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Hello Youth,

Your time as a youth will come and later disappear. You are young for now but days are counting and time waits for no man. Soon, you will hit 40, then 60 and later 90 if you so lucky to see the years. You will become dependent on your grandchildren in your old age or your servants if you can afford them to perform simple activities of daily living for you. In case you did not realize, time is running. We were in 2005, now we are in 2017; it was Obama now its Trump. Ebola has come and gone. You were in elementary school, now you are almost graduating. Some have already graduated. What you did not realize is that people are different. You could be pursuing a course with your course mate but he/she has a million dollar plan in what they really want to do in life. After 3 -5 years, you are flabbergasted to view their companies and businesses making headlines. Maybe, he/she had informed you about the plan a few years back but you assumed or took it so lightly; made them think they are fools who could never accomplish anything in life. You realize your thinking was so myopic on them. You realize that they had a plan for the future. You realize that they did not waste any of their time while you were busy downgrading their ‘supernatural’ dreams as you called them. It dawns on you that what you threw to them is what they picked up and got the courage to do what you dimmed impossible!

However, time is gone. She /he is there and you are here!

Lesson number one: Treasure your Friends. Encourage them in what they want to pursue. Never underestimate the power of a young person. Never downgrade their dreams.

Portrait of a young business man

Portrait of a young business man

But what will you have done in your youth? Will it be a memory of regret and lamentations that its better you could have done this and that? What could we have done to shape our destiny? Our lives? We all want to have a successful life. Isn’t it? Definitely. But how do we view the ascending ladder? We view it with a lot of pain and hard work thus seeing ourselves weak to make changes. Those who have arrived there, they have worked hard and smart. Working smart has being the key pillar of any executive or thriving prosperity. Sit down, think critically and set strategies that you will employ to spearhead your big motive.

The ‘salad days’ as Shakespeare stated, refers to the youthful time accompanied by inexperience, enthusiasm, idealism, innocence or indiscretion. We are inexperienced but why don’t we try? Let’s try and fail than staying dormant waiting for the government to employ you then you will be running on the streets shouting slogans. For how long shall you keep shouting these slogans and you are barely 24 yr. old. A young man/woman full of life? Why not invest your meager salary into something worth. It’s time we open our eyes. Let’s fight for better working conditions and better pay but still have a way for ourselves. Build yourself. Depending on the government for your livelihood will just increase your vulnerability to poverty. A single delay in salary makes you feel like the world is coming to an end. You fear how you will manage your affairs. Imagine you had that business that’s making double your income, could you be getting stress due to delayed salaries. Even if there was some bit of it, you have some side hustle that could last you till you get your payments. As you demand better pay, always remember that the true financial freedom is not a factor of how big your salary is but how long you would survive if you lost that salary today.

We were all born sometime back. Some were born from poor families while others were from the rich. Everyone grew up differently as they juggled around through luck and suffering while other lavished in riches and pride. Some even didn’t have families. Is it our family background which shapes our destiny or is it us? If you believe in the former, then your reasoning is myopic. If you believe you can rise despite your background, then that’s the driving force. You can make it. The driving force has made many rise beyond the expected. They had the feeling and the power burning inside them and they opened the way for it. They worked towards it and here we are! They made it.


You should know that education and intelligence are two different things. Nevertheless, education and wisdom are also two different things. There is a big difference between the three: Education, Intelligence and Wisdom. Each has an important aspect in your life and if you have both or all of them, that’s an added advantage. Work on whatever you have and seek help where you need. Supercharge your mind smartly and come up with interventions, which you will need to implement to improve your status quo. Know your limits and boundaries. Don’t stoop to low and on that line don’t be too proud of what you have become. Riches don’t come because people went to school or did better courses, the three (education, wisdom and Natural Intelligence)play a role in your ascending journey.

Its upto you to decide what you really want to achieve in life; its time you start working towards it if you haven’t already. Always have a higher self-esteem and if you don’t have, maintain the kind of people who increase your self-esteem and boost your spirits. Have goals and set standards. Life is full of surprises; never give up on your objectives. Give a hand to the people around you and work your way up as you keep your actions strictly towards what you want to achieve.

You are young and you should pave your way to suit what you really need in life. Don’t waste any time in your youth. Do whatever you need, take risks and don’t fear failure because at this moment we are prone to a lot of setbacks that will later help us deal with future bottlenecks.

Practice investing techniques and read stories about savings and on financial success stories. Make a lot of difference with the little money you make. Never underestimate the power of little money as you term it. Venture into new stuff in your youth, try out new things and explore the world.

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We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  1. The post is really awesome.Many young individuals think that there is still a lot of time to waste.If only 90% could embrace this.We would be in a better place.

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  2. Oh so true and at 56 I can verify that the time passes Soooo quickly! Enjoy every moment of making your dreams come true… Thanks for following my blog and I look forward to reading more inspiration on yours too! x


  3. Love it! Very powerful and inspiring. Makes you take a step back and re evaluate things in your life based upon where you are now.

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  4. Wow!!!that’s real about life….youth life is passing away n this th tym we are strong n fresh to av big dreams n pursue them as well



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