Karen had been kidnapped. Her three friends Clare, Kate and Sharon have vowed to rescue her from the hands of the cruel bastards who took advantage of her lucrative body. The tri-squad could not even try to adjust their senses to imagine what could be happening to her. All they hoped for was for her to be alive and kicking. They had to plan for the rescue mission.

That night, they did not report to their respective homes. Clare, Kate and Sharon had a plan to engage in some dirty duties done by the call girls hoping they would bore fruits in rescuing their friend Karen. A friend of Clare by name Jake had agreed to harbor them in his vicinity as they made plans on how they would execute their plan. They drove to Jake’s house and after they had chitchat in this and that, they sat on the circular lighted-gazebo, which was built architecturally to suit the midnight meat wolfers’.  Jake offered to help them in their plans but they turned down his offer at first.

‘We will do it our way’, Clare Responded. ‘This is our mission remember?’ she squinted her left eye as she gave him a soundly peck. Jake gazed at her for some time before he went ahead to prepare a balefire that would keep the warm for the night. The time was at 8pm. Darkness had enveloped the entire of the horizon. The sky was full of stars; both the dimming and the shinning ones. The crickets and frogs could be heard on the outside as they made their noises. The cool breeze would sweep the air around them occasionally making the whole humidity optimum for human survival. It was beautiful. They slowly converged at the balefire and commenced the plan.

After about 15 minutes, they all rose from the wooden seats and each of them rushed in different routes around the homestead. Each got back with some weird looking club attire. The ladies were all glam. You would confuse them with those brothel ladies who wear to impress anyone who got the cash to squander on them as they roughly devour them. Their current look would liquefy the heart that those shy men hold deep in their inner spirit. Sharon, though looking like she was in her birth-suit, did not like it. She felt naked. she kept looking at herself plastering that woebegone impression on her face. Her thighs had never been exposed like that publicly before.

‘hello dear, I know it’s a bit weird but this is the only way we can rescue our Karen.’ Kate told Sharon as she hugged her while patting her back. She hugged back in agreement and unison.

They knew that the only way they could enter the club, was to pretend that they were club ladies. They would hurriedly be welcomed. Keravine club was one of the high-end clubs in town whose beauty was indescribable by mere words. It was for those who had money to squander for entertainment. Only nude ladies who would get in for ‘free’ to attract more customers. But again, not any nude dancers but the curvaceous and voluptuous type who looked beautiful and young.


Jake brought some boxes from his house and placed them before the three ladies. He quickly opened them and displayed the contents to the ladies. They had weapons. Clare and Sharon gathered around Kate who was inspecting the weapons and took their kind of weapons. What kind of weapons do you think these half-nude girls would take to escape all sense of insecurity as they dance in the club? Well, they all took the minute pepper-spray cans and some small double-edged penknives. They forcefully fixed them into their tight bras and long stockings after trying unsuccessful to fit them in other weirdo parts. Despite the funny looking club ladies that everyone would spot, they were armed to the teeth. They were very lethal. In addition to that, they were on anger mode knowing very well that their friend was suffering while she is supposed to be in school. they could do anything to get her back.


They got inside the luxury Porsche Cayenne. Jake was to be their driver. They eventually found his use in their mission. He was elegantly dressed in a black fitting suit. He closed the door and started the engine. The streets were colorfully lighted since it was that Halloween month. The time was 9:42pm.

As the car swerved corners towards Keravine club, the ladies were busy sharpening their ‘tools’. They talked about how they would have their way inside the club as they made each other look glam by improving their facial makeup. They also talked about the art of being more seductive and how to arouse those clubmen especially the elite owners of the club.  The art of moving their eyes, the way they should wag the tongue and they design in which they would walk in order to sway their hips from side to side. Lessons on how to make their fingers and toes more prying when holding their ‘prey’ also was explained. They seemed to be confident about their plan. It was a daring one.  Despite the inferiority complex inside them, keeping in mind that they were barely students and most of all ladies! They vowed to call a spade a spade and take the bull by its horns. They were determined. They had to save Karen even if it meant dying while on the mission. This was their first mission ever. They did not act as amateurs; they had great minds on how they would manipulate the men inside the club.

At exactly 10.04 pm, the luxury Porsche Cayenne halted at the entrance of Keravine club. Jake got out in a flash and opened the door for the beauties. The three girls walked out elegantly and stepped on the red carpet. Just then, an employee of the club approached them and offered to show them the insides. Normally, ladies entered this club free as long as they made the men comfortable. The men paid handsomely at the entrance. This made the men who managed to get inside the club exploit and manipulate every bit of their bodies while lowering their dignity and using them inappropriately. Women would get free drinks and get a chance to dine with rich men.


Before the three got inside the club, they all stuffed tiny earphones inside their ears for communication purposes. The echo inside the club was soo robust. The DJ in the club knew the way to make the club go hula-hoop. The lighting was classic and the one that attracted the obscene ‘language’ from the shy looking tycoons who would find a very hard time negotiating with a sophisticated lady. Clare, Sharon and Kate hit the club and started dancing distintically with enthusiasm. You would see the passion in their dances. Yellow, red, violet, blue almost all colors of the rainbow were illuminating every corner of the club. The inside of the hall looked like a completely romantic place with the strategically placed couches fitted with scent-ejecting candles and oils. The men would easily ‘burn out’ and agree to all the wishes that the lady wanted to while the lady would easily ‘get weak in the knees’. This club in other words was the kind of club whereby ladies and gentlemen would break all commandments in the name of pleasure and money.

After some minutes inside the club, they had already spotted Karen.  She was dancing electrically at the Centre of the club as a pole dancer. Her face was not as pretty as it usually is. The most disgusting thing is that she had been caged. Men would occasionally surround and discuss her as they talked business with their fellow businessmen. She had adorned only lingerie. An orange lingerie. The three ladies looked at her cautiously for some time before retracting their eyeballs from her embodiment. Despite what she was going through, she was still beautiful.

‘she is caged.’ Sharon alleged.

‘this was unexpected! What do we do now?’ Clare said with concern.

Kate being the only one they depended on for a solution looked worried too. She kept dancing as she surveyed the entire club from east to west. She was the type who would just initiate something out of the blue. She abruptly turned to her duo and informed them that they had to change plans.

‘let’s work with plan B. wait for my signal.’ She told them as she paved her way through the dancers and left them with their mouths agape.

Clare and Sharon gazed at each other. they did not know of what plan B meant since they had not discussed it incase their first plan went wrong. Despite the fact that they didn’t know what to do, they trusted Kate and they kept their ears standby as they surveyed the club distinctly in order to spot any loophole they would use to vacate the building with their ‘prey’.


Kate started dancing on the podium as she made sure she looked the best of all the salsa and belly dancers. She started walking towards the front area as she danced with such enthusiasm swaying her ‘goodies’ this way and that way. She had a plan in her mind. She wanted attention.

‘the brown plump guy sited at the front donned on a white suit is the owner of the club’ Sharon communicated with Kate who was almost hitting the front row. Kate listened to the voice severally and this time round, she had actually got a lead to what she wanted. She wanted that guy.

‘good Job Sharon’ she responded as she danced to the beat electrically. The club’s beat was too high and the screams of the partying ladies could not be enough to make a conversation between the two audible. As she slowly approached the guys at the front, she specifically glared at the guy with the white suit. She started walking towards him as she danced on her toes seductively as she spread herself like a peacock. She kept twisting and churning herself ensuring she unleashed every curve of her Rubenesque Body. As she proceeded, she maintained eye contact with this guy. She wanted an affirmative response from him. She finally approached him and slowly, she raised her right leg and stepped on his lap using her toes. She started dancing as she gazed at him with a smashing face. Slowly, she pointed at him as she extended her arm in a bid to dance with him.

To her surprise, the man got up and held her hand. They danced to the music as she got to know him much better. His name was Costa Keravine. He had named the club after him. As they danced slowly, she noted that around his waist, was a Taurus M 608 revolver pistol. She trembled. Kate knew the kind of dances that would melt any ‘solid’ male. She danced as she made sure she employed those kind of moves that could not make a man stand for more dances. Within some few moments, Costa has already begun falling for her in public. She held him closer and looked at his face.

‘I do it In private. Are there special private suites here?’ she asked seductively as she kissed his left cheek.

Costa lifted her up and started walking towards one of the private rooms.



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