite an article. It’s one of a kind.

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    • thanks Isaac. everybody should continue frustrating tradition with creativity and imagination if at all in the long run, it will be for the benefit of the society. if people say you cant change how your family or conditions were planned, show them that you can and do it by actions.

      thanks again

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