For Part One Part one : BRUNT THE PIMP’IN VOYAGE

[VOI TOWN – 0900HRS]
‘Pop!’ pop! Pop!’ the high pitched sounds of opening the booze bottles was all that lit up their space as they waited eagerly for the drink to be spilled in their glasses. The bar half-dressed waitress was some kind a tourist attraction to them. Issa was the only one who pretended to be fixed at the glass though he sipped looks at his own opportune time. Juma, Logan and Omondi were all alert to the different human who was seductively putting the drinks on their tab. The lady was dressed on a black above-knee dress, a tight, white above-navel top and those netted leggings that ran from her feet to the top. She made sure she displayed that look and moves that could not be resisted by any man who came to drink at the club.

‘Let me know if you need something else’ she said softly as she smiled at them.

‘Right away. Will let you know. We haven’t got enough of this place’ Juma responded as he removed his tongue out to express his unrelieved daring guts.

‘Call me Anna.’ She said as she waved her hand on them. She did a 360-degree turn making her short dress embrace her waist-length for a while as she walked disappearing in the crowd.

The club was still half-empty. The new day had displaced the customers and the commercial workers too. It usually flocked at night with people from every corner of Kenya and faraway countries too. It was normal to see a few European and American women and men inside the clubs enjoying both the free and costly lives of Kenyan land.

[VOI TOWN – 1100HRS]

He took one deep sip and kept the glass on the table. He released the glass, got hold of the smoking cigar on the ashtray, and inserted it between his thick lips. He inhaled deeply and puffed the air from his mouth. He seemed to be in deep thought. He remembered his family once again and thought about his kids who did not even get to see him. All he was happy about is the fact that the money he earned was enough to take them to school and take care of them at home.

His friends were busy talking about one of their fellow truck driver. They turned on to Issa.

‘Hey Issa! You seem so silent. Do you remember Mr. Joe?’  Logan asked as he added another drink to his glass. He then stretched his arm on the extended couch and faced his fellow friend Issa.

Issa put his cigar on the ashtray and gazed at him too.

‘Yeah. His demise at Mlolongo caught me in shock. He was lured by prostitutes after which he was blackmailed and landed into carjackers who did the worst on him leaving him for dead.’ He clicked and gave that serous face.

‘They sodomised him.’ Juma shouted as he made the people inside the club gaze at their spot at the dark corner. Omondi was listening slowly as he kept adding more and more wine to his glass. He could not get enough of it.

‘We can’t continue being terrorized by these bandits. Let’s be driving as a pack as usual’ Omondi said as he gazed at all of them. ‘And let’s use our brains not our erect instruments, especially when dealing with this prostitutes! They are the goddamn diggers of our graves.’ He concluded as he poured another drink to his glass. The vein situated at the middle of his forehead had engorged virulently as he spoke, as trickles of sweat were visible on his face.

They all kept their cool as they shook their heads to the beat.

[1400hrs] VOI TOWN

The sun was slowly setting on the western side as the clouds started covering the area. The cool chilly wind kept blowing as trucks kept flocking the area as other trucks took off. Voi town was a stopover from Mombasa to Nairobi whereby one would rest or buy supplies while on the way. It had developed rapidly since the long distance driving business started. Lots of mechanics, supplies and petrol/gas station made the area rich in supplies. More truck drivers would park their Lorries at the side of the road and get inside the club. The clubwomen would note their presence. They knew their cash had just arrived. These men had those chatoyant eyes that explored the club as they seemed to target that rare lady with a different skin color, thickness, structure, complexion etc. ; just as to have a difference compared to what they ‘ate’ last time. Or rather to target what they have never tasted. This was their joint. They got in at intervals of 10 -20 minutes looking tired and weary on their sweaty t-shirts. Most of them had a cigar and almost all of them drunk booze.

‘Take this’ Juma said as he threw the pool stick to Logan. They started playing pool-table game with other truck drivers in the club as they talked about their Mombasa-Nairobi experiences. The talks were interesting such that they laughed at every single minute. There is no story that lacked the input of a commercial sex worker. They made their journey lively since they encountered them everywhere.

Issa and Omondi were throwing darts as they competed with other men inside the club. Their fellows were tattooed and had those women hairstyles that drug-men usually donned. Issa was a great archer as he hit the hatat most of the times.

The music at the club kept banging, as the music system inside the club was soo integrated to fit the standards of any type of day. The DJ of the club was the type who made these men and women get dirty in their dances. He knew the right type of songs for such a place. The time was approaching 6 pm.

[1800hrs – VOI TOWN]

The time was now 6pm. The sky was getting darker and darker as the light disappeared. The dim club lights and the Lorries headlights’ had become the new ‘suns’ of the town. Issa was dead bored. He sat at his place at the corner of the club as he watched his friends Logan, Omondi and Juma dancing with ladies at the podium. In this club, getting orgy was not something out of the ordinary. Dirty dancing was evident as accommodation rooms got booked for expensive prices for just a few hours.

Juma grabbed one of the ladies and walked in front of Issa. He jeered him, held the lady using his both hands, and carried her upstairs. Issa kept watching the crowd, as he could not leave without his friends. The song in the background made him laze around. Not for long, Logan took a certain lady who had being eyeing Issa since they got inside the club, and walked with her outside the club and disappeared into the dark. Thirty minutes had not passed after which Issa saw a tall dark buxom lady holding Omondi by the arm directing him upstairs towards the club’s accommodation rooms. He could not stay inside the club any longer.

He got up slowly and bought another bottle of wine. Holding it by the mouth, he walked with it outside the club heading towards his lorry. He could note the huge line that the parked Lorries had created at the sides of the road. In addition to that, a lot of underage girls dressed only on bikinis were all around the area. They were marauding the parking lots of the Lorries like hungry lions preying on innocent antelopes.

Issa opened the door to the cabin and locked the door. He spent almost an hour drinking his booze and at the very end, he dropped dizzy at the bed just behind the lorry’s cabin. This was an emergency bed that was situated at that place for sleeping purposes on places that the driver could not get accommodation.

[2300hrs – VOI TOWN]
At exactly 11pm, there was a knock at the lorry’s driver door. It was not a single knock but a persistent knock. Issa slowly got up from his limbo. He was a bit conscious. He unnoticeably unlocked the door and opened it. Alas! Before him was this young lady maybe 18 who was dressed in a brown pullover and a black lingerie. She had donned white sport shoes and black stockings. Her left hand was holding the door open while her right hand was already exploring the truck’s seats. She twitched and writhed on her standing position as she lifted her left leg onto the truck’s entrance.
She gazed at Issa and softly asked him, ‘May I Get in?’


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  1. Men will never learn, they tend to be brainless when dealing with some nice looking ladies


  2. are a amazing storyteller. Your stories are real life feelings and take the reader in.

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