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This was the fifth day out when she was staring at this man at the pineapple plantation. She was anxious to speak to know him and get to understand him. She had this unknown attraction to this hardworking man. She did not know anything personal about him. All she knew was that he came to the plantation on Mondays and Thursdays. She made sure she visited the place on these days to make sure she saw him do what he did. She had not had a man in her life before. She wanted to feel loved and she needed to feel what people in love felt. This inner spirit drove her crazy every day and night. She would feel her muscles twitch and her temperature rising especially when she had feelings of her ‘future-man’. Many men had made advances on her but she remained to this one guy she had never spoke to –the man at the pineapple plantation.

She had monitored this man until she had known his routine. He would weed the plantation for some hours then disappear in some bushes. After a while, he would emerge with different clothes then rush to a nearby eatery frequented by fellow farmers’ just meters from the plantation.  The man followed that routine strictly and this added some worth in him from her. She admired his set of style and timing.




It was on a Monday. She promised herself that she would say something to him. She sat in front of the mirror and practiced what she would say to him. This gave her courage and motivation. She always did like that when she needed some real talk –talking to the mirror.  She smoothed her long blonde hair and moistened her lips with her tongue.

She scuffled, settled her blessed hips on the bicycle’s saddle, and rode towards the pineapple plantation.  She had that exquisite look that would catch the spectacle of a man’s eye.  She loved riding her bicycle. It was her best friend since childhood. The only thing she did was buy a new one to accommodate her maturing physical structure.

She approached the plantation and placed herself at the usual place. The blue sky did not fail her and the sun was not that ridiculously hot. The temperature was just the best at the moment. She gazed at him as he continuously dug under the sun.  He was dusty, energetic and strong from the lady’s point of view. She noted his fair skin beginning to show the cruelties that the sun inflicts on a farmer’s wife. His clothes, hair and eyelashes were dusty resembling the physique of a gravedigger.

After watching him for some time, she noted him taking his old sack and headed to the bush. He hid his panga and hoe at a certain non-conspicuous place. He disappeared in the bushes.

She got up. She was curious. She wanted to know where the man goes to when he was done with farming. Walking towards her bicycle, she hunched up on it and rode towards the other side of the plantation. She halted and walked towards a small opening at the middle of the plantation.


She saw the man bathing inside the river. She had not known about the existence of a river down there. She moved closer and watched keenly. His clothes had been distinctly hung on a tree branch so as he would watch them as he bathed.  He was that spectacle in her life. She felt she needed to talk to him soonest. As she adored his muscles and body physique, the man abruptly got outside the river ‘au naturel’. He changed his clothes and kept the farming clothes in his sack. This made the lady understand why he disappeared for some time before going to the eatery.

No sooner had he finished putting his farming clothes in the sack than it started raining. She quickly rose up from her sleeping lieu and got on her bicycle. Quickly, she rode fast up the plantation in a bid to get home but could not feel any better. She had prepared this day to start a conversation. She immediately stopped and looked behind. The rain was tapping her back so heavily but she did not want to leave. The man rushed to a nearby house that was under construction but had not been finished. It was the ‘unfinished house’.  She turned her bicycle and rode towards that house.  She was becoming wet as the rain beat relentlessly on her back.

To her amazement, she arrived at the house. It was truly under construction. It had no windows and doors too.  She dropped the bicycle outside and rushed inside to cover herself too.  Just as she entered the house, their eyes met.  The man looked at her straight in the eyes and got up.  She kept looking at him respectively. Her arms were Akimbo and her face vibrant. Gradually, the man walked outside in the rain and brought the bicycle inside the house with him.


‘It’s not good to leave the bicycle outside’ he said. ‘The metal will start rusting.’

She gazed at him, her pupils dilated like the belladonna effect. She smiled at him and felt the kindness in him. She responded in a faint voice.

‘Thank you.’


10 minutes later after a long silence


The man could not figure out why such a beautiful lady was marauding out and about the plantations. He watched dauntingly at her molded arms and her temptingly shaped anatomy. He would give her legs alone a 10. He gazed at her only to meet her gazing at him. He could not hold it anymore. He was shy too. He had not felt weak in the knees as he did at the moment. He had carried packed food ‘githeri’ but could not have the heart to start wolfing. He stared on the floor for some time and looked at her again.

‘My name is Cain’ he said as he greeted her

‘My name is Abby.’ She responded as she felt his big work roughened hands clobbering her soft palms.

‘Are you new in this region?’ he said as he gazed at her expensive floral dress from head to toe and those girlish heels that could have cost more than he was wearing.

‘No, actually I was born here. I like riding this way often. Today, it just happened to rain and I had to look for some place to shelter’ she responded as she gazed at him straight at his eyes. ‘What about you?’

‘I’m a farmer. My father died when was young and before he died, he informed me to continue making myself worth in the society by continuing the family agribusiness. That’s what makes me come here some days of the week.’ He responded eloquently.

Abby looked around the house. It had two rooms.  The floor was dirty and filled with all sorts of crafts starting from panties, colored jerricans, used paper bags and a number of torn wallets most likely from innocent people who were hijacked at night by armed men and robbed at the house. 

Cain gazed at her as she looked around. She was new in the house and her character was more conspicuous as an observer.  He wondered why she was romping ridiculously in a plantation enclosed by crumbling half-ruined walls. He knew he would not even manage to get into her class.


The rain was slowly disappearing as the clouds parted. Abby came closer to him and held his hand.

‘Thank you once again for bringing my bicycle inside.’ She wanted to talk more but her lips did not have the will.

The spirit was willing but her mouth could not she just looked at him with awe. She got on her bicycle and waved at him before riding back to her vicinity.

He quickly got up from his sitting posture and watched her disappear completely from his sight. He shook his head. He later gazed around to see if people were watching.  Going back to his siting position, he ejected his dish from the bag and within 10 minutes, he had wolfed down the entire githeri. He packed all his belongings inside the sack and put it on his shoulders. He held his panga on one hand and the hoe on the other before walking home.



Later that Night



She twisted on her bed smiling as she gazed at the ceiling. She had made the first achievement of what her purpose was that day. She felt she had succeeded.  His smile, physique was still fresh on her mind. She again remembered his father’s advice to him and noted that the man was true to his words and also that he kept promises. This increased the intensity of attraction towards him. She coiled herself inside the blankets and slept.

She knew that the next meeting on Thursday would be more fantastic than this.

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