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Bella and Baron
This was the third day. I hadn’t eaten a thing since the day I came. As they brought the food, I occasionally threw it on the walls of the dark room I was in. I was feeling the hunger deep inside me. I couldn’t continue anymore. I couldn’t bear the feeling. I had to eat. I told myself as I crawled towards the plate of food that had been placed at the doorstep on the floor. I held the plate in my arms and sat on the cold floor, it was cold. Very cold. I started eating the  contents that were on the plate. I didn’t know what they were. I kept eating as I was as hungry as a hyena that had been starved for days. Back home, I was an “eater”, so you Can imagine to what extent I had been suffering.

I couldn’t imagine Baron had done this to me. I looked at myself and felt very ashamed. I had been used. How could I be here while I was trying to help Him get at my home safely? Why do Bad things happen to good people?  I kept asking myself rhetorical questions now and then.

After about one hour, I put the empty plate on the ground and tried getting up.

“OH shit ” I had soiled myself. The clothes I had previous night when they had tried to cut of my neck were still on me. I would feel the heaviness of my Abdomen especially my bum. I had to remove the clothes. I slowly got up and slowly removed my entire clothes. I used the clean parts of the undressed clothes as tissue paper. I was clean though the smell inside the room had already intensified.
I started walking around in my birth suit. I couldn’t stand the stench around the room. I started banging the door as I tried to look for an exit. I also thought by banging the door, someone would come and would Give me clothes to wear. I kept banging the door continuously until I got tired. No one was answering my calls. I sat at the far most corner away from my undressed clothes. I hunched up my knees such that my head got in between my knees. I covered my head with my hands and stayed still.


I started thinking. I remembered Baron telling Boyka that I needed to know Something. What was this that I needed to know?  I brainstormed about everything I knew about Baron but at this moment, it seemed I didn’t even know 20% of this man I had started dreaming about.

It was getting late. I could see the Light disappearing from The cracks on the roof. I didn’t even know the time. After about half an hour, I got up again and started rotating inside the room. I could feel the chilly atmosphere erecting all the hairs of my body. My once nice terrain smooth body had formed hilly goosebumps as the cold intensified. My thighs too. I have never in my life felt my thighs being as cold as they were. I kept my arms at the chest area and tightened the grip. I could feel a bit warm.

Suddenly, I heard someone walking at the door corridor. I rushed to the door and started banging the door With my arms. The footsteps became more and more pronounced as the person got closer and closer. As soon as the shadow arrived at my door step, the footsteps disappeared. I wondered. Where had the person gone?   I slowly lifted myself up on my toes and Peeped at the framed grill at the door. I could see a clear path. A clear corridor with shocking lighting and “tattooed walls”.  I kept surveying the area as rotated my chatoyant eyes around the place.
Abruptly, the door flew open throwing me onto the ground with a thud. I was almost at the middle of the room. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. I was aching. My whole Body was aching. My neck was excruciating at the moment. At the dark lighting, I saw Boyka. He was looking around the room and noted my clothes on the floor. He knew I had soiled myself. I could see him trying to cover his nose. The Stench was unbearable. He got closer towards me and knelt on the floor. He gazed at me. All this time, all I could do Was just gaze at him With that innocent non-violent face. I was naked and that made me even shake more. The cold was not sparing me even a little bit. The angle at which I landed on the ground, made me be like a vegetable. It’s as if someone had injected me with a sedative. I could just see but I couldn’t even move. My eyes were getting blurry. I was loosing it. I felt as if my head was swaying.

Just then, Boyka grabbed my right thigh and dug deep with his fingers into my flesh. He held my hands and lifted me up on his shoulders like a leaf. He turned around and started walking outside the room.

He dropped me inside a bathtub that was half-empty with water and left the room. I slowly tried to support myself with difficulty. I could feel some strength in me. I held with my hands the two walls of the bath tub and lifted myself up. I wiped myself with the water for sometime and got out of the tub. I wanted to escape.

“God help me.” I kept saying this words in my heart.

I came across  a black  trench coat that I found  at the place and used it to  cover my body up to The thighs. I straightened the coat’s belt and pulled it down towards my knees. Looking on the ground, I picked up a spanner that was on the tray at the place and started walking towards the route we had actually got inside through. I Peeped at the sides, there was no one. I started walking towards the hall had previously being kept in.

As I was going to take off the next corner, Boyka was right there waiting for me. I couldn’t wait for him to strike. With the strength of a demon, I stroke him using the spanner on his teeth and ran towards the area that had some light. I had a strong belief that I could land on the exit. I run across rooms and halls without getting any lighting.
I didn’t know the way through the house. Boyka had known the entire building. Little did I know he was following me behind. He captured me again. This time Round I feared him. I started screaming.

“where is Baron?” I asked loudly as I tried to release myself from his shoulders.

“What is this place?” I started tapping him as he kept walking.

I could visualise his bleeding mouth. He was furious at the moment. I knew I could be a dead lady if Baron wasn’t around to at least instruct him.

We approached a certain room that had a bed. The bed had chains on all the four corners. He dropped me on the bed and tore the trench coat I had worn spinning me into spirals.

“No. I can’t allow you to rape me” I shouted as I inflated myself Like a pregnant frog.

“No! ”

” No! ”

I kept shouting as I beat him using my legs. He gazed at me and slapped me again at my aching neck. I felt as if the neck fibers were tearing me apart. The pain was soo intense to bear. I clenched my teeth and bit is hand soo forcefully that he managed to release me while screaming. I have never had a man screaming in my life. I gazed at him For a moment as he writhed in pain holding his hand. My teeth had some Parts of his flesh stuck deep inside. Only a toothpick Could do the job to scoop them out. The taste of human blood was still fresh on my lips. I stood there looking at him as he rotated on the bed. At this moment, I looked like a vampire. A dangerous one.

I locked the door behind me and left. I wanted to escape. I moved with short rapid steps as i used my chatoyant eyes to spot every  corner of the rooms. It was like a puzzle. I walked for like 10 minutes as I looked at the walls and surrounding. Since I had locked Boyka, I had some hope that I would escape even though I couldn’t find Baron. I needed to talk to Baron. As I was walking, I approached the room where I met Baron at the first place. I shuffled stealthy towards the place and slowly pushed the door Open. I got inside.


Baron was there. He raised his head and looked at me. I was naked and my heart was beating. I was scared and my entire body was aching. My once brown body was dirty with dust and I looked like one bandit who had been mobbed in town just to get saved by the police.

“Hey.” I called him

“Hey, Baron, I have locked him up. ” I continued.

He couldn’t respond.

” Boyka is in the cage Baron. Let’s escape. Come ” I shouted as I tried to pull him from his seated  position. He rose up slowly and as if hugging me put the fingers of my right palm  on the table and cut one of my fingers.

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