Hannah and Oliver were always together

Hannah and Oliver were always together

They had been seen together often strolling around the campus during the evening hours. Immediately the class ended, they would meet somewhere they had discussed either on phone or by mouth before they got into class. They shared everything even food on daily basis. They had formed this kind of union that no one would even dare to break. These were Hannah and Oliver both 4th year university students. Hannah was a beautiful African young lady who loved fashion. She pursued Biochemistry as her course of choice. Oliver on the other hand was an American hunk who always seemed to be moved by electronics and wires. He had loved this field of electronics since he was a young boy. His mum would always find it hard cleaning his room, which was a den of old, used electric wires and broken sockets. He pursued Electronic Engineering at Graduate level. Despite him being moved to this area of study, he was in love with Hannah for the past 2 years in Campus. They had grown together to be that unique great couple often admired by other people. He was the kind of guy who never sated having one girl his entire life.


On one Tuesday after Chemistry lesson, Hannah strolled around the campus’ gardens as she waited for Oliver to get out of class. The air and atmosphere around the school was inviting. The fresh scented dump flowers maintained the air around the place making it the best place to stroll in campus. She sat at a nearby cemented seat and started gazing at the massive university buildings. She commenced building castles in the air while she thought of this and that. Her black dress was well fit to her body revealing some of her upper knee flesh. She was beautiful. She was not the show off type off girl but the reserved and smart. Her earrings and artistic neckpieces made her outward appearance even more appealing.

the flowers made the day for her

the flowers made the day for her

At around 5 pm, Oliver was out of class and off he knew the spot where they always met. He hurriedly got at the place and within no time, they had already hugged.

‘How was class today?’ she asked him

‘Lessons were great. I also have some great news concerning my paper on’ INTEGRATED CIRCUITS’’ he said

‘Tell me about it. You scooped the normal grade I know!’

‘I scored an A’ he said as he held her arm and they walked out of the garden towards the main gate.

‘I am so happy for you ‘she paused. ‘I always love it when you shine in exams.’

They walked while discussing issues concerning their lives until they got to a junction where they always parted and everybody went their way.

‘I would like to come at your place today’ Hannah said as she glared solemnly directly on his face. He looked at her too and smiled.

‘You are welcome.’ He responded. ‘It’s long since I cooked supper for you’

they hugged cordially and made it last for sometime

they hugged cordially and made it last for sometime

She giggled and hit his deltoid muscle as they walked together.

Throughout to his house, they walked. It was a distance just not far away from school. He lived in those 3- bedroomed rented houses, which were just around campus. Hannah had paid him a visit some months back and had developed the urge to review him again. Oliver was also waiting to accommodate her anytime. He loved her dearly.

The entrance was clean and the area looked sophisticated for gentleman like Oliver. He deserved it. He got to the door and after removing the keys from his pocket; he opened the door and gazed at Hannah.

‘After you!’ he said.

Hannah got inside the room and grabbed his waist from the inside and pulled him in. he locked the door from the inside. Hannah started closing the curtains since the sun was slowly succumbing to the west as the dark clouds engulfed the previously bright sky. Oliver lit the slightly dim-lights of the house that made the place look just so romantic. The fans in the room made the air freshen after every minute they rotated.

from: / theruggedmale.com/

from: /www.theruggedmale.com/

‘You will have to seat here as I prepare you something’ Oliver told Hannah after which he hugged her cordially and kissed her on the forehead. She ceremoniously settled her wide hips on the couch smiling jovially. He switched on the television, put on her favorite channel and handed her the remote. He swiftly dashed into the kitchen and started preparing dinner. He was great in the kitchen. Meanwhile as he prepared the meals, they were talking to each other as they shouted from the living room to the kitchen. They were truly crazy.

After about 2 hours, the meal was ready and Hannah would smell the aroma while at the living room. She walked out of the living room and walked to the kitchen where she helped Oliver serve the food. They arranged the meals on the table and started feasting together. They were facing each other as they made one bite from the others spoon.

‘Since when did you learn how to cook?’ she asked

‘Since the day I begun living alone’ he responded. ‘I had to start making my own meals and also invent new recipes.’ He concluded as he smiled.

‘You have really changed. The house too is changed. I left you when you did not even have a carpet for your house! The colorings on the walls too; you are really dynamic!’ she praised him as they laughed together admiring the antiques of the entire place. The house was halfway descent.

Hannah and Oliver - holding hands together

Hannah and Oliver – holding hands together

They rested on the sofa for a while as they checked out their best photos on their second album. They giggled as they remembered and flash backed the great memories of the halcyon days. Hannah kept smoothing her hair and moistening her lips with her tongue while throwing sweeping looks at Oliver.

‘I need to go to the bedroom to prepare and check out the best sleeping gown for you’ he said

‘It is alright ‘she retaliated as she changed her position on the sofa.

She knew Oliver’s bedroom might have been a hell of a place especially since nobody paid visits to him. It could be scanty and dirty looking with clothes scattered everywhere. She smiled at him and told him to be a bit fast. Oliver rushed up the stairs and disappeared in the rooms.


20 minutes weren’t over when Oliver shuffled smiling all the way to the living room to show Hannah the place they would lay their bodies till morning. As he approached the living room, he noted the house looked different. He rushed to the sofa only to discover Hannah was not there. He started walking around the house calling her name loudly,



There was no response. As he gazed at the TV, he noted it had been smashed and the screen broken. He also sensed a sign of struggle on the living room. He saw Hannah’s neckpieces and right high-heel shoe on the floor. The flower vase was broken too leaking water on the carpet.

‘She has been kidnapped’ he thought. He noted sequentially drops of blood leading to the outside door. He followed the steps and when he opened the back door, a land cruiser V8 type of vehicle set off at a terrific start. He ran towards it but could not even make to visualize it clearly but he had captured the first digits of the car identification number. Oliver halted at a certain tree and went on his knees, he could not imagine someone was following them upto his house. He could not make it out that Hannah was gone. He went back to the house and searched the entire house once again. There was no sign of her. He collected her neckpieces and shoe and placed them somewhere. He took the couch coverings and sniffed them. He wanted to fill her scent. He could not make it out that Hannah had been kidnapped. This had torn him apart completely.

the Luxury land Cruiser V8 had carried her and the perpetrators remain unknown

the Luxury land Cruiser V8 had carried her and the perpetrators remain unknown

He did not want to imagine what would be happening to her. His main mission was finding her. At all cost, even the university could have held him responsible for the whereabouts of Hannah. He must look for her. It was around 7pm.


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