My head had not lost consciousness to the extent of not visualizing completely. I could see a blurred vision of a human figure at the door. I did not even want to think who it was. All I knew is that I was in safe hands. He stood there looking at me with those sharp chatoyant eyes. He got closer still fixed on my embodiment. I wanted him for sure. I wanted to feel his passion, his touch, his taste and his everything that he had to offer me. There was this spirit in me that was soo wanting at the moment. Despite having the drink to my occiput, I was able to move myself like a slithering snake towards his direction. The dim lights made just the right atmosphere. I do not know if it is my eyes that had the blur or was it the lighting. I just felt cool with the view.

He sat at the end of the couch that I was in. gradually; I crawled on fours towards where he was and hugged him from behind. I held his shoulders tightly as I feared I would trip over. The zeal in me was killing my system. My short dress had already coasted upwards towards the head of my femur bone but who cared? It was Josh and I. I mean, I wanted him. I bent his neck on the side and gave a moist peck on his neck. He twitched. I could feel the warmth in his skin. The engorged neck veins were sending a message. He was also getting into the mood despite not revealing it physically. I could see his toes curled up on the wooly-carpeted floor.

He held me from the back and made me sit on his lap. He faced me and held me like a small baby who breastfeeds. My heart was beating fast. I was becoming more and more restless. All I did was look at him in the eyes and fantasize what the hell he was waiting for. I hugged him tightly and increased the grip on his shoulders. He kissed me.

I closed my eyes for a while. I was already in another world. The kiss had put me on top of cloud 9. He lifted me up and he started coasting up the stairs towards the inner rooms. This spacious house was one of a kind. The walls and colorings were perfect. This was the kind of gentleman who was 75% girl-clean. He knew the nitty-gritty details that most men could not figure out. My body temperature was slowly rising. It was long since I got someone for the night. I had accustomed myself to lonely and cold nights with only my blankets to keep me warm. I could not let today fade away just like that. I had Josh.

‘Josh!’ I called with my drunken voice.

‘Josh’ I called again as I raised my head.

‘Are you there?’ I asked once again as he put me on a wooly surface.

‘Yeah, baby. Am here with you.’ He said as he kissed my forehead. I could visualize him though not very clearly. I still had the effect of the alcohol from the club. He slowly walked behind and stood in front of the cupboard.


I could feel I was on top of a wooly thing. I touched it with the tip of my fingers. It was a carpet. I rolled on it as I felt my short dressing brushing the sensitive surfaces of my skin. As I was turning, I heard something drop on the floor on the side that Josh was. I noted his dark physique. He had undressed. I slowly got myself up and walked towards him.

As our lips were almost tapping one another, he positioned me on the massive bed and rushed at a terrific speed towards the stairs down to the ground floor. He ensured he had locked the door to my room. I waited for him patiently on the bed as I watched around the beautiful room. The alcohol in my head was slowly decreasing as I was gradually getting back to my usual self. I knew I was in Josh’s bedroom. My conscious was sure he had not performed anything on me since we met after the clubbing.

‘Pah! Pah!’ I had some weird sounds emanating from the ground floor. They sounded like slaps or blows.

‘What could that be?’ I asked myself. I was afraid at first but I decided to go and see for myself. I slowly got out of the bed, stepped on the warm, wooly carpet once again, and walked towards the door that Josh had left from.

On reaching the artistic door, I grabbed the doorknob and slowly pushed the door to my side thus opening the door. No sooner had I opened the door upto and angle of 45% than I saw some weird looking people inside the main room. I got shocked. I could not see Josh from the point I was. I suddenly dropped to the floor and started crouching at the stairs level in a bid to get a view of Josh.

After minutes of trying to fix myself stealthy at the stairs to get a better view, I noted blood on the couch that trickled down towards the floor. I could see Josh’s sweater and a shoe on their own. I definitely knew that something was wrong. I fixed myself towards a certain angle in which I could visualize Josh bleeding on the couch. He was still responding to the questions as they beat him up using their boots. I got extremely scared. I wondered what to do.

Should I go?

Should I not? I asked myself.

I could not bear seeing Josh being beaten while I watched.

What if they killed him?

Who were this people? 

I asked myself very many rhetorical questions that I could not get an answer to them. I decided to get back to the bedroom and look for a phone or something that I could use to alert the neighbors. As I was trying to get a safe passage back to the room, my shoe dropped from the staircase to the ground floor. I felt my heart jump a little bit. The three men looked above and spotted an almost naked thigh dangling on the staircase.

‘He has got a bitch in there…’ one of the people said as he started coming towards me.

I looked at Josh for the last time. This time around, his eyes were fixed on my face. He looked helpless and sad. He could not even raise an arm. They had beaten him into some weird  extent such that he could not do anything at the moment.
Immediately, I got up, got inside the bedroom and locked the door from the inside. My heart was beating so loud. I could hear the beat as it pounded hard on my chest. Never have I ever been shocked as I was. Since I knew they had seen my almost-naked thigh, I wore one of Josh’s tight pajamas. Despite them being long, they could help me a great deal. I told myself. I started looking for a place to hide inside the bedroom. The bed was attached to the floor so I could not get under the bed. I thought of the cupboard next to the bed but still, something told me not to dare.

The person had already arrived and the banging on the door was soo loud such that it distorted my thinking.

‘What will I do?’

Meanwhile, I heard the sound of my phone. It was on the cupboard where Josh was undressing. I took it and hit the unlock button. It was an email flashing. I had been shortlisted as a new teacher in the school I had applied. What I did not know is whether I was in a boy’s school or a girl’s school. I dialed the emergency number to get help. I was almost peeing on myself due to the fact that I could not imagine what they were doing to Josh and then to me.

‘Hello, how can we help you?’ a voice from the phone which sounded like a police officer who seemed to be influenced by his mother tongue responded.

‘My friends’ house has just been attacked. Please come help us. We are in Lang’ata.’  I responded.

‘Where exactly in Lang’ata?’ the police officer asked once again.

To be honest, I was not aware where the exact place we were in Lang’ata. I was unconscious the time Josh brought me to his apartment. All I knew is that he resided in Lang’ata. I tried to look out of the grilled window but I could not get a clear view.

Just then, the door opened and a fierce looking ugly man, who seemed to be almost my father’s age, got inside and started walking towards me.


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