Dr. Jaoko, His Range Rover And The Club

Taste Me and Become My Prisoner


Its 5 am on a Wednesday morning; the air is quite wet and it is drizzling lightly. The sky is a bit dark with the stars disappearing gradually as the dawn dawns. The path is muddy due to last night’s heavy downpour. Puddles and murky pools of water are all over the façade of the ground.


Mr. Jaoko has just left the bar towards home. If you are a pseudo-medical analyst, his ataxic weak gait and diplopic sleepy eyes can give you an estimate of the alcohol-dosage he devoured.Alcohol was his dearest friend.He had clung to it like vines on a rock wall.The insensate personality in him kept predominating 100% as he scuttled home. The humid, damp, clammy climate reduced Mr. Jaoko to a limp wet rag.


He is a medical doctor by profession though the learned-mind keeps dissolving its contents to every bottle of alcohol he voraciously consumes at his favorite joint. His clothes sent a message to the ‘crowds’ that he is that man with a job worth living for. He is donned in a black suit complete with a tie and those shoes that not many people can afford to leverage.


He accidentally stepped in a puddle that made him tumble sending him down rolling into a nearby ditch. His black suit acted as the ‘sliding material’ to the heart of the ditch. His black suit was coated with mud repletely. He did not seem to care because he knew he had a ‘great wife’ back home. The rain kept drizzling gradually soaking him totally at the mid-ditch.

At the ditch, he crawled like a baby as he tried to rise up only to fall on the dingy murky waters. He inserted his left hand in the pocket of his blazer in a bid to hold his phone only to realize it was gone. The money too. He does not remember anything that transpired at the club. The clubwomen drained him financially as they pretended to be ‘the-good-women-they-are-to- ‘gentlemen’’– draining their libido.

The sun rays sipped through the cold undergrowth and warmed the green tendrils as the chilly air rose lazily from the ground escaping into thin air. Mr. Jaoko opened his eyes. It was 7am. He rose up with difficulty as he staggered to a nearby sapling for support. He gazed around and could not imagine that light had covered the entire town. He could not hide anymore. He was ashamed that the sun rose when he was yet to arrive home. He hated publicity especially such shaming publicity on the kind of situation he was in. A crowd of people was watching him as he crawled out of the ditch to the surface. He usually walked out of the bar earlier when darkness was still predominating so to avoid the view of fellow estate people.

‘Isn’t that Dr. Jaoko?’ one said as he pointed him straight to his face.

‘Oh my God! He once taught me about alcohol abuse’ another woman quoted.

‘He does this all the time. I am his neighbor. We do not sleep at night. He makes noise the entire time as he keeps camouflaging under the title doctor. ‘ A business woman added.


how he lay in the dicth

how he lay in the dicth

The hospital management had warned him severally about his chronic ethanol intake problem. He was on the verge of sacking if he attempted to display his insensate personality publicly for another time. His once booming clinic started lacking patients gradually until nobody visited him anymore. Furthermore, the clinic was closed early this month following order from the physicians and dentists Union. The patients do not trust him either.

His great friends disowned him long time ago. They could not stand him anymore. He had no other bright plans and ideas like before. He just had plans on how to wolf the best booze in town. Only his club-girls and beer-friends associated with him for somewhat of a parasitic relationship. They were with him to drain him financially as he bought them drinks.



At the ditch…


He could not stand the humiliation. The chemical he had consumed at the bar had an exaggerated amount of methanol. He started abusing the crowd as he walked hurriedly towards home. However, he could not make it to walk fast. He kept tumbling often. Estate children followed him singing the songs he usually sang when he got drunk. He at times halted and danced with the kids as he swung his mud-coated dingy jacket. The estate people gazed at Mr. Jaoko as though enjoying his show. Their faces shocked and appalled by his weirdo behavior. Some gazed at the man with disgust while some cursed him for pulling their fellow husbands and wives into alcohol.


‘How does his wife handle this?’ a certain businessperson asked.

‘I’m also wondering about the family.’ Another said.

‘With all his knowledge, this is how he behaves?’ another said while facial grimacing.

They watched him walking while singing as the children followed him in congruence. Unfortunately, he fell again on the ground. This time round, his face hit the ground splashing sediments and silts around the place. He lay helplessly on the ground. His face and tummy facing the sky while his arms kept doing the taichi-kungfu tactics he had long being watching on television.



After about 20 minutes…


His wife, Mrs. Jaoko arrived at the scene with his husband’s Range Rover. She halted as the entire community watched with awe! She elegantly walked to his husband conspicuously and gazed at him. Her face was gloomy and wanting. She dropped a tear that rolled down her brown cheeks and held his hand from the ditch. She talked to him for some time as she cried. Her eyes were dilated with shock. She took another glance at his anatomy.

His mouth smelt of bizarre-drink while his suit was soaked in urine. The stench from Mr. Jaoko would most likely win the stench-cup at a stench competition. His eyes were a bit uncoordinated – A medical doctor would diagnose him with divergent strabismus. His lips looked dry and his entire embodiment was weak. He could not even walk properly.

The entire estate people watched as though they had no other businesses to engage in. She helped him stand on twos and held him by the shoulder. They walked together as she dragged him with difficulty to the car. She opened the front door and helped him get seated. She locked the door and drove him home. They did not speak to each other while inside the car. On arrival, she assisted him get outside the car and took him straight to the bathtub. He scuttled hungrily to the bathtub dumping his clothes at every corner before getting inside the tub.

‘Join me for breakfast after this’ she told her husband.

She smiled at him before closing the bathroom door. Walking to the kitchen, she prepared breakfast and made everything ready at the dining table.She ceremoniously settled her wide hips at the dining table whilst holding her chin. She swallowed a lump of saliva with difficulty. Her face seemed to explore many issues, as she looked sad.



Mrs. Jaoko wonders of what remedy is best for her husband. He has been like this for so long but she keeps it cool with him. She has suffered a lot both physically and emotionally but has never thought of getting away from her husband. How many women out there are strong like Mrs. Jaoko?



Alcohol has affected the lives of many people. It has damaged families; people have succumbed while others are chronic sufferers of this disease- alcoholism. What do we do to help this people? Shall we just seat and gaze at them, laughing at the alcohol that is controlling them? What are the best mechanisms to help such people? What about the people who are betrothed to alcoholics? How do we give them motivation and counseling? We understand they go through a lot. Are peers a contributing factor to alcoholism?

Let us think about this and talk it in our hearts and also in our social groups.


Have a bright time dear reader.

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  2. Thank you for writing about this. Its time I,we did something.

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