Mombasa (Kwakiziwi Region)
Issa rolled on his king-sized bed with a bat’s eye and stretched his arm to the left switching off the noisy alarm. The time was 2am on Wednesday morning. His right hand was numb due to the spooning posture he had lain with his wife Alika. Alika in Swahili means ‘most beautiful’. He stealthy removed his arm from his wife’s bosom and sat on the bed; His feet touching the cold linoleum floor. He needed to be on his truck by 3am to kick off the long journey to Uganda. He was a truck driver whose return to home formulae had been critically disorganized. The last time he had managed to be home was 3 months ago. He had just arrived the previous night to meet his family; wife and two kids who are in nursery school. He had not even spent 24hrs at his vicinity. He was now getting ready to take off. Before he got out of the bed, Alika, his wife, tagged him using her leg.

‘Hey Babe? What’s up?’ she asked as she rubbed her eyes due to the effect of the bright fluorescent tube above them.
‘I have to be going. This is what we live on. It’s where I get my income.’ He responded as he stretched his hand and beckoned Alika to come closer. She was accustomed to these kind messages for some time now. She could not imagine the solitude-ness and how hard it was to stay without her husband for months. She had survived all the times. She felt it as a heavy burden on her. All in all, she had to agree to that fact.


She uncovered herself. She was “au natural”. She walked towards him and gazed at him with that pitiful look. She loved him so much. She could not imagine he was going to Uganda again. She did not know when he would come back. She feared a lot because she had heard of dangerous stories about truck drivers and their journey.
Issa extended his arm towards her back and pushed her forward. Her belly touched his. She hugged him tightly for minutes.
They gazed at each other and kissed. He kissed her the nape of her neck as her submissive prowess drove her head in spirals. The tentacles of her nerves dancing to the tune as the pleasures consumed both of them. She dropped herself on the king-size bed and pushed her husband towards her. Seconds passed, minutes passed and after about 30-minutes, they all lay helpless on the sheets. Alika’s eyes gazing at Issa while Issa’s eyes staring at the excited fan rotating above them.

The alarm rang again. It was 2:45am. Issa got closer to Alika and gave her peck on her forehead and her right cheek. He got out of the bed, took his angel white towel at the cabinet and covered his naked body. He stood up slowly and walked to the bathroom. He stood for a while after opening the hot water tap of the shower. He was in deep thought. Just then, he took his head under the shower and eventually, his entire body. There, he thought about the journey ahead, his fellow truck drivers who had been carjacked, the prostitutes he would meet at Voi, Mlolongo and Salgaa, and lastly HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

He got back to the bedroom and got dressed. He knew that the next time he would have the time to take a bath, it would not be free. It would most likely be somewhere inside a club or a brothel. Alika was in the kitchen. She had prepared some sweet potatoes, which were very rare in Mombasa and hot tea. The kids were asleep at the moment. They could not wake them up at the moment. They took early breakfast together and lastly the wife bid him goodbye as she straightened his shirt on the collar. She locked the door after he went and sat at the couch crying bitterly. She would see other families being so happy together but could not find the same in hers’. She tried to stand strong. She had been both the father and mother of her kids. She switched off the lights and went to sleep.

Mombasa (Kwakiziwi)
Issa walked for a distance of about 100 meters in the streets until he approached a certain enclosed truck park where he had left his truck for the night. He had a chinwag with the European security guard after which he was allowed in. He walked straight to his truck and got inside. The time was 0300 hrs. He started the engine and drove towards the gate. He got off the truck at the security guard’s office to sign off on the Pass Book. He later opened the carriage of the truck and inspected if all the goods were in place after which he was allowed to hit the tarmac.

The night was long to him. Crickets made the night of Mombasa by their jitters and tweets. The Indian Ocean was calm and beautiful. Palm trees swayed side by side, as they seemed to bow down to the sea in respect for their survival. The road was dark and clear. Issa had to keep the truck lights on as he swerved through the corners. The usual warm temperature was just at its best to make the cabin of the truck sanitized off the cool atmosphere.
He hit the Tom Mboya Road a tributary of Mombasa Road.  There was no traffic jam at the moment. Within 5 minutes he was on Mombasa Road, Makupa area headed towards Changamwe Roundabout.

He could not drive without having to pop that smoke. He removed his long sniffer pipe and placed it on the jar as he puffed the air through his mouth. This thing made him awake and more terrific on the road. He could not stop to throw stones on the antelopes when his main mission was killing the elephant – reaching Uganda. This smoke was his usual cup of tea, his usual cup of water, his daily blink. He could feel it massaging his nerves as he drove. He knew after reaching Uganda, he would receive a hefty amount of cash where he would send his wife- Alika half of it through Mpesa Cash Transfer. He felt great when he sent cash back home. It was like a dream come true to him.

The darkness was gradually disappearing and the sun was slowly encroaching as Issa got further and further away from the ocean. The traffic was getting clogged as the sun continued emanating from the east. It was 7:30am. He had been driving for the last 5 hours without stopping. He was approaching the small town of Voi. Since he started being a long distant driver, he has being noting the gradual growth of this town. The mushrooming of posh hotels and accommodation rooms has made the town be an attraction to many especially the truck drivers. He remembered of the day he had lain with a prostitute at a joint not so far from the road. He missed the experience.

He approached his fellow truck drivers Lorries and parked just next to the road. He was to spend the entire day at Voi and start the engine once again at 2am on Thursday. This was his schedule.  He puffed again as he put the pipe inside his mouth. It made him spin a little bit. He loved that feeling.

He got out and walked towards the location of his friends.
‘Issa Joh!’
His three friends called his name again and again. They knew him very well. He was a man of the people. Among them, nobody had married. They spent their lives on the road: drinking to their satiation point, call girls at their comforts and spending money like nobody’s business. Their job earned them a lot.
‘How’s home Issa?’ one of the guys called Juma asked.
‘Home’s fine.’ Issa responded.
‘We all know you have done a great job there. Right?’ they all burst into laughter as they jeered him.
‘Getting married is bullshit at this moment Issa. You know we as truck driver’s mess every day. Right?’ another told him.
They patted his back as they walked together towards a club hidden at the side of the road. It was a motel. The waitress ladies could be confused for other things. They donned tight clothes that exposed some parts of their thighs and upper division of the cleavage. This is what made the club stand out in the eyes of the truck drivers. The club’s lighting though during the day, was dim. The bartender at the front was a tall bearded lady who seemed to coordinate the activities of the club. She was dressed to lure married men off their innocent wives.

Juma raised his arm towards one of the waitress. She came over and lowered her bosom towards him to hear what he had to say.  He whispered to her ears and later peeped inside her faded top expressing a shocker face towards his fellow drivers. Issa was also mesmerized at the view as he seemed to think a lot. He knew he had to break the rules at some point. After a few minutes, drinks were put on the tables as the soothing ‘zilizopendwa’ music blazed the background.
Things were just about to get started.

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