I was 25, a bachelor of Education Graduate from a prestigious University around The city Of Nairobi. I had just completed  my studies in Biology and Applied Sciences. That was my area of expertise. Due to the lag period I had heard previously that teachers can tarmac for sometime before getting a “good job” , I had opted out for sometime to negotiate a top job in one of the thriving private  prominent schools. 

I went for the interview and surprisingly, there wasn’t any harsh words nor appearances from The board. It consisted of 6 members. Two ladies and four gentlemen. All dressed to impress. Only the smiles and the teeth could say something good was cooking behind my back. I thought. Before, I walked out, they asked me about my reaction if I was to be placed in one of their  boys schools since they had a chain of schools both mixed and single schools. I was at first confused and reluctant because I didn’t know what would happen if I said I can’t teach in  a boys school. I automatically knew my dressing would change and I would be restricted to some official baggy looking clothing for reasons better keep them to myself. But since I really needed the job, I said a confident “yes”. They thanked me and I responded by greeting the six interlocutors and walked out of the room aside having many thoughts. 

Personally, I didn’t like the idea of being a teacher in a boys boarding school. I had heard of some weirdo stories out there and that really put me off. I actually feared dealing with boys especially the highschoolers type. They were unruly and complicated at times. As I walked down the stairs of the famous school administration, I periodically had flashes of what would be of me in the school and prayed hard that I might not be chosen to be in a boys school. But nonetheless, I needed a job, I had to take it in case I was given since I am not the only one who has got that degree and anybody else might be selected instead of me. I was also thinking about marriage and other things like sustaining myself. I needed the cash and the mullah to handle my expenditures. 
A three week notice was placed such that I would check for my shortlisting in the school website. I went home praying that day that I would be selected. I feared tarmacking in such of a job especially here in Kenya. I didn’t know the street-wise techniques nor anything to do with business. All I needed was a job to sustain me. 
My name was and is still Joyce Wairimu By the way. I was equally happy as I was a young looking gorgeous and attractive woman. That kind of “girl” who turned mere events into epic translations. My friends, with whom I graduated with were already married and some of them were pregnant from unknown “fathers”.
The day of the shortlisting was to be on January 3rd 2017. I still had days to party and ensure I am psychically fit. Plus the enjoyment of finishing school is always something worth praising even if you are yet to secure a job. I remembered how I was pleasured with numerous gifts and envelopes on my graduation 🎓  day. It was something I didn’t expect. That night, I opened the envelopes and was actually surprised with the kind of donations many had brought in. Cash money in notes, Letters of congratulations, love letters even  from people I didn’t recognize, photos and many more. More so, there was this one very nice letter from a friend of mine who had completed his studies from Kenyatta University School of Business studies. He was pursuing a degree in Economics. He had graduated with second class upper. He had recently secured a job at a certain company. He wasn’t even  a quarter year old post employment. His name was Josh. We had met sometime Back as I was a student and we didn’t mean a lot it each other. I actually hated him After we had a quickie at one of the events at our school compound. 
Since I had applied for a job and I was as lonely as a church mouse 🐭. I really needed to contact him. He was my very close friend to whom I can say went to that extent. “that extent that you all know” i checked the address of his letter and saw a number. In fact he had written “WhatsApp or call me” .  So I quickly took my phone and saved the number. I opened my WhatsApp and checked for his profile picture. That was my first action that I really had to accomplish in getting to know this guy even more. I came across his image. It was the same good Looking Josh. His chocolate skin was slowly disappearing and his tummy was slowly appearing. He had actually Got that job whereby he didn’t have to  hustle anymore. The tummy was a sign of wellness to me. Especially for someone who was not that well-off. 
I dialed his number. 
📞 +254-728-…………………….
Fortunately, it went though, 
“Hello this is Josh” he responded 
“How are you doing?”
“Hello, is this Joyce? Joyce?… ” he actually had known my name. 
I was pleased to realise he actually knew me. I couldn’t recognise his voice personally since it was a long time ago that we had actually met. I was reluctant for sometime. 
” Yeah. It’s Joyce. I got your number from the letter. Thank you very much for The kind words.”
” am soo Sorry that I didn’t manage to make up for the Graduation party but I promised in the letter to make it up. When are you free. Please inform me anytime and am gonna make it up for you. How have you been? ” 
he was so great this guy. I mean he hits the nail on the head. I hope its not an event for another quickie since he had proved his love for me in his words in the  letter. 
” this Saturday is best for me Josh. I can’t wait to meet you. I am doing fine too. Hope you are enjoying too. You got a great picture there on your WhatsApp. I see you becoming big. I mean the “big”. “
(laughing loudly) “haha,, thanks but hope I ain’t that shocking though. I hope to meet you on Sartuday too. Thanks for calling me. I am saving your number right away. You are really someone important in my life.” 
I quickly say thanks and inform him Goodnight since it was almost 11pm. 🕚
December 31st 2016 would be the D-day where I  would meet Josh. On 25th December 2016, I celebrated Christmas together with my family members  in Kiambu whereby a goat was slaughtered and numerous chicken 🍗 put on the death row. 
Though the celebration and the hullabaloos, I still had the horror thoughts about my employment. I was a teacher who barely 26. I didn’t want to get into My realisation that I would be a teacher in a boys school. That assumption made me shiver. I took my phone and Googled about how a female teacher should behave in a boys school and the challenges in place. I read and scrolled many blogs reading till the last pages. I was actually increasing readership stats for These  bloggers who thought I was enjoying their site while I was a deeply suffering graduate. Days after days, I started becoming acquiring the courage and the drive to be confident in such situations. I had to be strong if I wanted to teach. When I am in my bedroom, I would constantly, stand in front of my bed and try the teaching tactics that I would be using. I assured myself that I would be a tough madam when discipline was concerned. I would take my pillow and put it on the floor And beat it soo hard while Holding one of its sides. I assured myself that I  couldn’t tolerate any nonsense. But then, I had that phobia of “boys”.  Especially the multitude of boys and how they look at you mercilessly and “roguelessly” at the assembly Ground. I lay on my bed for the night. 🌃
Tomorrow would be the December 31st. The day that I would meet Josh. 
I slept. click here for >>  PART TWO OF THIS STORY




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