By : Ken and Speranza

Robert, Sharon and Erick


Robert – an Administration Police (now in Prison)

Sharon – A Lady Caught Between Two Lovers

Erick – A Mental Health and Psychiatry Doctor




Robert had already served 3 yrs. in prison. He had been arrested after he killed two influential women after being paid heavily and filled with replete promises by disguised cartels. His work before he landed behind bars was that of an administration police. He was a great soldier and he worked perfect. Six months down the line, he joined the cartels that paid secret administration polices’ for assassinations of prominent people who try meddling around with cartel businesses. Robert landed behind bars after working for the cartel for approximately three years.

He had been engaged to a lady – Sharon. She was beautiful and the kind that would impress anyone at first sight. Her embodiment was that of a kind. Every exquisite angle of her curvy body represented her as she walked. They had being together for approximately 3 years before he was sent to jail. Their love had blossomed and grown big. They had not decided to tie the knot yet.




During the frisking at the prison entry, he managed to hide a certain picture of him and Sharon at a previous event, inconspicuously in his alimentary canal. He managed to get inside the prison having the photo. Every time before he slept, he would remove the picture from his pockets and gaze at her while thinking and remembering the great moments they had together. He would use his fingers to touch her face and kiss herfreshlycurved lipson the photo. This would be the routine daily before he drifted to sleep. He missed her badly. He wanted her so badly even after spending years in prison. He always thought of her. He would at times get into commotion with his fellow inmates due to his psyched up agitated urge to meet his girlfriend.


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He was diagnosed with an Obsessive Mental Disorder. This happened on a routine checkup performed by the Prison doctor. The Prison warders raised an alarm on his condition after he started behaving aggressive towards his fellow matesoften and the fact that he occasionally looked at a certain picture and got mad. The doctor made his conclusion that he was obsessed with the lady in the picture so much that it had started affected his mental activities. He was secluded from the rest of the inmates. Days later, he was transferred to Town Memorial Hospital – a mental institute so he would have his mental thinking reinstated. The prison warders also took the picture from him forcefully and left him inside the ‘asylum-like’ Centre.


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After his arrest almost 3.5 years ago, Sharon underwent a series of mental depression episodes that made her sick to the point of hospitalization. She was assigned a doctor called Dr. Erick who had completed his PHD in Mental Health and Psychiatry. Erick was a person who had learned the art of making depressed patients smile again. After spending some time with Sharon and making her regain her health back through some series of therapy, she had to go home. She would be paying visits to Dr. Erick each week at the Town Memorial Hospital for follow up and additional counseling.


Her health had started healing and she had got better. It had taken time to heal but as she paid weekly visits to Dr. Erick, she slowly got better and better. She started thinking of the doctor too much when she got back at her apartment each evening. She had started having the kind of unexplainable feelings one gets towards another person. This was different and unusual. She knew she had started having someaffection towards him already. Sharon started paying visits to Dr. Erick at the Town Memorial Hospital more frequently than usual.


‘Have you heard an episode of depression again?’ he asked

‘No, actually I have come to see you. You make me feel much better. You are the one who has changed me ever since I started having this deadly condition.’ She responded.

‘I’m grateful Sharon. I do my work because that is all I have to do. And I love my job too.’ He responded as he smiled.


She extended her hand and held his left palm. She squeezed a little and looked at him in the face. His hands loosened on her wrists. Dr. Erick on the other hand gazed her directly in her eyes. She looked live. Her eyeballs had augmented and her face had started showing those cute dimples her face occasionally made. She tried to talk but could not utter any word.


‘I have to go Sharon. I have got a busy day.’ he got up and walked back to the hospital rooms.


Sharon gazed at him as he disappeared inside the Hospital cubicles. Before he got inside one of the cubicles, he looked behind and noted Sharon was still fixed on him. He slowly opened the door and got inside.


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Sharon took her purse and walked towards the parking before starting the engine and driving home. As she arrived at home, she walked straight to the bathtub, undressed and slipped her ‘au natural’ brown body inside the hot water. She closed her eyes as she tapped the water slowly and splashed it on her skin. She gazed at the wall and remembered the handgrip to which she had with Dr. Erick and smiled. She felt a warm feeling inside her body. She also could not forget the last look Dr. Erick gave her before she entered into those cubicles.

She wanted him. She felt she owe him a lot after saving her life.




Just before Dr. Erick went home, he was informed that a new patient had been brought to the facility.

‘Hello Dr. Erick, a new patient From the Faculty Prison has just been referred to our hospital. He is a 33-year-old man. His name is Robert. ‘A reporter of the hospital informed him.


It was a bit late but he managed to get to the room the patient had been isolated and investigated him. He had been diagnosed by the prison doctor with Obsessive Mental Disorder days before he had been brought at the facility. He performed some physical and mental examinations on the patient and recorded something on the patients file. He later left the room.


He walked out of the hospital hurriedly as he started the engine of his car and drove towards home. As he drove, he remembered Sharon vividly and felt something in his heart. He had not given the thought of having a wife nor a female friend at his side much of his mental thinking. However, this time round, he was touched by the words Sharon told him.


He arrived home and walked straight to the kitchen where he prepared some quick supper. He ate while watching some football games on the TV. He took a warm bath just after finishing with the kitchen work. When he was through, he switched off the lights and went to the bedroom where he got inside the blankets. He took his laptop and held it on his lap. Quickly, he opened the page of his patient Sharon and started looking at her file.


Minutes later, he dozed off.


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  1. This content is really cool. I have bookmarked it.
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    I can write hi quality articles for you. Let me know.

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  2. What a terrible sad story.

    Kind regards,

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  3. Highly engaging write.

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  4. I like..

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  5. This story is incredible ,from the look of ‘things’you seem to be a great script writer.it’s 60% appears like a soap opera which goes by the name”,Road to destiny’.Nice piece though.waiting for part two.

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  6. Ken & Speranza, you are absolutely gorgeous! But I’m a psychiatric nurse, so can I advise you on the odd occasion?

    You have fantastic writing.
    Fabulous content.
    Brilliantly prosed.

    Just a little bit clunky in places. I hope that doesn’t offend you.

    I read both stories, & was mesmerised throughout.

    Not many people can write long stories & keep the audience.

    Well done.

    Daria. xxx



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