poverty in africa

help and feel good enough to do it. life is really cutting off on these lonely hungry children of the poor parents

Throngs of white-washed faced children, with annoying streaks of faded urine plastered on their calf muscles. They are marauding the slum area playing around with puddles and discolored dirty-looking streams of water which occasionally form when it happens to rain. Looking from the horizon, the ramshackle settlements are closely built together in a bid to support each other. Theoretically, in any case one of the houses at the end fall, the entire row collapses with a thud! Walking in between the crowded aisles and cramped alleyways, all kinds of business men and woman have displayed their merchandise including food products on the walking pathways just above freely running dirty streams. This doesn’t make the slum people feel a bit nervous buying such products but it’s a norm and that’s what they live on. On the back of houses and on mountains of garbage, weak-looking frail mangy dogs scamper everywhere around the place. This is a place where plain Ugali (African Cake) is the only affordable staple food from January 1st to December 31st. as a reader, it’s hard to understand the kind of Economic strains some people go through. Where the residents wash their faces with puddles of water or streams that form whenever it rains. In this settlement, crime happens and death goes unnoticed. In the stalls, alcohol is cheaper to purchase than food thus most tend to stay on alcohol claiming that it takes away the pain of hunger. Where parents force their children to prostitution to at least bring food on the table. In such places, sex is the main form of entertainment between couples such that they have a number of uncountable children of which they can’t manage. This is the daily living of almost half of the world’s population.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty’ Mother Teresa


if you feel you are viewing some images taken elsewhere and not homesteads of people, then you need to recheck again. its the envelope that surrounds the houses

This is poverty. Poverty is the state of deprivation; general scarcity, dearth or a state in which one lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Absolute or abject poverty is the lack of necessary means to meet basic needs such as food, clothing or shelter.

Looking clearly on the causes of death in developing countries, we always rate high. It’s not that we are disadvantaged or something but because we have the highest rate of poverty. When people are poor, very many things happen that predispose them to problems. This is why poverty is the silent killer which hunts a multitude of people. This ranges from health, education and political sectors.

Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice’ Nelson Mandela

hands against poverty

we can alleviate poverty if we really want to do it as a nation

In education, lack of education leads to a lot of disadvantages in the recent world. Firstly, no one represents you or your society in the government. The society remains unknowledgeable and are easily tricked by unscrupulous people who make them even poorer. Secondly, employment nowadays depends mostly on the qualifications of which most poor people lack and thus, they continue doing noble jobs e.g. washing clothes for people, working in quarry and digging plantations and graves. Lack of education has really made a great impact on poverty. Improving of young people’s talent also has led to loss of great and marketable talents. Death of talents especially for a poor fellow is really hurting because this could boost them even more but because of lack of knowledge, they don’t know. It’s not ignorance.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’ Nelson Mandela

poverty kenya, india, philipines africa

poverty makes its host prisoners such that making ends meet become more difficult

Health is another major risk for poor people which leads to major deaths. How many pregnant women have died during birth due to severe bleeding especially in the slum areas? They don’t go to hospitals to give birth because some of their members have known the art through herbal methods and it gets worse when post-postpartum bleeding occurs. A death which could have been prevented if they went to hospital for delivery. Moreover, considering they live close together in slums, any outbreak e.g. Cholera, it spreads like wildfire and kills every hour. The unhygienic states of toilets and lack of basic things e.g. water makes life even more miserable. Lack of money makes them not to go to hospital in fear of been charged. They only go when the severity is very high and mortality rate could be on increase. Lack of knowledge of cancers especially makes most of them discover the tumors in late stage 4 which is associated with poor prognosis. This has led to major deaths and reason behind it is poverty. Poor sanitation as people bath in streams and puddles adds to the unhygienic states. How do they wash their cabbage, kales in such scarcity of water? Flying toilets are a major setback here too. This accumulated states of unhygienic practices makes the slum a hard place to survive especially for anew settler who has come to perform survey.

Poverty is the worst form of violence’ Mahatma Gandhi


the puddles and streams that form immediately it has rained are the first and foremost infection breeding sites

Government policies have also played major part in development of poverty. Polices that make money to be shunted on useless things rather than saving the lives of dying citizens. Corruption cases whereby the country can’t be able to support its citizens due to the high rate of embezzlement of funds. Secondly, the government should put polices to help those young talented guys who show exemplary attributes at a young age. When they are assisted to advance, they become able to make a living and in turn return back to their society to help their fellows and family. The government too can make a project to construct good-looking houses complete with electricity and water to at least make a difference to their lives. Construction of modern public toilets would also play a major role in reduction of preventable deaths. Poverty leads to lack of own representative in forums and posts hence it even becomes hard to escape poverty.


if at all you can see the emotion behind this face, you will get the heart to feel what they feel

Never look down on anybody, unless you are helping them up’ Jesse Jackson

There is nothing like death because of hunger. It’s painful. Let’s always remember to do something for such people. We understand some can do their own struggle and make it but consider the majority are in complete abject poverty. It’s not a forcing or compelling force to help but do it from your own heart. Visit them in slums and change their life by either educating them some common things or by buying some food for them. Its worth. Alleviation of poverty will reduce dependence and hunger.

Poverty is more of a punishment that you didn’t commit








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