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Bella and Baron

I screamed soo loudly as I bow down my head in a bid to curb the pain inflicted on my fingers. The pain was too much to bear. I could feel the cartilage and collateral ligaments of my knee dancing to the excruciating pain forcing me to stay on the grimy floor as I writhed as a dying snake. My eyes were fixed on my broken finger as I visualized a white colored bone on it. It was broken. I mean, my finger was broken and it had exposed even the phalanges. I kept on wailing at the top of my voice until there was no sound coming from my mouth again. All my mouth and my facial muscles did were look like I was wailing but unfortunately, no sound could manage to come out.

‘My God!’ I screamed. What had he turned to? I mean, I thought Boyka was the one who had inscribed this utmost Satanism in him. At this moment, I had no doubt he was the real ‘proprietor’. I gazed at him. I was still crying at the top of my voice as I slowly writhed away from him. I could not even walk; I walked on my knees just like a toddler as I calculated to what extent I was to the door. All I wanted for now was to escape the whole mess that I had got myself into.

He slowly came forward and sat on his desk. He sat right on the place he had cut my finger on. To be much more vivid, his buttock had sat on my blood. I pushed myself quickly towards the corner near the door. I now feared him for sure. He was not going to help me at any cost. My heart was trembling so hard such that I could feel it beating. I gazed at him. I felt so bad for having assisted him get out of the club. This is what it cost me. To start with, I was naked, I hadn’t eaten a thing, I was smelling my own feaces , I had been roughed up, I had almost been raped and lastly, I had lost a finger. All this because of helping someone who I thought was my to-be boyfriend get home safely.

His eyes were fixed on my nude body. He surveyed it from my shoulders down to my feet. I hunched my legs up and hid my inner ‘houses’. He plastered a smile and banged the desk. He gazed at me with that look of being extremely sorry for what he had done. I could see a bunch of keys hanging on his belt-fittings on his trousers.  There was among them car keys that I did not know belonged to whose car because since I knew Baron, he had no car of his own.  I felt some energy inside me. I saw myself driving out of this horrible place after taking the keys from him.

‘I didn’t know it would come to this extent’ he said as his voice shook me. This was the first time he had spoken to me. All my body did was shaking so feebly as my finger kept on dripping drops of blood on the now bloody floor. I lifted my head and looked at him again. This time round, I displayed a cool, sorry face. I wanted to be left alone. I wanted to go home. I was tired of this place.


He stood on his feet, walked towards the cupboard on his left and opened it. He took out a wooly jacket and threw it on the table. He then took gauze and came closer to me. He knelt down in front of me and told me,

‘Bring your wounded finger’

I was hesitant at first but after he repeated the second time, I willingly and submissively offered my wounded hand. He held it gently but tightly just as a nurse who knew, what he was doing and did the dressing. He informed me that he did not have the necessary equipment to do the procedure aseptically.  After dressing with the gauze, he lifted me up and held me close by his side. For the first time, I felt warm. It was a good fantasy. I was soo scared. I kept my chatoyant eye fixed at his next move. He seemed the kind of person who would cut me into pieces even before thinking of how he would slice me!  He slowly put me on top of his desk, took the wooly jacket and covered my already goose-bumped body.  My heart could not be changed of what he had done to me. I knew him of a monster. He was still a big “NO” to me and to the community at large.

I had to be submissive for now since I wanted to buy time before I escaped from the place. I had to act like someone who had lost hope in life; someone who would be solely dependent on someone else for survival. In my case, it was Baron. I kept looking at him closely as my hands buttoned the new clothing I had just acquired. I was warm and I felt at this point that he was not on any mischievous plan against me. However, I wanted to know about this place and where I was.

‘Baron!’ I called his name softly. He was standing by the door. He raised his head and turned around. He stared right on my face.

‘What is this place?’  , ‘who are you?’   ‘And what do you do?’ I paused for a while before I continued with my rhetorical questions.

‘Tell me what I need to know about you that I didn’t know’ I told him as I got off the table and walked up to him bravely.

He changed his facial look. He did not seem to like the nature of my questions. He looked at me and walked towards me. I trembled. He came next to me and hugged me soo tightly such that I would feel my cleavage suffocating in his robust chest.

‘Follow me!’ he whispered in my ears and walked towards the door.

I stood for a while as I reasoned what to do next and lastly decided to follow the direction he had walked. I quickly moved my legs with short rapid steps towards the route. The walls were high and decorated with gothic paintings. He approached the door in which I had locked Boyka in. I did not want to get close. I could feel the pain emanating from my finger still intense and almost taking my heart.

Baron kicked the door open and walked straight to the injured beast- Boyka. He punched him on his face and forced his Boyka’s head inside the bathtub. Boyka was weak due to the beating I had given him a few minutes ago. I still had the fear inside me. These people had shown me the animosity they can portray on anyone they meet.  Baron held Boyka and walked outside holding him by the trousers in a way to make his balls ache.

‘And you, follow me!’ he shouted at me as he ordered me to follow him.

I cautiously followed them as they walked to a certain black isolated door at a certain corner. He opened the door using the bunch of keys he had in his belt-line and kicked the door open. He got inside and pulled Boyka inside in a certain rough manner. I did not understand why he looked soo irked with Boyka.

I slowly peeped inside the room. My eyes could not believe what I was viewing in front of my eyes. There was somewhat of a big saw that looked like the machine that minces meat. In its edges and cutting blades, were stains of blood. I had a strong belief that it was human blood. Between the blades were stuck flesh and looking more closely, I could see an ear. A human ear. I could not stand the place anymore. I screamed and started getting away from the door.


However, Baron could not let me get away. He released weak Boyka and came after me. He was fast and had been eating food daily unlike me. He soon got up with me and returned me into the chamber. He pushed me to the place Boyka lay and locked the door from the inside.

He walked to the red wall on the side where there was a socket. The socket contained two buttons. A red and a green one. He immediately pressed the red button and the machine started grinding.

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  1. Wanjiru Kamau

    Quite thrilling.. eagerly waiting for part six.

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    Nice piece would like to read more of it

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  4. This a thriller.Good content right there. Can’t have enough

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  5. That’s a good read!!can’t wait for part 6!



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