The Hombres in Negro Veils

The Hombres in Negro Veils

The time was 10am.

I was seated silently at my favorite corner inside the library. My long A4 books and fancy notebook together with those rare fancy biros you receive when you attend a conference at the likes of Kempinski Hotels; were just in front of me on top of the table. I was strategically placed such that I would view every corner of the entire huge library. I was the kind of person who got easily distracted when someone got up from their seats or when they started walking around the library. I kept peeping on them.

The structure of the library was big. It was 6 stories. I was in the Biology department which was situated in the 4th floor. Mind you, it was a spacious hall. As a biology body, it had various artifacts that made it wonderful and beautiful. The hall had an aquarium where different kind of fish swum, there were two huge man-made human skeletons on the sides and also some enclosed algae plantations still inside the library. The hall had in addition, 360 rotating executive seats. The long windows and numerous fans made the massive hall conducive for learning activities despite the large number of readers who were seated doing their et cetera. At the very entrance, long alternating shelves lined up the walls of the entrance showcasing the numerous books in store for us at the library, forming some kind of an aisle that led inside the 4th floor.


I had arrived at the library at around 8am and luckily, I had managed to finish all the agendas I had by 9:50am. I couldn’t just get out of the library since I was a great fan of free WiFi. I closed my books and placed the aside. I unwrapped my Samsung tab and connected to the WiFi. Being a great fan of watching online series specifically, ‘The Game Of Thrones’. I had watched it up to season 6 episode 4. I put on my headphones at a safe angle inside my ears and started watching the series.

Despite my eyes being fixed on the screen and my ears on the sound emanating from the headphones, I made it sure that I was alert. Someone would borrow me something or approach me for clarifications and it would be very sad if I ignored. I understood that I had to be alert for various reasons. The series was catchy and I enjoyed every bit of it. Sometimes, I would laugh silently in disguise at those very humorous parts of the film. The fact that people have done very crazy and behaved animal-like while on loud ear/headphones; I ensured that I remembered I was in a silent library. Any sound, even a yawn would make a number of people gaze at you pathetically wondering which county you came from.


After about 1 hr 30 minutes, from my conspicuously placed position, I noticed something peculiar at the librarian desk. The always serious female eye-glassed librarian was up and about. She was rotating in circles at her desk. Her right arm was fixed at her wide open mouth. It was a weird gesture from her that she had never displayed before. I paused the series The Game Of Thrones at a certain very captivating point. I removed my headphones from my ears and put them on the table on top of the tablet. I gazed around at the ‘congregation’ that was seated busy reading. Nobody had noticed the trembling librarian nor her acquired new behavior. The over 250 people inside the library were busy doing their things. She started walking towards the main window situated next to her desk. She seemed agitated by the look towards the lower floors. I pushed my rotating chair towards the window and gazed at the lower floors of the library from the fourth floor.

Holy Cow! There was a barricade of several police vehicles, several uniformed and un-uniformed police holding their rifles in place. Some were lying on the ground pointing the nozzles of their guns towards the ground floor of the library I was in. The people of the city were gathering towards the massive library. Some of them were screaming while others looked shocked. Some put their both hands in their heads in shock. I hadn’t clicked anything. I didn’t know what was happening.

‘What was wrong with the library? Have we been attacked?’ I asked myself. I didn’t want to come to that conclusion. Suddenly the alarm started. Since the day I started going to the library, that alarm sound had never been rang; I knew something bad had already happened. Everybody inside the hall rushed towards the nearest window to confirm what they thought was what they had previously heard through WhatsApp images and frequent calls by concerned relatives. We were all in panic mode. The hall started changing. People started jumping over the seats and tables as the run.

‘Our building has been raided by insurgents’ that was the report from the profusely sweating librarian.

Before she even concluded what to do next using the automated sound system of the library, we could hear gunshots been fired. The sounds were so real. I could guess they were now in the 1st floor. I felt weak in the knees. I didn’t know where to run to.

I was still standing at the window. My neck flexed to the ground floor. Several police officers fired bullets inside the library’s ground floor. The media vans had started arriving erecting their cameras at strategic news to capture the ‘mega news’. At this moment, I hadn’t got to imagine that I was under siege. I was still confused. I watched as the people inside the hall rushed dropping chairs and some injuring themselves as they ascended to the 5th floor in haste. Some were trampled on the ground as they kept asking what was happening. Not everybody inside the floor knew what was in store for us.

As I watched from above, I would see people being evacuated from the ground floor at the main library entrance by paramedics. Not people but bodies! Those who survived were heavily wounded with open fractures. Some were screaming so loudly in pain while some were unconscious. I started imagining that the people who had performed this were actually ascending to the floor I was in. what shocked me a lot was the point I saw a body been removed from the library covered with blood. The front chest area had been sliced as if a merciless butcher was working on it. At the main entrance, the gathering of people continued screaming at the top of their voices as bodies and survivors were being removed from the library. Looking at the ground again, I noted that the bodies were piling up as the congregation continued getting bigger.

At the 4th floor where I was in, the hall which had approximately 400 people had less than 100 people at the moment. Everybody was ascending towards the upper floors 5th and 6th. Those who had previously being on 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor were slowly ascending and approaching the 4th floor. Some were heavily wounded as those who were supporting them as they run shared the horrors they saw on the previous floors. They were covering their ears as the ascended using the stairs shouting ‘Bunduki’ (Swahili word meaning ‘gun’). Some held their children arms as they run towards the topmost floor.

At this moment my adrenaline couldn’t hold it anymore. I had heard of this people and the horrors they did. Moreover, I had seen with my own eyes what was happening at the ground. I took hold of a young boy who seemed lost and we started running past people as I elbowed my way ahead of them. We were almost getting to the escalator when a huge explosion made us lay on the ground laterally erect. Some had already lost their hearing ability. We screamed so loudly in gasping stances as we wondered what to do next. This time, we were aware that we had to do something otherwise we wouldn’t make it. We lay on the floor while in sixes and sevens.


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  1. The vivid description on the library is ‘BEAUTIFUL ‘.The story got a perfect flow too.

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  2. Powerful! Thank you for your interest in my blog. I love reading well woven stories and I look forward to following your blog.

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