Story By: {Ken & Speranza}

Many have gone but few make it back successful…

Welcome to the extra-regurgitated story that falls on deaf ears of many who have the insatiable taste for unseen rewards in abroad. These ‘Thomases’ only believe when they go there and are deported back with ‘painful scars that sometimes never heal’.

Wait, the heading itself is ironical and full of sarcasm if stated. That is what those planning on taking a flight there after paying a hefty fee for their death should come into terms with. They are lured by promises of posh jobs with big salaries.


How many women have come back and explained exclusively the horrors and atrocities that they met there? How many have been flown back to our country as rotting corpses? How many go there and they disappear under mysterious circumstances? Why do we still want to go there to look for jobs? Meager jobs that lead to many of our young girls and women being overused in useless ‘maid’ jobs under very excruciating conditions. When asked, they say that some of the ladies they know have made it there and are getting paid ‘good money’. Some get good employers while some; in fact get employers who are equivalent to or rougher than ‘beasts’.

It is synonymous with Human trafficking.

Cutting the long story short, the requirements being a Kenyan National ID, Certificate of good conduct, parents ID cards, medical tests including HIV & AIDs and other sexually transmitted infections.

First of all, a cyber-attendant would not even care what the documents would be used for, he/she will quickly print for you the documents and hand you the envelope. You will smile cordially and leave the cyber attendant walking with gusto to the office that promotes such ugly business and hand over your identities.


Secondly, what do you think the medical tests especially HIV & AIDs are used for? The employers cannot take you if you have HIV & AIDs or other sexually Transmitted infections. They employ those who are free from the disease. Look at the small picture in that sentence. The big image that we all see about medical tests is that they protect a country from immigrants or foreigners who get into their country hosting an infectious disease. That is all we know for now. But let us look at the ‘beast employers’ point of view. They want you to be negative of such conditions such that when they do the ‘worst with your body’ so they can still walk with their heads high inside their mansions laughing all day long because they are sure there are no infections transmitted. That gives them an opportunity to sexually abuse a maiden for such a long duration of time; at any time, any day, any duration and at any cost. To make it sound livelier, let us hit the nail on the head and call a spade a spade. You become a sex-slave. Wait, not a pet but a slave. Is that what you walked bubbling about a job in abroad in your village months before you went there? You get back in your rich mother country wobbling, weeping and totally a weakling having a chronic post stress mental disorder?  This story has been published a number of time on the internet and also people have been talking about it everywhere. Why aren’t we learning from what has happened before?


Factual stories from hospitalized survivors shocked us indeed. On arrival, you are received with such a warm heart and your smiles can’t be hidden. They show you the entire house and also not forgetting, they also show you common things like putting on a TV, how to open a fridge, how to wash tables and the rest of the usual facts. Things go on well as planned. After some days, months or years, the hidden truth starts revealing itself. The hyena in a sheep’s cloak, starts emerging little by little. You come to realize things weren’t as good as you thought. All your travel documents are taken away from you and hidden or destroyed (confiscated).  You are bodily assaulted, overworked and put on one meal per day. you don’t dine with the family you are working for. You are sidelined with everything. If a family consists of boys, some even go ahead and rape you from the father to the last born son. A simple mistake becomes possible to deny you food for the day. the days start to rain and you wonder when the sunshine will ever come. Some admit to have been locked inside a room with several guys where they are whipped and raped. 

You work 20 hours a day with only four hours left to take a nap. When will you even get time to know even the date? You are forbidden to leave the compound not unless you are in their company. In most cases, you are locked inside the house when they leave for work.  That’s the life that is very painful and Slowly killing our beautiful girls out there. They are desperate for quick money and to get paid in dollars only to end up like this.

 The Observer: YOUTH – It’s Our Time

Where does the problem come from? Is it the government? Is it the parents who send their children there? Is it the free will of the victim? What really happens and how can it be curbed? They say guys who walk around in suits who are closely related with the ‘abroad guys’ are making a lot of cash when they ‘export’ a lady. These guys know what happens there but still, because they are in need of cash continue extorting the gullible uninformed ladies. Let’s say most ladies know it’s bad but they just try their lack. So who is the big problem here?  Who calls the shots? We rest our case there

Is it the lack for jobs that leads to this? If yes, what shall we do to save the ladies? Mama mboga sells grocery and manages her life pretty well without being whipped by anyone. What is the government on the other hand doing to regulate this gradual disaster? These are the many questions that are left unanswered.

 The ‘Black Pigment’ In a Lady’s Skirt

dear friends/guardians, you escorted your friend/daughter to the airport and made sure she boarded a plane. She was as healthy as a healthy food advertisement! Down the line later, after years of working and no pay at the contract end, she is deported looking more of a ghost, pale skin and dreadful eyes with that striking grotesque bodily protuberances. The well-endowed tissues of the once beautiful woman are gone leaving the scars of painful remembrance and story tales to tell their grandchildren.


What you are promised before you get there is very sweet, but when you get there something very unusual / unexpected commences.

Dear reader, will you be the next culprit to fall into such devastating traps? Alternatively, your daughter? Friend? Or relative? Spread the message to save that beautiful woman out there who is currently at the Cyber cafe printing the travel documents not aware of what awaits her.


We have not quoted any country but before you leave for any country out there, have a clear evaluation of what you are getting yourself into.

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  1. very bad….let me stay in my country, but safe and healthy

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