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Why Community Medicare Is the Key Source of Reduced Mortality and Morbidity

By: Ken and Speranza


What’s the role a medical student? By the term medical students, we mean Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacists, Dental, and Public Health Students etc.  What is our role as students when we go back to the community during our long or short holidays? Or what is our work after employment? Is it just working in hospitals? It’s a fact that we have a big role to play in the community level. A big role that will make a commendable difference like saving a life or preventing a complication. Do we just go to the community to work in clinics? How can we extend a hand to the larger community at the grassroots level? How can we reach those who come to your clinic only when they are in end stage renal disease, stage four HIV, stage IV cancer? Could there be something we can do before it reaches such an advanced stage? We actually can make a difference in someone’s life. Not just someone but many people. If let’s say you are working at a clinic in a certain County and you notice there is a steady rise in the number of patients reporting to your clinic with diarrheal symptoms as the chief complain, would you continue offering the treatment regimen of cholera / typhoid if let’s say it’s the diagnosis? Using the bottom approach, we get to know the problem is the community environment of which the situation will continue worsening if we don’t visit the community and handle the filthy environment. That’s why we are needed extremely at the community level. The reasons list is endless.

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The Pseudo Prostitute

Creative works by: Melting Ice Towers


We sometimes fall victims of certain undesirable circumstances or unacceptable lifestyles that we are at times left of no choice but to take their course and embrace them. In some extents, we tend to do them for life or for such a long period to fulfil a certain reward or gain from what we want. Some might not agree with this article but you will find some sense in it.

In this world, there are many things which go against the normal activities of a human being. They are viewed as abnormal/vices. Some refer to them as taboos. Things like prostitution and the likes. When the people in the community get a hint that so and so is a prostitute, their attitudes towards them abruptly changes to the negative. The community doesn’t endorse such acts. They are crowned all sorts of bad names and tagged with mannerisms of immorality. In some communities, they are burnt!


Do you ask yourself these questions before judging the people you see…?

‘Why is he/she in prostitution?’

‘Why is the 12 year old kid in prostitution?’

‘Do you think all of the culprits enjoy what they do?’

Have you employed the ‘bottom approach’ in diagnosing the root problem of the high influx of teens in this kind of lifestyle?

If not,

We hope this story touches your heart in one way or the other to help you come into reality about this growing sector.

Not all people who got in this business are happy or chose to be. To some, circumstances forced them to do what they would previously have imagined.

Currently, Mary is a third year student pursuing Economics and Finance in a certain prestigious university. She is currently aged 26yrs and she has plans of setting up a foundation to help young poor ladies. That’s so generous of her! But do you know why? You need to know her roots.

Her background wasn’t s good as you would maybe expect it to be. She had actually given up completely on life. All she wanted was to drop down dead one day. She just didn’t know the mechanism to eliminate herself from this world.


At age 8, her parents were killed in a mysterious way by people who had previously made contact with her. She actually knew them. It wasn’t just the normal death as she recalls. It was a horrendous night! She watched in disbelief as they breathed their last.

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