Jonte and Cate Jenner had completed their degrees at a widely recognized University. Completing the degrees was the happiest thing in life that really made them match. After two years of experience, they met again at the same university. Coincidentally, they all wanted to pursue a master’s course. They met across an isolated path as Jonte was going to the lecture hall.
At first, he could not seem to get a clear view. He sent glances towards her for a number of times until they approached each other.
‘Jenner!’ he called out as if he did not know her real name.
‘Jonte’ she called back his name and they hugged.
‘What are you doing here in campus?’ Jonte asked as he inspected her by scrolling his eyes down her books.
‘I have just come back to pursue my master’s degree. ‘What about you?’ she said asked him, ‘what are you doing in campus?’
‘That’s a coincidence! I have also come to pursue my master’s degree’ he said as he glanced around to view whether someone was peeping at them.
They did not have any relationship before. They were just mates back in the undergraduate halls.
‘Where were you heading to? It’s already 2pm.’ He asked Jenner.

‘I was on my way home’ she responded.
‘Do you mind if I drop you’ he asked.
Jenner smiled and nodded her head to the negative. She could not mind it. They walked together to the parking lane and they got inside his Mercedes SLS. They car sped away as Jenner directed Jonte to her place.
‘How did you manage to purchase such a beautiful car?’ Jenner asked admiring the interior fabric.
‘Aha! I spent my simple savings from the degree job. The job pays well and so I had to improve myself for the past 3 years.’ He said smiling.
They halted at a rather beautiful gate and Jenner got outside.
‘This is your place?’ he asked
‘Yeah’ she said giggling. ‘Visit me on Saturdays when you get time. I’m always at home.’ He winked at her and waved her goodbye.

Jonte was a person who loved his friends company. He ganged up with a group of friends and they went for a glass of wine. The good thing about Jonte is that he always rode with people who had completed their degrees. It was in a class of ‘the educated’. They would talk, tell stories, explain new ventures and drink wine until they had had their fill. They got back in their cars and drove back to their respective homes. On parking the car on his compound, a message flashed on his phone.
‘If you can, please come help me fix my wardrobe. It’s just in bad condition at the moment’
Jonte was not feeling like heading to her place. It was late in the night. He got inside his vicinity and adorned his jacket. He got inside his SLS again and drove towards Jenner’s place. The gate was not locked. He got inside and walked towards the main door. He knocked. The sound of feet coming towards the door was evident. Jenner approached and opened the door. She took him right at the wardrobe and showed him the area.
He bent down and squatted. He asked for a hammer and fixed it within a few minutes. He got up and gazed at her.
‘The wardrobe is okay.’ He said as he waved her. ‘I got to go now’
Jenner looked at the area fixed and admired his job.
‘You are so good to deserve no “thank you”’ she walked towards him and kissed him. Her hands wrapped around his neck and she was on toes. Jonte’s arms surrounded her slender waist and he lifted her up towards him detaching her toes from the ground. The intensity of the kiss became greater and greater as Jonte carried her towards the living room. Their arms grew tighter and stronger on each other. He laid her on the couch. The two got wild while Jenner started unbuttoning Jonte’s shirt. She unbuttoned the buttons one by one, as she gazed at him seductively. There did not seem to leave each other unattended. They displayed the virility of a vampire. What ensued that night made them comfortable, as they lay on the couch boneless and completely tired. The unmistakable happened. It was not expected but the pleasures at that time of the night made them.
Jonte got up at around 3am. Jenner was fast asleep in his arms. He slowly slid his hands past her hair and put a soft pillow on her back so that she could not sleep in a bad way. He later went to her bedroom and took a blanket and covered her. He stealthy walked to the door and left the vicinity. He got inside his car and he drove back home.

He went to the bathtub and stayed there for almost one hour taking a bath. He did not imagine what he had done. It was unexpected and very demanding. He would occasionally pic a handful of water with his palm and splashes it in the bathroom. He later went to his bedroom and lay on top of his bed. Looking around his room, he would compare his room and Jenner’s room.
‘There’s nothing like a ladies’ bed’ he told himself.
He had scattered dirty gym socks and unwashed sheets that made the place seem like a war zone. The wardrobe doors remained open exposing the haphazardly arranged suits.
He kept his hands at the back of his head and gazed at the ceiling. He knew that they would meet tomorrow with Jenner. He wondered what she would say about the previous night.  He gazed at the wall-clock again, it was 6am. He was not getting any sleep. He got up and went to his kitchen to prepare breakfast before, as he got ready for the lecture class.
Within no time, he was sipping coffee at his living room as he switched DSTV programs from one to the next. He just did not know what he was doing. He gazed at the wall again and said,
‘Damn! That girl is great. She is driving me all time’

She opened her dizzy eyes and touched a pillow net to her. She got up suddenly and discovered Jonte had gone. She discovered he had also covered her with a warm blanket. She smiled and got up to get ready for the lecture class. She knew she would come across Jonte today.

She opened her wardrobe and stared at the beautiful dresses hanged closely together. She went through almost all of them as if perusing pages in a book.
‘I must wear something impressive’. She told herself. ‘I must impress him’
She chose a black short dress suit and checked herself at the mirror. She smiled and did all the crazy things women to in front of a mirror to make sure they look cute in whatever situations outside there. She nodded and wore her heels and walked downstairs towards the door. She took her purse and left the house. As she was going get outside her main gate, she spotted the rear view of the Mercedes AMG SLS. She definitely knew Jonte was around. She smiled and walked straight at the car, Jonte got outside the car and walked towards her side. They hugged and Jonte opened the front door for her. She got inside and he closed the door after she had been comfortable. He got inside again and kissed her. He drove professionally to their campus. He parked at a basement and they headed together to the lecture hall. They had arrived late and everybody had already settled. Many faces glared at them as they entered the lecture hall. People had a lot to talk about, as they had not seen such a couple. They had become friends overnight!
Jonte sat with his friends while Jenner sat at her usual place with her acquaintances. Jonte sat between Abel and Robin. These friends were all happy around Jonte. They knew him as a good person who bought them booze and took them out whenever they wanted to have a night outside.
‘Hey, that is you new catch?’ Abel asked him
Jonte smiled as he gazed at the front of the lecture hall.
‘Hey man, I have never seen you dating since we were in high school.’ Robin seconded. ‘This is going to be explosive.’
‘that girl is really cute Jonte and I noted in her eyes the time you two entered that she is in love’ Abel propelled another fact.
‘Take good care of her Jonte. ‘Abel continued.
Jonte gazed at Abel and smiled rotating his pen using his thumb and first finger as he usually did.

‘Where did you get that guy?’ Sophie asked Jenner
‘Damn! I just saw him driving a Mercedes AMG SLS!’ another said to her
‘He seems to be so good to you princess’
‘You are really lucky to have such a guy’ Sophie added
All this time, Jenner was smiling in her heart and pretending to have that smooth heart publicly. The comments about Jonte were just awesome. She felt that Jonte was admired a lot by her fellow colleagues. She felt great about that. Those compliments increased her bond towards him.

During the lecture, Jonte kept throwing his left eye at Jenner every time the lecturer paused for a while. He admired looking at her hair. He also wanted to know how she interacts with fellow friends. As he was busy staring at her, Jenner turned a head and their eyes met.  They smiled at each other as she turned towards the front. The lecture ended at around 11am.
‘Jonte, during the lecture I would see you guys stealing glances at each other all time’ Abel approached him outside the hall.
Robin also came to him and tapped his back.
‘Dude, why do you seem to adore her that much?’ he asked. He had known Jonte as a person who did not date as they did. This was exceptional for him.
Jonte kept quiet for a while and freshened his throat
‘Her complexion is inviting. She seems irreproachable and one who cannot quibble due to her sorry face, smiling looks and a positive eye that most people fail to possess. I also love the passion and unfailing love I see deep in her heart.’
His friends were shocked and nobody wanted to utter any words. At the basement, he saw Jenner waiting for him. She sat at the bonnet of the Mercedes AMG SLS. He patted Abel’s chest and waved them.
‘Guys, I got to go now.’ He said as he left.
Robin has never been inspired by Jonte’s message as he had been today. He looked at Abel.
‘We should start getting serious with relationships like him’ robin told Abel.
Abel nodded his head as he gazed at Jonte and Jenner at the basement.

Jenner got up and hugged Jonte as he arrived at the place. She held his hand tightly and walked close by his side. He opened the car door for her and closed it after her. He sat in the next to her and started the engine. He started driving towards the gate of the campus.
Jenner kept looking at his face and complexion as he drove slowly. Jonte smiled by himself and faked a giggle.
‘What’s up?’ Jenner asked as she waved her hair to the right exposing her pretty face to Jonte.
‘Yesterday night…’ he paused.
‘What about yester night?’  She asked as she parted her lips as she gazed at the windscreen attentively.
He paused for a while.
‘It wasn’t just a one-night –stand for me. I have a strong feeling deep inside me since we lay together yesterday. I don’t know if it’s the same for you.’ He looked at her and then gazed at the windscreen again as he drove.
Jenner kept silent. Her heart was beating more than the drums of the Zulu people. She was so happy in her heart that she did not know what to say. Her face however was the opposite of what was in her heart. Jonte looked at her again. She did not have any sign of what he had said. He continued driving until they arrived at her residence.
‘Yester night was great Jonte’ she said as she loosened her seatbelt and opened the door.
She lowered her head on the front window and continued.
‘I felt really great but let’s give what we have time to blossom and grow gradually.’
She looked at him for some time. Jonte’s eyes were all on her. He wanted her to say something more. He gazed at her for some time before opening the door and getting outside. He walked towards her and made her look at him. Their bodies clapped each other and he held her waist tightly. He held her hair from the back and twisted it bending her head to the left and whispered to her brown ears,
‘I love you’
He hugged her and gradually released her body from himself. He got back inside his Mercedes and started the engine.
Their eyes met again before her drove away. Jenner stood at the gate to her house dropping tears of love while Jonte gazed at her.

He drove back to his house. He got inside the bathtub and spent his usual time thinking about his daily happenings. After he had taken a bath, he wore a red short and put his towel around his neck. His chest was left bare and his feet too. He started walking around his house towards the living room. As he was going to take the second step on the staircase, he heard the doorknob locking. His mind informed him that somebody had entered the main door. He walked curiously towards the main door.

When he was almost approaching the area, a person wearing a hood appeared from the waiting room. Jonte walked towards the place and uncovered the person. It was Jenner.
‘Hey! What sup? What happened’ he asked as he touched her all over to inspect if she had had some bruises. Jonte’s face was showing signs of absolute worry. He gazed at her again.
She was panting and coiled on the floor. Her red hood was a bit dusty and she did not have her heels. These weird happenings arouse the curiosity in Jonte to know what had happened. He took her by the arm and lifted her. This time around, Jenner threw an eye at him. She walked close to him and sat on a couch. She made her sit on the couch. She could not talk. Her face showed a million gestures complete to make Jonte mad if at all he tried to elucidate them.
Jonte hurried upstairs and wasted some minutes up there. He later came back and held Jenner’s arm. She made her stand from the couch and told her,
‘I have made the bath tub ready, make yourself comfortable’ he said as he led her to the bathroom. The grip on their arms grew stronger and stronger as they shuffled. When they had approached the bathroom door, Jonte pushed it open and Jenner viewed the place. She nodded her head and smiled.
‘Nice!’ she said.
She undressed her top most clothes as she handed them to Jonte. When she was only with a bikini wear, she closed the door to herself. She got inside the bathtub behind the gold see-through curtains and started washing herself. She first let the heat of the hot water burn her as she consumed the sweetness.
She would twist inside the tub in whichever way possible. Her body would roll around and she would place her hands up in the air and perform the kind of gymnastics one would do in solitude. She was happy.

Jonte retaliated back and put her clothes in a safe place then walked towards the kitchen. There, he wore a white apron that he often used to clad while on the kitchen. He started preparing supper for both of them. He could not sleep without making some meal especially knowing that he had a guest that day. He put all the cooking stuff at the kitchen desk and started chopping tomatoes and onions. He had no idea what he was to cook.
As he was going to turn on the electric cooker, something got inside his deep apron pockets. It was moving and warm. His feet also were strangled to the ground by wet soft feet. He gazed down at his legs. He would see soft brown legs. He smiled. He knew it was Jenner. His eyes were curbed too using her soft palms.  As he struggled to twist his head from side to side, he would feel her cleavage pressing hard on his shoulders at the back. Her heartbeat was so vivid that he would count them one by one. Her breathe as she struggled to keep Jonte on track would increase and decrease as a rhythm in a song.
Suddenly, Jonte lifted her upwards from behind and brought her to the front. They gazed at each other as they laughed. Jenner would occasionally hide her eyes and did not want to gaze directly at him.
‘Oooh! Who informed you where my bathroom gown was?’ Jonte said surprisingly as he gazed at Jenner cladded on his gown.
‘I got to know this house of yours long time ago. Remember?’  She asked
They smiled at each other again.
She had just come out of the bathroom. The scent from the bathroom was still fresh on her. Jonte would smell it.
‘I guess you need to put clothes on. I had placed them somewhere in the wardrobe’ he requested. ‘Mind you if I take you there?’
‘No. I am okay in your hands Jonte. For once I feel I love somebody in my life.’ She said as she kissed him on the forehead.
Jonte kissed her again on the lips. He dropped the chopping knife on the kitchen table and wiped his hands using the kitchen towel as he continued kissing her. They held each other for some time as the sensations consumed them.
‘Let’s take supper first’ Jonte requested as he pushed Jenner away from himself in a responsible way.
Jenner could not listen to anything about food. She had already fallen for Jonte. He knew Jonte was the right person for her. She continued kissing his lips as she increased the grip to curb Jonte around his neck.
‘Get me my clothes first’ she said as she held his waist. ‘I need to get rid of this gown’
‘You should accompany me’ Jonte said as he held her left arm and walked past the couch, climbed up the stairs. As Jonte was walking towards the bedroom to offer her the clothes, Jenner opened, the bathroom door which was on the same aisle leading to the bedroom and pushed Jonte inside. She locked the door and pushed him inside the tub. He was all wet. His clothes had consumed more than enough soapy water. Jenner ejected and hanged the gown on top of the bathroom drawer.
She shuffled seductively as she whistled a sensational rhythm. Her left arm was on her lips as she suckled her index finger. Jonte’s only option was to do what he did. He ejected everything he had adorned and hit the bathtub.  They clapped again.
‘You wanted to know the reason as to why I came to your place late’ she talked of the story as she held his head with her both arms.
‘Yeah. But I guess I know the reason.’ He responded.
‘Say it. I want to hear it’ she said
‘Because we were you want to live by my side as one. And because you love me’ he said.
She continued gazing at him without saying word.
After some time, Jonte opened his lips again
‘And because I love you and I want to be by your side too’ he paused for a while. He held her long hair and pulled it downwards in short notations and whispered in her ears,
‘And lastly, because we were meant to be together’
She got above him and sat on his belly. She bent towards his lips and their bodies clapped together. They kissed repeatedly. Jonte got up and made her lay in the tub again. He held her and kissed her on the neck as the cuddled inside the ‘pool’
Jenner kissed him as seductively as she splashed water on his face and chest. They played those games that are played by ‘deeply-in-love’ couples while in the bathtub.
After hours of seductive pleasure, they were seated on the couch watching some crazy documentaries. The pose they had assumed on the couch would win a ‘romantic cuddle pose’ on tumblr.
Jenner gazed at Jonte. Jonte gazed at Jenner too. They smiled together.
‘I love you so much’ Jenner said to him as she gave him a prolonged peck.
‘I love you too Jenner. I did not know love can be so sweet like this’ he cuddled her as he increased the grip in her body.

It was an Olympian one-night stand because, at last, the one nightstand became true love. In most cases, nightstands never spark a relationship. This is truly an Olympian 1.

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