By: Ken &  Speranza


So let’s look at life as it is. From when we started reasoning and perceiving things in a more proficient and ethical way, we have discovered a lot of ‘pregnant’ issues pertaining occupations and professionalism in the Kenyan sector. Not only could this issues discussed here be effective or beneficial in Kenya, but also to innovative people across Africa and the world especially in countries with the same status-quo as our country Kenya.
In Kenya, 90% of citizens go to school so as we can be able to self-sustain ourselves financially –just to help us put our heads above water. That is a fact. Those people who did not go to school are normally considered poor and illiterate. That is what most people believe in. and in fact, 90% of those who did not go to school find it very hard to make it in life. Why? Does it mean learning until university is the new financial hot cake to success? No! Absolutely no.

Those who get the chance to pursue courses at common alluring universities, tend to choose courses that tend to get them employed rather than employing. Some are coaxed and choose their degree in a more biased way. We are majorly taught how to do work and not how to manage work. Being employees rather than employers that’s why we are pooling in search of employment after school while holding flamboyant Certificates. That is what that is killings Kenyans with creativity.

Take a look at the technical courses for example: – there is a friend of ours Jabula Mohammed who pursued a 2yr diploma course in mobile and computer hardware and software. After 3 yrs., this guy had a booming business at the outskirts of town getting more than 60 customers daily. In addition, he made more than Ksh. 30,000 daily. He drives a Subaru Imprezza. Who would expect that anyway?  Most high school graduates think that Engineering, Law and Medicine are the best courses on human planet! This makes them pursue courses they never adored and also lack to financially manage themselves in future. I mean, how many people make Ksh. 30,000 daily? Very few. This guy Mohammed is self-employed. He closes his business whenever he wishes and the only liabilities he incurs is Ksh. 16,000 rent monthly.

If we want to get the concept here, we should look for opportunities and like an archer, strike at the hatat. Jobs done by the mind tend to make more and the host tends to incur less costs. In Kenya, there are blogs making up to Ksh. 20,000 daily. There are writers-earning money like groundnuts just by writing. Having your mind and the laptop as your only initial capital. There is a 22 yr. old farmer who lacked money to pursue high school studies. At the moment, he is making millions out of a plantation. In Naivasha, there is a 30-year-old farmer who is currently resting in millions out of livestock farming.

It is only in Kenya where Politics is the only sure way of ascending the rich league. This has always worked effective. Using public money for personal upgrading and glut.
Most graduates are barking day and night about the high unemployment spell that is tormenting the Kenyan Nation thus raising international uproar. We always know unemployment is the biggest septic-wound in our current setup and that it has always been there. We can’t continue waiting for manna to fall from heaven so that we can land to well-paying jobs or spontaneously find ourselves in prestigious corporate companies! Those are what we call disguise dreams or decorated fantasies. It is high time we reason using our brains. Let us increase our notch of thinking and venture into things we can be able to do practically without the need of being employed.  It’s also the high time we save every single coin so as to make an impressive stride in the world of investments. It is high time the youth realize they can start making money at any age provided they got the right drive and brains to circumnavigate through.

‘Seeing is believing’. That’s how the adage goes. We have seen, read and imagined things that could become practical when put to work by an ambitious goal-minded person. another great adage goes like this, ‘we can’t continuously keep patching a leaking boat over and over again, the best and lasting solution is to throw the old boat away and purchasing a new one. The benefits outweigh the risks associated with the old one. If we look at that direction, we are assured of changing at least something in us and also activating one’s brains to look at things in a different way.

Lastly, if you have a talent develop a glutinous relationship with it and use it extensively. You don’t know when the success door will open. Never underestimate your potential and lets work together to kill this unemployment catastrophe.

About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. Hendrik Duvenhage

    Congratulations on your post, I must admit I have popped in and read a good number of your postings I just want to tell you how good you are at describing the stuff your at – I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.Hendrik Duvenhage

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  2. Would like to pay you a visit tomorrow in your offices.where are you situated?

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  3. Quoted: “. . .courses that tend to get them employed rather than employing”

    Indeed, I guess that’s all about it. We need to have some healthy balance between the two ends. 🍸

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  4. Cezane & Michelle

    I am curious, are you from the same country i am? KENYA? – Cezane

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  5. Great post. But if I may ask, do you make money from your blog?

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