I became conscious after sometime. I was on a cold floor. I actually could not predict the duration since the time I was hit. I was in a dark place. My head was stiff and heavy, I could not raise it. I tried to move but all I could do was swim on the tiled floor. I extended by hands sideways to at least get hold of my friend- Baron. He was neither on my left nor right. I trembled. I felt something drop on my face. Lifting my hand slowly, I touched my right check. It was a drop of blood. I was shocked.


Tardily, I sat up with difficulty. I touched my heavy head to ascertain where I was bleeding. A sharp striking pain made me retract my hand abruptly. My hand had already become bloody. I now realized I had been hit by a white-gum booted man using a spade. I flashbacked how we had walked together with Baron and realized that someone might have kidnapped us.

‘What happened?’

‘Where am i?’

‘Baron? Baron?’


I asked myself these rhetorical questions.


I gazed around once again. It was pitch dark. I touched my thighs and pulled my dress downwards to cover them. In addition to the entire dilemma that I was in, a bad smell enveloped the atmosphere of the room. It reeked soo badly that I could actually sniff formalin as an alternative if at all I was blessed to have it.

I tried to get up. This time round, I was determined and willing. I pulled myself up and stood on my feet. I wondered which direction I would take. It was all dark. I started walking towards the unknown. I wanted to get hold of a wall. I had the mentality that the wall would help me in discovering the entire place especially the doors and the switch.

‘Ouch!’ I stepped on a sharp object that dug deep inside my feet. I quickly sat on the floor and applied firm pressure on the affected feet. The pain was excruciating. Nonetheless, I had to bear with it. I let my right hand survey for the object around the place. It was a bone. A long bone indeed, just like a ‘humerous’ bone of a teenager. I held it tightly in my right arm and got up once again. I started walking towards the place I was previously headed as I limped. The pin drop silence in the place would make me confuse my heartbeat for someone else. Each step I made produced a sound that sometimes made me tremble.


I arrived at a dead end. Alas! I held something. It was round and soft like a table stand. I made a step forward and landed on a lower surface. I extended my hand on the right side and touched something similar. It was a staircase headed downwards. I took another step as I followed the staircase downwards. It was a spiral staircase. I could see some dull lighting at the end of the staircase. I stealthily walked towards the lighting as I threw my sharp eyes on all angles like a chameleon. I knew this place was not good. The smell and the appearance were almost gothic. There was something terribly wrong inside this house. I told myself.

I landed on a room just after the last staircase. I gazed around and above too. It was an old looking room with worn out paints. The lighting was dull and kept flickering on and off. I trembled even more. At the corner of the room, was an open ramshackle door that kept swinging and screeching.


‘Should I go?’ I asked myself. ‘Maybe that’s the place that they have kept Baron.’ I thought to myself. I looked around for something I could use as a weapon. On my far left, was a black iron bar on the dirty floor. I picked it up and held it tightly on my left arm as I started walking towards the swinging door. Just before I kicked the door open, I stood for a while as I meditated of what would happen to me. However, I motivated myself and pushed the door open.

‘Oh my god!’ I screamed soo loudly and covered my mouth with both my palms dropping all the weapons I had carried on the ground. Immediately, my urine sphincter opened up and I could not help rather than feel my insides becoming wet and my brown thighs acting as a pathway for the boluses of urine to pass on. I almost pooped but thanks to my body mechanisms, my sphincter was too strong to hold onto. I stood there perplexed wondering what to do next. In front of me was a metallic table, beautified with bloodstains, which had chains on all the four corners. At the right corner, was something that looked like a bathtub that had been filled with blood. Next to the bathtub was a fridge whose white color had faded to allow the red color dominate its outsides.

torture chamber

I kept moving my head watching the items before me. On my left was a bottle full of necklaces, braces, wedding rings and other jewelries.

‘Maybe these people were killed and their jewelry taken’ I thought to myself. I looked around and behind myself, there was total silence. Only the fluorescent tubes made noises as it flickered severally. I got hold of my bone again. This time round, I increased the grip on my hand. I walked slowly towards the fridge and with no hesitation, I opened it.


‘Holy Cow!’

I was perplexed and transfixed to the ground. My hairs (all hair) stood on ends as I tried in dire need to interpret what that was flowing from the fridge. Just then, someone gripped my mouth. I tried to remove the bold hand but I could not, it was too strong. The person put some wet cloth on my nose such that I could not be able to breath. It had been drugged. I could feel myself behaving and visualizing blur figures gradually. I felt myself becoming weaker and weaker. After about 1 minute, I lost myself. ⇒⇒ CLICK ME FOR PART THREE PHANTOM



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  1. Phantom,hoping it will continue,is one of the best pieces.
    I read with very few eye blinks due to its attraction n addiction.
    We are waiting to see what’s this room all about though I can guess a few tips. thanx a lot.






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