⇓⇓⇓  this is part 4 finale ⇓⇓⇓


Costa lifted her up and started walking towards one of the private rooms. The club’s wall was lined with silver plated rims together with the rare shiny sapphires, which made the aisle to the insides extremely gorgeous. The blue red dim lights along the aisle were just ‘on point’ was they anchored them towards their final destination. Costa held her up above his torso as he walked. Their hungry lips would say high to each other as they continued walking. Little did he know Kate’s plan. Deep inside her, she also had that negative feeling that anything would happen to her. The fact that she had seen the weapon for mass destruction inside his coat, she felt threatened. Nevertheless, she kept herself strong.


They arrived at a certain dark corridor with minimal romantic lights leading to a gold-plated door. He walked until he halted at the doorstep. At the top of the door, was a plate written ‘COSTA’. It was his private room. He slowly put her down and placed his right palm on the sensor at the door, which recognized him. The door opened after a number of clicks. He lifted her up once again and walked inside locking the door using his leg. He dropped her on the massive bed. She glowed in beauty. Using her investigative eyes, she started observing the room’s contents and design. She explored the interiors seductively as she exhumed every part of herself that she wanted Costa to view. She knew how to keep him interested. She kept turning and twisting on top of the bed as she glared at the room’s beauty.


In front of her, was a huge screen that showed the ongoing inside the club. She would see her friends Sharon and Clare taking strange men for a ride as they danced electrically. She was positive about the plan.

Costa removed his jewelry one by one, as he placed them conspicuously at the shelf. He removed his glasses too as he turned to see what Kate was doing.


‘Young lady, what is your name?’ he said in a hoarse voice as he unbuttoned his jeweled designer shirt.


‘My name is Kate. I love dancing’ she responded as she bit her lower lip whilst gazing at him.


‘Oh that’s a cute name.’ he responded as he watched her gazing at the screen. ‘And that’s where I visualize my entire investment.’


‘Wow! It’s good watching great people enjoy your investment especially at the comfort of your bed.’ She responded as she got up and started walking towards him.


She walked with great enthusiasm and kept her hands around his neck. She pulled him closer and kissed his big lips.

‘Let me help you undress. You are soo slow’ she enunciated as he held his coat and removed it slowly keeping in mind it had a rifle. She placed it on one of the hangers. She later pushed him to the bed and like an aggressive lion, pounced on him. They gazed at each other more closely.

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‘I’m the dominating type’ she said


‘What do you mean?’ Costa asked


‘I mean, I would like to cuff you’ she said as she put on additional weight on her bottom pressuring his stomach area.


Costa had no problem with that rather did not think of anything off the hook. He splayed and extended his arms and legs to the brim as he yawned thunderously. Kate jumped off the bed, took four of his expensive ties from the cabinet, and tied him on the four corners of the bed using his respective limbs.


She slowly faced the mirror and as if removing her clothes, removed a penknife. She armed herself by pressing a button that pushed a blade on the outside of the penknife. She quickly landed on Costa again.


‘What’s this all about?’ Costa asked as he gazed on the shining blade with a lot of worry.


‘This makes the pleasure become even sweeter’ she said as she stabbed his right cheek slowly watching his bright red blood trickle on the white sheets as he screamed. Luckily, the private room was sound proof and Costa had greatly underestimated Kate at first. She slapped him severally as she failed to listen to what he had to say. She got out of the bed and un-cuffed him. She removed the pistol from his jacket (coat) and hit him on the head with the barrel of the rifle as he staggered on the floor.


‘Who sent you?’ he said as he crawled on the floor like a toddler learning the demeanor of the all humankind. Blood was profusely coming out of his mouth as he crawled to a certain corner of the room while dropping everything on the way.


She held his collars and pushed a chair in front of the screen. She made him sit on it as he watched the screen.


‘Look at the damn screen!’ she shouted. ‘Do you see that lady with an orange lingerie dancing seductively to attract customers to your investments? Do you? She is my friend and I want her released immediately.’ She blurted as she gave him another slap making a strip of blood from his mouth splash on the huge screen.


Costa pointed at a certain corner where a telephone was situated. She brought it to him and forced him to dial it at gunpoint. He slowly took the phone, composed himself, and talked to his fellow men in that commandeering voice. He ordered the to do the necessary. Just then, Kate spoke to Sharon and Clare using the earpieces of microphone they had and informed them of the situation at hand. On the screen, Kate viewed as Karen was released and the joy she had when her duo friends approached her.


‘Get up!’ she shouted at Costa as she forced him to open the door of the private room using his fingerprints. As soon as the door was slightly open, Kate pushed weak Costa on the bed and sprayed pepper on his eyes and tied him tightly on the bedposts naked stuffing his mouth with the bed sheets to prevent noise.


Hurriedly, she rushed to the sink and washed herself then wiped the drops of blood using the angel-white expensive shirts from the cabinet. Lastly, she walked out of the room elegantly, like a soldier and walked passed the multitude of men who guarded the club unnoticeably.


She approached her girl squad and hugged Karen. She looked around and noticed the men hurrying towards the private room.


‘We need to go. Now!’ she shouted as she held Karen’s hand and rushed to the outside of Keravine club.

Luckily, Jake was awaiting them, they quickly got inside the car, and the engine started. Just as the exited the club’s main gate, the siren at the club started ringing. An alarm had been raised. Fortunately, they were long gone.


Mission Accomplished.




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  1. what moves me in Part four is the issue of wiping blood with the angel-white shirts.
    Thanks Ken n Speranza for this episode.

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