[COMPLETE] He Followed Me To The Insides – Melting Ice Towers

Chapter One

‘What is the guy upto?’

‘He has been following me since I got out of school’ Sherry said to herself.

She refuted boarding to hire a taxi to take her home and she is regretting now. A tall hooded man has been following her close behind. He takes every corner she takes; he increases and lowers his speed as sherry does.

Sherry was a university girl pursuing Linguistics at undergraduate level. She had heard stories and seen ladies followed by weird looking guys and the worst could be heard of them later. She had a tight mini-skirt and a top complement with red heels and that jungle jacket covering her upper part of the body.

She continued talking to herself,

‘Is this guy following me because he has seen my legs or what?’ she walked fast as she pulled down her skirt to cover her upper part of the legs but could not make it. It was too short and the man was not stopping. It was getting dark. Seven o’clock was almost hitting. The sun had already being submerged to the west and those dark clouds had already started to colonize the entire sky. She had golden- coated earrings too. She removed them hurriedly and kept them in her purse. She got hold of her phone and dialed a call to her mum.

‘’….leave a message…’’

She got angry and reshuffled the phone back to her purse. The man kept following her as if scrutinizing what she was upto.

Her estate was about 2 kilometers away from where she was. It was all lighted because it was still in the streets of the vast town. Her heart was beating and her breathe got louder and louder as she proceeded. She was now fully aware that this man was following her until her last destination. She removed her heels and held them with her right hand. Her left hand held the purse. Her backpack was on her back. She started running following the main road rather than the usual shortcuts to home. She feared being easily attacked in those dark tunnel-short-cut to her home.

She approached the main road back to her estate. She was all alone on that path. Few personal cars were on the road at the moment because most people had already got home. Sherry also could not accept any joy rides from car drivers. She had heard many shocking stories from them. She held her skirt at the thighs while running.

Just when she was almost getting to the last corner to arrive at the estate, she noticed the guy following her had started running towards her. His hood was getting off and on every time he took a stride. Sherry told herself that she could not manage to escape this man’s long strides. There was a building by the road; its stonewalls bared offending streaks of urine and mucus as well as graffiti on all manner of subjects. She ran to the nearest open joint she saw operating at the moment. She got inside the open place and before she noticed, she was inside a club. Funny looking exhausted men and women were dancing and boozing to their last. She looked around to see of any safe place she would run into. She could not see any. Looking at the window, she saw the man standing by the side of the road. He was tall looking and white-skinned although she did not see his eyes due to the hood.

She took a look at the bartender. She gazed at him for a moment and concluded that he was a cute, chocolate, innocent-looking young guy who seemed to accommodate her. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties. She walked towards the front and took a seat at a certain very long stool. She gazed at him as he did the work for while fidgeting. After the guy was through giving the orders, he looked at her.

‘Which is your poison?’ he asked as he showed her a variety of drinks by putting them on the table.

‘Whiskey?’ he continued. ‘by the way, you seem to be a student; how comes you enter a club looking so lost?’ He continued vomiting more words. This time round, he got her ears. She turned her head to get a better look at him. She expressed a woebegone facial expression.

‘Someone out there has been following me since I got out of school. He has made me enter this club accidently as I sought a place I would be safe. This club is much safer than outside there because I do not know what he is upto. I don’t know what he is going to do to me’ she paused for a while and released a sigh.

‘Really!Someone has been following you? Where is he now?’ he asked as he got outside. ‘I can see no one here.’

‘I don’t want to come into reality with him outside there. I fear and I want to stay here which is safer’ she told the bartender. She was palpitating and her whole body was shaking. The bartender took a sip of coffee that he had left there on the table and dialed a number using his phone. After some minutes, another man came inside the club and took his place as the new bartender.

‘My shift is off. We exchange duties everyday’ he told Sherry.

She shook her head and stood from the seat she had sat on.

‘Where exactly is your home from here?’ he asked

‘The next estate from this club?’ she responded as her heart beat faster.

The guy paused for a while and took a closer look at the girl once more. This time round, he plastered his eyes from her head to toe and smiled deep inside him.

‘I have a car outside I can take you home.’ He said as he eagerly awaited her response.

Sherry was desperate. Her main aim now was to get home and never refute a taxi again. She had no choice rather than to accept this offer. She feared being a victim of a club or being something different the next morning.

‘Yes’ she said as they walked with him outside the club.

‘This way’ he said as she led her way to the car.

He opened the front left door for her and she let her slip inside locking the door afterwards. He got to the driver’s side and got inside starting the engine immediately.

‘My name is ‘the Collector’ he said with that voice that would scare a man from the inside; as he cuffed both her hands on the car seat.

Chapter 2

She kept banging the doors and making those grunting noises to be released by the man who had termed himself as ‘the collector’. She couldn’t imagine what was about to happen to her. Worse thoughts of rape and torture rushed through her mind as she continued kicking her legs on the dashboard and twisting her neck in that torticollis-like way in a bid to free herself. The driver stopped the vehicle at a certain rather dark place where trees had bend over covering the road as if bowing down in prayer. He opened the door and walked out towards the side of the lady and opened the front door. Even before she asked anything, she received blows and abuses hurled furiously against her. The guy pulled her outside in the dark and slapped her thighs as he made sure he curbed her mouth fully to succumb her screams to the depth of silent moans.

She lay on the ground helpless as she dropped tears on the dusty roadside. She couldn’t even try to imagine what she had gotten herself into. A salvo of saliva dripped from the left side of her bleeding mouth. She was gradually drifting to unconsciousness as ‘the collector’ held the collar of her top dragging her on the dusty rough ground towards the back of the Toyota supra. He quickly opened the boot and cleared some stuff inside and then threw her inside hitting her head hard on the bottom of the place. She lay unconscious as if dead. The man from the club didn’t give a fuss about it. He seemed to have no heart. This was may be his area of expertise.

He locked the boot and gazed at the atmosphere for a moment. He smiled. He fantasized of how he had kidnapped Sherry and how sweet she would be with him. He planned on ways he could employ to manipulate her on arrival to the destined place. It was dark and crickets were just cricking from all places. Few stars decorated the sky and the crescent moon tried to at least glisten the face of the night. The bright headlights and red back-lights of the car illuminated the bushy tarmac road making it habitable for such a heartless man. He sat on the bonnet of his car and removed from his pockets one large cigar. He put it in between his lips and lit the tip. He felt good puffing boluses of air in the dark as if he had paid rights to pollute the free air.

After about 30 minutes, he got back inside the car and set off to his destination. The cigar was somewhat of an appetizer to allow him persevere through the next route towards his destination. He increased speed towards the outskirts of town and turned on a round bend approaching an old crusty homestead. Driving the car inside, he parked it behind the house and got outside the car. He walked to the boot and dragged Sherry outside. He lifted her and put her on his broad shoulders. He carried her to the main door and opened the door. He closed the door behind him by hitting it with his calcaneus bone of the feet.

She kept her on the coach. She looked weak. Her skin was pale and her body looked weary like a strand of wet spaghetti draped over furniture. She would be changed to any shape or conformation because she was very week. He came back in the room with an old iron chair and made her seat down on it. He tied her hands and legs tightly to the chair with a carbon wire and increased the curb in her mouth by keeping a tennis ball between her teeth. Her head was occasionally turning sideways with no support as the guy tied her to the chair. After she was officially tied, he placed her in the bathroom of the house and locked the place.

After about 30 minutes, Sherry became conscious and opened her eyes. Her eyes met some words inscribed on the bathroom door ‘HELL IS REAL’ she looked around and saw a shower head and a tap. There was a bathtub too. She realized she was in a bathroom. The bathtub seemed to have been used decade ago since mould looking plants had started to form an overgrowth. The once white walls had scrapped off and the look of the cubicle just looked scary. She got scared. She tried to get up only to realize that she had been tied strongly to the chair. What could she do? What would you do as a reader?

She looked around. She remembered of how she had been slapped and beaten by a man she had sort refuge in. she downgraded herself. How could I have trusted this man? She looked at herself at the thighs, hands and legs. They were pinkish red in color due to the discoloration of the slaps and string blows the guy had inflicted on her. Her sorry face started changing as huge boluses of tears rolled down her chubby cheeks. She felt totally weak and overpowered. She felt used and abandoned. She tried to visualize the face of the bartender but the image couldn’t come out clearly. How could I have fell in his ugly trap? She asked herself. She wasn’t imagining any of that could have happened in her full knowledge.

Abruptly, she stopped crying. It was useless. She gazed around and tried to see anything that could help cut the ropes for her to escape. She moved while still on the chair towards the bathtub by dragging the seat using her body and feet. She couldn’t see anything that would help her.

Suddenly, the door opened and ‘the collector’ got inside the room. He had a knife in his socks and a hammer on his left arm. She got scared and started groaning loudly. She couldn’t speak due to the tennis ball inside her mouth. She was repeatedly shaking her head. The guy slapped her once again and this time around, a jet of blood from her nose hit the wall of the bathroom leaving a streak. He aggressively removed the tennis ball from her mouth and allowed her to speak.

‘What do you want? ‘She asked in a very faint voice as she vomited blood.

Chapter 3

‘What do you really want with me?’ she asked again. She cried painfully as she gazed at his merciless face. Every time she raised her head to look at him, frothy blood-like saliva would flow from the left side of her mouth to the dirty floor. She directed her eyes on the grimy bathroom floor as she pretended not be looking at the knife in his socks. She wore a pitiful look like a forlorn whose beloved had scorned her and departed with another. She had a feeling that this guy would be contended and satisfied after making a meal out of her. She was sure about this guy killing her. She had never come in terms with such a ruthless man before in her life.

This bandit did not show any sign of coming into a consensus with Sherry. He got close to her and held her hair pulling her towards the bathroom window. As she grabbed her hair into a knot and pulled her entire body weight, she screamed so hard that it necessitated the collector to give her a facial blow that made her lay unconscious on the tied up chair. She laid her head on the side as blood trickled ceaselessly from her mouth. Her deep cuts on the face and bleeding abrasions could not hide her damaged face anymore. Why could a man do such things to a lady?

He stopped dragging her at the window and halted. He looked at her closely and grabbed her chin. He kissed her bleeding lips and hugged her as if cordial. Licking her blood on both his lips, he felt as if he had been activated to do something. Digging inside his socks, he ejected a 10 cm sharp dagger-like knife and went to the backside of her chair. She cut the ropes making her hands drop powerlessly as they fanned around the place. He kept the hammer and the knife on the bathroom floor and lifted Sherry placing her on his broadened shoulders.

Closing the door behind him, he walked to a certain black door and kicked the door open. He threw unconscious Sherry on a certain old looking bed. The room was quite dark and dusty. It seemed to have been occupied long before Sherry even went to school. The shape at which she was dropped with was the one she maintained on landing on the bed. She was completely weak. The Collector walked sluggishly outside the room and locked the door behind him.


After about 2 hours, she yawned and opened her sick-looking eyes. She held her mouth and nose with her left hand.it felt as if it was a bloody, reeking, fly-coated territory. She could not handle the stench. The room reeked of rotten fish and musty cellars. The place was grimy and dust was all over her clothes. She sat on the bed and started skimming around the surrounding. The stench could not make her comfortable but she had to put up with it. There was neither television nor anything solid to help her in whatever she wanted. She tried to stand up on both feet but felt weak at her ankles. She slowly got up supporting herself by the bed rails and shuffled towards a window. It was dusk. All she could see was a magnificent grove of bamboos that twittered madly with a group of mynah birds.

She slowly inspected herself. Her body too, she lifted her skirt above her thighs and saw what the collector had made her body look like. She felt emasculated and tricked. Looking on the window, though dark, she could visualize her face on the old looking opaque mirror. It was wrinkled and abrasions were all over. She lifted her right hand, touched one of the active bleeding cuts on her lips, and moaned with a soft voice. She changed her face and stood like a soldier on both feet.

Suddenly, she felt the sounds made by someone walking towards her room. She could not think of anything to do. She broke the piece of glass using her left elbow by hitting the window and lay still on the bed after picking one of the broken pieces of glass. She pretended to be deep in her sleep as though she had not yet reverted to consciousness. She made sure she had left an open angle to inspect this dangerous man.

The door flung open and the man got inside. He looked around and inspected the girl by touching some of her body parts. Through the peep of an eye, Sherry had already seen him. He looked tall, dark-haired man in a green scrub-suit. He started whistling as he started removing his belt and trouser. Gradually, he undressed. He jumped on the rusty old bed like a lion pouncing on a freshly ripped live antelope. He slapped her cheek to awaken her and later started forcing his way through her clothes. This time around, Sherry could not allow it. She felt annoyed and used. With all her witted strength, she stabbed deep in the man’s chest using the broken glass and pushed him away. She got out of the bed and armed herself with two pieces of broken glass they lay on the floor. She pounced on him again and stabbed him severally on his right leg. His look as he cried scared her away. He had terribly stained yellow teeth and a very unpleasant wailing face. She stood aghast with her mouth wide open as she gazed at him wailing loudly. The man moaned as his bowels screamed emptying into his clothes.

Slowly, she peeped through the door and checked if there was anybody on the outside. She walked in all rooms checking for anything to eat or drink. She was hungry. All around, she kept herself armed with a piece of broken window. She walked to the living room and saw the place she had earlier been placed and slapped as if she was a punching bag. A tear rolled down her chubby cheeks. She loved herself and her family too. She started wondering of how they have suffered looking for her. She gazed at herself again and could not imaging it was her embodiment. Her hands were full of blood. Her clothes were clobbered with blood streaks and dots of the collector’s blood. She lifted the bloody glass and brought it in front of her face. She started feeling guilty of what she had done. Why have I killed this man? How on earth could I ever kill a person? The thoughts could not let her leave the house anymore. I will have to stop the bleeding and apprehend this man to the police.

She at once dropped the glass and rushed to the room, which she had left the collector. As she was approaching the door, she noticed some changes. The man was not there and the bed sheets that had the blood were not on the bed. She trembled. She felt her palpitations. Her heart was beating live. She took a step behind and rushed to the main door. She held the knob and tried to open the door but it was locked. She had been trapped again.

Chapter 4

Sherry trembled. She felt her palpitations. Her heart was beating live. The guy wanted to take advantage of her vulnerability. He wanted to exploit whatever human part had remained in her. She took a step behind and rushed to the main door. She held the doorknob and tried to open the door but it was locked. She had been trapped again. She took a step behind and held her chest with both hands. The room was dark and the only thing she could see was silhouettes or figures walking. She hid behind some ramshackle cupboards leaving a sharp angle to peep through the collector. She slowly sat on the floor. Her heartbeat was evident. She could hear it with her ears. A silvery light illuminated her tear-stricken face, her skin so deathly pale and her eyes dilated with shock.

Looking around her, she spotted some blood on the floor that led to a certain room. She raised her eyebrows and moved much more inside the cupboards. She knew the collector was inside that room. She waited. She trembled the entire time like a raw recruit staggering back from terrors of her first battle.

After about 30 minutes, she could not wait anymore. She wanted to find a way out of the ‘dungeon’. She creeped out of the hideout slowly as her eyes skimmed the entire place. She had no weapon. She started shuffling stealthily inside the house exploring for potential exits. Her eyes were as wide as owl’s and her conscious was as alert as she could be.

Abruptly, she pushed opened a certain cupboard and saw some old glasses on the shelf. She held two wine glasses together and lifted them up.

‘I will kill him with this’ she said to herself as she gazed at the pair.

Skimming down her clothes, she dropped a tear. She was covered with blood on her both hands. Her clothes had been torn and she looked like a beaten beggar. Her thighs and knees were pink-red in color due to the blows she had received. Her cheeks and face were swollen and her whole body was in pain. She knew she had to save herself no matter what. She knew this guy had kept her as a sex slave and death was not an issue for him.

‘Bang’ she had a huge sound emanating from the insides of the house. She turned towards the route and headed that way. She walked as if she was being followed. Gradually, she checked doors and closed them as she headed towards the sounds destination. Her weapons were in check.

She got to the room and scanned through the place. A huge flower vase had fallen on the floor causing the huge bang. She gazed at the flower vase and wondered who could have been at the place. She knew someone might have dropped it intentionally.

Suddenly, the collector approached her and whipped her with a huge rubber whip sending her to the cold floor as she sprawled like a dying snake. He had aimed her right. Sherry could not wait for the second phase, she got up and tried to escape through the door but she could not make it. She had to take arms and hold the bull by its horns.

With the strength of a demon, she hit the wine glass on the collector’s face crashing the glass into pieces. She opened the room door and rushed towards the living room. She rushed to the main door and tried to open it again. She pushed it, banged it, and slept on it as she used her entire body but it could not open. She cried bitterly. Heavy boluses of tears could be seen flowing her chubby cheeks. She felt helpless.

‘What do you want with me? You are tearing me apart!’ she shouted


The man from inside the rooms did not speak. He was groaning as he shuffled towards the living room. He approached the lady and glared at her.

‘Do you see what you have done?’ he told her as he pointed using his left hand his bleeding part of the head.

‘There must be a pay for this’ he shouted as he started shuffling closer to her.


Sherry scampered away and started running towards the inner rooms of the house. She wanted to find an exit path so she could escape. She ran into places she did not know. The house had many rooms. She feared getting to a dead end. The guy was behind her following her to the teeth. She wanted to taste her. He wanted to revenge.

Since the guy knew the house well, she made her fall into his trap by making her run into a dead end. After 15 minutes chase, she had got inside a room that had a chained bed and a small-heightened window. The guy got inside and locked the door from the outside. His head was bleeding profuse. Using his right arm, he pulled out a ‘machete’ from his scabbard. She looked at her and giggled. Sherry was shaken to bits. She could not cry anymore. She gazed at him directly in the eye. She hid her piece of glass inside her torn dress held by the band of her lingerie. The guy dropped the ‘machete’ and started walking closely towards her as he ejected his saliva-dripping tongue outside scrubbing the sides of his dry cracked lips. He kept looking straight at her augmented cleavage out of the tight top she had garbed. He got too close to her and started sniffing her face and shoulders as she moved away from him as far as she could.

Mercilessly, the guy gave her a huge blow on her face that clobbered her entire head area covering her ears, eyes and her hair that sent her down on the floor. She started bleeding from the mouth orifice. Her nose too started bleeding. The guy lifted her and dropped her on the bed carelessly. He later took his ‘machete’ and got on the bed again. He wanted to cut off her dress, as she lay unconscious.

Sherry played dead. She had a piece of glass hidden in her lingerie. She wanted to get the right time to use it. The guy on the other hand walked to the bed’s upper side and wanted to chain her. As he was going to pull her left arm on the chain, she struck inside the piece of glass in his groin region. She got up and stabbed him severally. She stood up and walked away locking the door behind her. She walked to the living room and this time around, she had to be more creative. She took a 3-legged stool and used it to break the largest window of the living room. She climbed and jumped over the window. It was around 12am in the night. She knew another attacker would kidnap her on her way home. She took the broken pieces of glass and started walking towards the entrance of the house. There, she met the same car, which the guy had kidnapped her with. She got inside and luckily, the keys were on place. She set off the engine and drove herself home.


Not even her parents, believed what Sherry did to save herself. She was a strong girl to make it out without undergoing very serious and torturous activities

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We Are Medical Students at The University Of Nairobi. We Have Been Endowed With Writing Talents That We Confabulate During Our Free time. This Is Our Writing Platform. Enjoy Yourself Dear Readers.We Love Our Dear Readers. You Inspire Us. We will always keep you updated with interesting articles. By Ken And Speranza

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  4. This is one of the best episodes this year.
    Excellent work Ken my former schoolmate and Esperanza. I love your work.

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