Half Baked Men

Half Baked Men


Creative Works By : Melting Ice Towers

Ever gone to a place and wondered what life is? Men are just extremely engrossed in non-profitable businesses and they do not care. Businesses like basking under the sun at 8 am on a Monday morning whilst discussing uneducated bullshit and the likes. A Generation where men have ‘thin’ minds and grow thinner each day as they are continually devoured by each bottle of beer they consume.

It is around 8 am. The sky is blue. The scorching sun is aggressively shining its light on the remnants of the earth. Diana is walking down the road towards town for shopping. She is dressed on that fish sundress that is bright yellow in color. Her black heels and dark shades adding flavor to her clad. She had visited her countryside to check on her friends. She was fond of travelling too. It was long ago since she came home from town. Many things had changed since then.

She was that observative person who would consider everything. As she walked down the labyrinth of roads towards the shopping Centre, she noticed a lot of unusual things.


Rowdy men sat conspicuously at the county-government relaxation benches basking under the sun; their satiated tummies protruded from their half-buttoned shirts. The scorching sun could not flatter them after being their slave at the same spot for a number of months .they were discussing the latest politics. Discussing how Donald Trump is going to triumph, discussing the Pounds that  Cristiano Ronaldo pockets on a weekly basis, the wigs and Brazilian hair that ladies are putting on blah blah blah… they talked so loudly disturbing everyone including Diana who was passing that route. They seemed to be the ones on-the-know about the jist of everything upcoming.

Diana was approaching them. She looked at them wondering where they had slept the previous night. They were vibrant and loud. If you were listening to what they talked, you would be convinced that they were the most educated men in town. Wait until you get a glimpse of the men talking. Diana was shocked!

Their appearance shunned the name of the good town. Their faces created an imprint of lacking water for a number of days. Their long dingy pointed hair protruded erect like 1990s TV antenna. They were clad on those long jackets that had lost their color to shining greasy-black mostly due to accumulated sweat and dirt.


As she walked in front of them, they suddenly terminated their speech and started looking at her from the side she approached to the side she was going. In mathematics and medical, we say using the Abducens Nerve to rotate the eyes laterally from east to west in 180 degrees. They were quiet until she walked passed them. They now started smiling and talking in low tones about Diana. They even went ahead to describe how her dress danced as she walked.  


Just after she got past them, she sighed sadly. The stench of beer and cigarette was intoxicating to her respiratory system. It reeked of fermented homemade booze that had pop their clogs .The men had spent the night at the club drinking to their fill and had launched a camp outside to bask in the morning sun as they diluted their yester night booze. To them, beer seemed to help them keep their heads above water. She had realized that these men didn’t behave their age. She wondered what she would do to awaken the little senses that they had left.

She walked to the shopping Centre and found business as usual. Women were in the market stalls selling their produce. She had noticed this one positive thing since she had got to town. She did her shopping peacefully and commenced on the journey back home. The time was 4 pm. She was sure she would pass through the same route she had previously used. Her conscious told her that the nosey men she had earlier met had already got some businesses to do. She walked through the buildings and approached the path she had used.


To her surprise, the men were still there. They all had aged prematurely due to the excessive consumption of drugs of abuse. This time around, they had increased in number. This is what made their meeting fun; attracting more of their kind so that they would share the latest glimpse of gossip in the town.

Their talks had diminished. They were puffing and puffing while lighting cigarettes with another cigarette. At times, they would share the cigarettes after smoking halfway in a bid to help their economically challenged brother who would not afford to buy one. A three-legged dog was also at the scene. Another old man had added himself to the equation. He bore the conscientious serenity of someone accustomed to poverty. He had a ‘god papa’ type of cape, which hid his eyes exposing a bushy moustache that had turned red due to the incessant puffs. On his hand, he had a ‘bakora’ that guided him and his lame dog. Some had lay prone on the ground so that the sun could also ‘bake’ their unwashed backs before the drinking spree at 7pm begins at their usual bar.


She walked passed them again and this time around, they whistled at her as they scrutinized her. They talked of every passing woman. Whether skinny or plump, they had a story to tell. They were left bubbling and verbal diarrhea-ing especially if she had being blessed with that great bum. This is what made their meeting place more fun thus attracting many jobless men at the place. If a straight person were to be too curious to eavesdrop at what they were discussing, he/she would be flabbergasted at their ‘tabularasa’ thinking.

She wondered what kind of men this people were. Did they have wives? Or children? What went wrong in this community? Women are flocked at the shopping centers doing business while men are sleeping the entire day talking nonsense. She could not understand what that had transpired those years. She remembered back then, men were very industrious, tough and brilliant. Couldn’t this men use their exhausted-drunk-mind to make a meaningful life out of themselves?


A span of 6 years had changed a lot in this town. The men had absolute negative energy to positive developmental task and spent their lives at the County Government relaxation benches puffing, drinking and verbal-diarrhea-ring all sorts of latest politics.

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About Melting Ice Towers

We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. Great piece of writing, I enjoyed the atmospherics. I feel as if I know these people.

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  2. Will one word be enough?? WOW. 👌

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  3. so sad but truly depicts the state of affairs in most rural and urban areas in Kenya otherwise good read still!

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  4. This post is a true definition of what i see in cbd, just opposite the county assembly. I normally find men everyday talking “bullshit”!it saddens me a lot… Can’t they find something constructive to do lol!!!




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