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|The Unfinished House Part One|

|The Unfinished House Part Two|


The quiet pineapple plantation gave the site the best venue for people to relax and to kind of contemplate. The singing of birds and the flow of the river were the only voices that could at times become louder.


Cain jumped inside the river ‘pool’ splashing water all around the place. He later emerged above the water rubbing his already watery eyes and beckoned Abby to join him.


Abby looked at him and frowned. She felt as if something was pulling her inside the pool. Her knees were already weak. She gazed at him again and smiled.


‘Yeah, Am coming right now!’ she told him as she took a quick check on the horizons and surroundings of the river ‘pool’. She was suspicious that someone could be watching her. She was the kind of lady who valued her privacy. She held her cloth at the waist and slowly pulled it down revealing her pink-‘ladish’ swimming costume. She lifted one of her legs and the other as she removed her upper clothes completely revealing her tight-fitting swimming costume.

Cain kept gazing at her as he continued being tormented by impatience. What he ensured he did 100% was gazing at her every move. He also kept looking at the sides to ensure no one was on the peeping phase of viewing. He was also a secretive type of man.


Abby bent a little and placed her clothes on the ground next to where Cain’s clothes were. She later turned and faced the ‘pool’. She held her hair above her head and tied it tightly at the top. She later walked closer and dived to the deepest part of the ‘pool’ forcing a huge wave of water above her. She was an excellent swimmer than what Cain understood. She swam fast as Cain followed her behind her. That is what she wanted –a game inside the water. She wanted him to catch her.

nyando river

The once cool and silent ‘pool’ had now turned to be the noisiest part of the entire place. They splashed water on each other and chased each other inside the deep waters. They enjoyed it a great deal. The smiles on their faces were real evidence of what they felt for each other. After moments of running from each other, they got closer to each other. They swam towards each other and held each other.

Cain held her around the waist as Abby held Cain around his shoulders. They pulled each other closer and tightened the grip towards each other. They were floating on water as they tapped their feet inside the water to help keep the intimacy intensifying. The skies became ‘more blue’ as the air around them became warm. Their faces viewed the other on 3D. They kissed and gazed at each other again. As if they had not got enough of each other, they kissed again and this time around, they did it with greater intensity as the grip between them increased.


Their skins became sensitive as their tiny hairs on the body stood erect as their countless Goosebumps protruded on such a sunny day! They did not seem to leave each other anytime soon. The sun shone brilliantly as the wind blew silently.


Abby detached herself from Cain and gazed at him directly on his face. Her left hand wove inside his hair as her right hand tightly held his scapula bone for support. She hugged him tightly as Cain increased the grip on his palms. He made sure she felt comfortable on his arms. He looked at her too and using his left palm, tickled her left cheek. She smiled as she supported herself on him. They kissed again.


Cain held her cordially like a small baby and carried her out of the ‘pool’. She made her stand on her feet and held her close to him. He had felt something too. He had this great feeling towards her. He knew he was in love.


‘I love you’ he lowered down and whispered in her ears.


Abby smiled and held him close tightly as her head lay on his hairy wet chest. She was happy in her heart. He quickly helped her adorn her clothes systematically as she changed to her ill-fitting clothes. He changed his clothes ‘de licto’. Abby watched him as he prepared his belongings until he had got back to the plantation.


They started walking together out of the pineapple plantation as she walked while pulling her bike slowly. Cain’s Fellow plantation workers looked surprised when they saw him with such a beautiful girl. They would all clench their necks forward to take a better look. Some believed the lady was her boss while others thought of other weird things. They had known Cain since his parents died and they knew he did not like nor adore relationships.


‘What do you do after the farming?’ she asked as she held his arm scratching it at the middle of the palm.


‘I eat lunch and go home where I rest.’ He responded as he gazed at her.


‘I would like to accompany you today at your place.’ She said to him broadly, as he looked a bit shaken.


He occasionally prepared his house when he was expecting a visitor. At the moment, he knew his house was so disorganized. He wondered of what she would inform her to take back her words. Unfortunately, he did not get anything to inform her.


‘That would be good though I live a bit far from here.’ He responded. ‘We should go now before it gets late.’


‘That’s fine by me.’ She responded as she cycled towards his way.


As they walked together, she got to know him much better as she asked a lot of questions that were answered appropriately. She loved his honesty and determination in life.He also got to know her well than he knew.


After a 30-minute walk, they arrived at a stretched homestead covered with a barbed wire fence. He opened the gate and welcomed her inside the home. It was an old huge bungalow that still looked exquisite and cute.


‘Wow! I love your compound. It’s beautiful.’ She responded.


‘Come inside and make yourself comfortable.’ He responded as he held her hands and pulled her cordially towards the house as she gazed at the place.



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  5. This is soooo beautiful. Tell me more…part 4…



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