The Hombres in Negro Veils 2

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The time was now 11.34am

We could not feel the chilly breathe that was emanating from the disorganized air that was being squashed by the roaring fans in the library. We could not feel the ample ambience of the library any more. We were losing our patients and our hope. Some of us had defecated on our bodies, children were crying, some were being bandaged while some came to the floor we were in and dropped down dead with shocking bullet holes drilled inside their bodies. The faces of the people around me both young and old looked terrified. We knew what was to be our fate despite the government efforts. We knew these people and what they usually did to hostages they captured. We had the feeling it is a lost battle. The only thing we would do was to hide. However, what if they lit the floor on fire? Alternatively, sprayed the entire floor with bullets and grenades? Hiding would not be of any help. Faking death by applying someone’s blood on our faces also could not be of any use. These people have the tendency to continue shooting as the lifeless body of an innocent citizen jumps up and down on the floor as the laugh at the top of their voices.


All I knew is that we would run and meet ourselves stranded at the topmost floor. I started trembling as I garnered some frail strength to keep we awake. I had the feeling that today was actually my last day to breathe the air of this world.Just as I was in my thinking closet about the current status quo, there was a HUGE explosion just at the floor below where I lay. I actually felt my body lifted up by the pressure it had exerted on the floor I was in. huge cracks had started protruding due to the effect of the explosion. The floor was threatening to sink in at the left corner of the library. The people in the library were all screaming and running towards the top floor. It was the only way to move away from all the troubles that were coming towards us. I felt as if I could make myself fall on the ground and cover myself with a fellow’s blood. I feared the consequences.

The ricocheting of bullets and sounds of grenades started getting clearer as they approached the floor that we were in. Abruptly, the librarian of the floor underneath managed to arrive at the floor we were in but fell down just at the doorstep. He was dead. He had been brutally tortured. To start with, he had a knife stuck in his back and a horde of bullets drilled inside his stomach region. Moreover, he was hiding his amputated right hand with his left hand by holding the remaining stump. I had never seen such a horror in my life since the day I was born. This was the time I realized that hell was breaking loose. These people were killing us just for fun. They just wanted us to die. I quickly started running towards the fifth floor. I walked fast while running at some point as I elbowed my way past the people who were ahead of me. The 5th floor was packed to capacity. Everybody was headed towards the sixth floor, which was the topmost floor. We were all on panic mode. The strong-bodied men together with the soldiers who had guns and ammunition to guard us were all running with us towards the sixth floor.

The door to get inside the sixth floor was impassable. We were stuck on the fifth floor. The atmosphere around this place was horrific. Purses, broken heels, men’s shoes, coats, watches, broken necklaces, phones were all scattered everywhere. There was no time to scavenge an IMac neither an Ipad from the lower floors. Extremely tight and Goliath long dresses had been artificially torn to allow the female legs to hyperextend so they would run. Being naked at this state could not shock anyone. Nobody would even dare to stare at you for even 5 seconds. Everybody was concerned on how they would escape the horror that was coming from underneath.


‘Boom! Boom!’ (Sounds of explosion)

The fourth floor where I had been reading the entire time had been raided and attacked by the gunmen. Black terrifying smoke started ascending to the 5th floor as some of us started coughing as we tried to push people to move towards the 6th floor. I was sweating all over. This was the time whereby a lady would beg you to help her in return to anything she had for life. This was the time a man would surrender all he had to get free. Spiritually gifted people together with people who remembered God in times of need were relentless with their loud prayers as women screamed at the top of their voices. It was chaotic. The 6th floor was already full. It could not accommodate any other. We were all stranded on the fifth floor. I had a feeling we would all die in here because we were enclosed completely. Being on the 6th floor could have at least given one sometime to breathe some more air as opposed to his/her lifespan needs. At the stuffy entrance to the topmost floor, people had started fighting each other to secure entry to the floor. The floor was noisy.

The television inside the 5th floor was on and the constant headlines read, “City Library under Siege”. Already, a huge number of people had been confirmed dead and almost 300 were in different hospitals around the city fighting for their lives.

After about 30 minutes of panicking and wondering where to go, the barricade we had previously kept at the entrance of the 5th floor was brought down to ashes by one grenade explosion. We all lay down as we screamed at the top of our voices. They had eventually got to our floor. All eyes gazed at the place, which had been hit by the grenade. The floor was silent for some time after which two grenades were thrown inside the building mutilating the people it managed to sniff around.  The sound of the explosion made my ears sing their own song as I watched almost ½ the multitude of people inside the hall drop down in pieces. I managed to remove one of the furniture pieces, which had pierced my right leg. I started bleeding profusely. I was crawling under the library chairs in a bid to hide from the terrorists. I could not run anymore.


To my surprise, two men got inside the massive hall. They had veils. Two hombres in Negro veils. They were heavily armed. They were tall and skinny. Rounds of ammunition and a chain of bullets decorated their shoulders and waists.  One of them held on of the injured citizen and cut open his throat with a coiled sickle-like knife as we watched in horror as blood shot from the cut arteries.  The other man shot everywhere he saw a human being as he laughed aloud. Another man was beheaded and another too. One of the women who had a breastfeeding baby was brought forward and a grenade without a safety pin was forcefully inserted right inside her mouth. We watched in horror as we screamed as her upper body exploded leaving slices of meat on the bloody floor.

The man with the knife threw a grenade towards the huge number of people who were struggling to get into the 6th floor. The scene after the havoc was indescribable. I was in one of the massive slaughterhouses. Blood had now formed rivulets, which collected all together to form one big ‘river’. I thought of escaping through falling myself off the window. I got up slowly and started running off the crowd towards one of the big open windows. Unfortunately, I had not even managed to reach the window when a bullet dislocated my femur bone from the tibia bone. I fell down with a thud! As my own blood started pooling down below me. Looking at my knee, I had no knee; the knee was right in front of my had been ‘goggled’ out by the bullet. There was no pain at all. I could not even feel myself anymore. I was slowly becoming dizzy as this tall skinny man with a gun on his shoulder started coming towards my side. He had a bloody knife that was dripping blood. He caught me by my head and lifted my head up exposing my neck. He placed it on my neck and told the trembled crowd to watch warning them that escaping the bullet would lead to a slow painful death. He coiled my neck soo tightly and tapped it with the knife’s blunt side such that my carotid and jugular veins could have been visible as they pulsated my last blood. He started cutting my neck slowly as blood splashed on my face and his too. I could not stand the pain. It was unbearable.

I suddenly got up from my dream. I was all sweaty. I actually held my knee and my neck to confirm that for real it was a dream. My lovely wife was staring at me on this other side of the bed. She was furious. Her face would tell. I later realized I had wet my bed at 33yrs old. Her entire abdomen was wet too.

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