Story By: {Ken N Speranza}

||| This is part two of the story |||

(Check out part one here > [ the Unfinished House 1])


She twisted on her bed smiling as she gazed at the ceiling. She had made the first achievement of what her purpose was that day. She felt she had succeeded.  His smile, physique was still fresh on her mind. She again remembered his father’s advice to him and noted that the man was true to his words and that he kept promises. This increased the intensity of attraction towards him. She coiled herself inside the blankets and slept.

She knew that the next meeting on Thursday would be more fantastic than this.

Abby got on her bicycle and rode to town for shopping. She was fond of cycling all the time. she loved it.  While she was going around the town, she came across many people going around their businesses. She was very observative and there is something that caught her eye that reminded her of the guy she had met at the plantation – Cain. She had spotted a couple seated at a restaurant laughing and smiling at each other in a lovely way. This moved her. She halted her bicycle and spent a little bit of her time gazing at them. Her face changed. It reflected the face of a cute little girl who was yearning for something.   Her heart beat much fast. The grip on her bicycle hand bars strengthened. Her teeth clenched together. The adhesive force between the bicycle saddle and her body grew tight. She stood there for a while as she stared straight at the couple who were busy enjoying while having the short meals. she then decided to keep on track. She cycled back home.

She walked to her room and put the lights on. She walked to right and sat in front of the mirror. She started doing all sorts of facial muscle movements. At moments, she even swung her hair sideways as she praised her hairdresser for making her hair look great.

She walked to her bedroom cabinet and put on her best white pajamas. She then got inside the blankets such that her waist and legs were between the sheets. Inserting her hands inside a basket by her bedside, she removed a ‘girlish’ notebook and scribbled some notes using her pen. She knew the day to meet with Cain had approached. It was only some few hours left for them to meet again. This made her feel so warm and eager for the next day to approach. She was restless and kept turning and twisting making balloons on the blankets as she zigzagged herself on the bed. At around 1pm at night, slumber got the better part of her. She dozed off.

She got up looking exuberant.  She showered and put on her best casuals. she got closer to the lengthy head-to-toe mirror and performed some rotations as she kept an eye on her clothing. She felt she was okay to take the ride. She wanted to arrive a bit earlier than Cain did. He wanted to see him arrive at the plantation. She settled her wide hips on the bicycle saddle and cycled towards the pineapple plantation. This time around, she felt she was well equipped with what she would say.  After about 10 minutes, she arrived at the plantation. She sat at a place where she would be able to view the area well. she left her bicycle at the bottom of the hill and climbed to the top. She sat conspicuously at a huge rock located on top of a certain low-hill.  She started building castles in the air as she wondered why she felt the strong move in her heart for this guy. She had not felt it with another person before. This made her see Cain as a unique being. She waited.
After approximately 30 minutes
Cain approached from the Eastern side hurriedly. On his shoulder, he had his panga and a jembe (hoe).  Abby’s eyes bulged for the first sight she gave at Cain. He gazed at him again. He looked a bit changed; he looked awesome. His hair was combed and his farming clothes looked a bit better and cleaner than the last time. She smiled. She knew Cain looked better this day because of her. She felt her heart beat a bit more. Her adrenaline was already circulating in great amounts in her veins. She seemed flabbergasted. She was lost of words. She got in a dilemma. She wondered whether to go down or just stay there gazing at him.

Cain got closer to the hill. He had not noticed Abby. Before he cut the corner to get into his plantation, his  eyes met the bicycle under the hill. He remembered he had once held the bike and he knew Abby was around.  He stopped and looked around to see whether there was any sight of her.

Abby on the other hand decided to get down the hill and approach him. She slowly got to the bottom of the hill and approached him from behind.

‘hello Cain?’ she called out
He turned around only to be stroke by the same beautiful clear face she had seen the previous day at the plantation. He was surprised and perplexed too. The panga dropped suddenly on the ground. He was also confused. He picked it up and his lips moved much faster but with no word going through. As usual, Abby kept gazing him as he displayed more confusion in his looks.
‘he… hello Abby?’ he responded as he stammered in shock.


Cain was smiling more than usual. He wondered what to do. He ‘plummeted’ his hands as though giving her a hug but could not have the guts to touch her any bit. He continued gazing at her. Abby on the other hand wanted to hold his hand but could not have the energy to do it. Her spirit was willing but her body was not.

‘I was coming for my routine job at the plantation. What about you?’ he asked her in a frail but confident manner.
She rubbed her hands together and cooked up an answer
‘I was doing my routine morning exercise and I just got tired and took a rest at the hilltop and by good luck, I bumped into you’ she responded.
‘this early? It seems too early to exercise. That’s great way to work out your growing body’ he responded, ‘and keeping fit is the game nowadays.’
Abby stared at his face while biting her lower lip. Her hands were freely hanging at her thighs swinging from front to back.

‘was wondering what you do on the other days of the week when you are not at the plantation.’
‘I sell the pineapples and also market them in the streets on different days’ he responded.
‘ooh that’s good.’ She responded. ‘I have to hurry back because I have some few errands to run.’
She pretended to have some work to do.
‘I also have to prepare the plantation lest I will not harvest’ he responded. ‘it was great meeting you.’
He smiled and she smiled back.
They both had feelings for each other. The kind of feelings that one couldn’t express using words.
Cain walked towards the farm while Abby walked back towards the hill.
She climbed to the top and sat at the brim as she watched him farm for a while before she got to her bike again. She thought for a while as she gazed up in the sky.  She hurriedly got on her bicycle and rode towards home.

Leaving the bicycle at the gate, she got inside to her bedroom and wore her swimming costume inside her ill-fitting clothes.  She then got back on her bicycle and cycled towards the farm. She got back to the hill and watched the horizon at the plantation.  She saw that Cain had already finished working on a large part of the plantation.


Minutes Later, Cain hid his panga and jembe (hoe) in a certain un-conspicuous area of the farm and hit the bush towards the river. Looking around, Abby could not see Cain at the plantation. She stood and gazed at the plantation again. Cain was not around.
‘he must have gone to bath in the river’ she thought. She quickly got on her bicycle and rode towards the river.
Having being bathing in the river for quite some time, Cain had developed the courage to bathe at the secret spot always. Abruptly, just as he was about to dive into the deepest part of the river, he heard the sound of a bicycle coming towards his way that halted suddenly. he looked closely at the bushy area to see if anyone was hiding at the spot. In the Blink of an eye, Abby approached from the thicket with her bicycle.
‘oooh wait, how did you manage to get your bicycle to this point?’ Cain asked surprisingly
‘I pulled it on top of the terrain though it wasn’t moving’ she responded as she looked at him in a loving way.
‘that must have being hectic’ he continued. ‘I come here to take a bath before I get back to my house and why do you come this way?’
Abby was shocked by the question. She wondered what to say. She tried to respond to the question as she looked at him and to the ground simultaneously.
‘sorry, I approached you in such a situation. I was exploring what that was beyond this thicket.’ She lied again to him. She turned her bicycle and started walking away from him towards the plantation.  Her face frowned and her heart sank. She walked with those short footsteps as though she was not okay.
Cain on the other hand felt it. He could not think of what he was to say to her. he feared he could say something that would make her sad. He had this burning thing in him towards her that he did not know how to express it. It was love. He watched her as she walked meters away from him.

Just as she was about to take the last corner, Cain called out.
‘hey Abby! Do you know how to swim?’

She smiled and turned back. She got on top of her bicycle and cycled towards Cain. This time round, it was different. She dropped the bicycle on the ground and walked towards him.

‘yes! I know how to swim’
Cain looked at the calm clean river and Abby gazed at it again.

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