Nairobi City Skyline

It was on a Saturday morning. It was  one of my unusual days in town since I didn’t have an aim visiting the place. I just wanted to rotate around the place, get to know the city and manoeuvre through the city tunnels, lifts, etc to see new places and to meet  new individuals maybe to lit up my world. Not that I was a desperate woman but I hadn’t found my solace yet.I believed that some day, I would bump into someone great. It was such a strong belief such that I got at loggerheads with my friends because of it. I just needed positive thoughts about it especially at the age I was at.

Kelly Wambui Is my name. My few friends call me Kelly. I completed my undergraduate at 24 with a Bachelor Of Medicine N Surgery at Moi University and went ahead and mastered in Pediatrics. I haven’t done my PhD but am still planning to venture into it soon. My current age is 35. I am a doctor during the day at some hospital in Thika. During the night, I am a single woman who does her stuff inside my rented compound at Nairobi’s South B Estate.

This specific Saturday, I wanted to manoeuvre through town maybe I could get a new opportunity. I mean, I needed a man. Back in campus, I was the reserved type. I was an introvert. I didn’t want anything to do with “boys”. I called them. I just knew them to be fuck boys or hit and runs. That’s why I remained chaste for my 6 years at Campus. However, I still regret why I didn’t get someone there. When I came to do my masters, almost all the women we studied with were married and the men too. They all had families.  I was the only single humanbeing there. I still didn’t feel complete. What I craved at the moment, was a family. People I would get back to at home and spend the night with; Buy shopping for my family and have a sense of belonging. That’s what I longed for.

The time was 10.34am. I was in a jam at Serena Hotel Round about headed to town. The road was beautiful and the passing of cars at the other end of the road  made me think a lot of stuff. A lot of issues crossed my mind. I wondered a lot especially about myself. These motobikers, these people selling jualas, sweets etc on the roads are having families and am here not yet in my own. I started calling God’s name in my heart. I wanted a family.


BMW x6

The city police lifted his hand on my side allowing us to drive. I started my BMW ×6 and drove past the round about. I drove as background songs inside my car gave me some piece of mind. The music was my friend. Sometimes, I wondered why I was soo serious back in school but I didn’t blame anyone. I parked my vehicle just at  KenCom building behind a Citi Hoppa bus. I later put it in a place where it could not be a nuisance to matatu drivers. I took my phone and dialed my mum. She melted my heart always. She was the only person who made me feel young again and at least smile again. She inspired me to keep praying and searching for someone. She gave me hope. Most of the male friends who eyed me no longer call me nowadays. The day I stopped being ferried by matatus to my work-place and started being ferried by my newly acquired BMW ×6 marked the day I lost a lot of friends both in local life and online life.

The time was 11. 05am. I pulled down the sun shades inside the car and took my mirror. I did some make up and I was good to go.

I took my car keys and locked my car. I was dressed in a tight jeans.  And a simple trench coat that couldn’t be a nuisance on a hot day. I held my purse by my shoulders and walked quickly with short steps towards Archives Building and hit the Tom Mboya road. I started coasting upwards towards the route to anniversary Towers dropping some coins to people who begged on the road with their naked children. I felt for such women remembering how many of them bring their children with infections at the clinic.


Archives Building Nairobi

Just when I was almost passing next to Tuskys on Tom Mboya road, a Subaru Forester type of car stopped abruptly and the front window was  lowered. A guy and a chocolate woman were inside the vehicle. The guy lowered his dark shades and I saw his eyes.

My God!  It was Simon. He was a Nurse at the  first hospital I worked in. We were very good friends.

“Hello Conso?” he called me.

Conso is a short form of consultant. He had known me as that since we started working together.

“Hello Simon. Am good.”

“This is my wife Teresa.” He spaced for me to greet her too. “and this is our son Mike”

“wow!  I admire you guys. That’s very good Simon. You had come for shopping? ” I said as I now felt a very heightened urge to hold their son. He seemed to be one year old or so. He was brown and held in those car seats for kids just at the back seat.

” Yeah. We occasionally do shopping here at  Tuskys. We don’t leave far from here. ” he responded.

” I’m still working. Currently am in Thika ” I said as I looked at his wife.

” That’s fine Conso. Have a wonderful evening. ” he said as I responded back.

Her pulled the window above and drove away. I was left there feeling like I had my own  family. But I had no place like that. I was still single. I even wondered why I had come all this way to stand at the middle of the road. Even if someone met me, he /she would wonder why such an educated person was doing on the streets looking like an old jobless woman who could actually settle for anything.

I gazed at my watch again. The time was 12.58pm. That was almost 1pm. I was hungry. I walked passed the alleys and just then, I approached a man selling movies and I walked towards him.

“Sema Mrembo. 50 Bob new series” he shouted as he showed me his best.

I walked towards his place and told him to get me a good film for grown ups. I actually hadn’t been a fan of movies. He told me what type I liked and told him Action, epic with Romance. He told to wait for 10-minutes maximum time. At around 1.15pm. I left the place with about two films. I stopped by at a certain road side hotel and bought some fries ; Two packets and some 1/2 chicken. I walked back to my car and got inside once again. I remembered Simon and his family and felt like crying. I admired his life like crazy. I started asking myself where I would get a man like him to start a family with. I prayed to God and asked him not to make me jealous of other people but to give me strength in such moments. I pulled down the mirror once again and looked at my face again. I touched my cheek. I admired my face. I remembered the CD vendor called me “Sema mrembo” while He called another woman there “Sema mama” that made me knew I was still young and beautiful. I felt good about it.

I slowly unpacked the food and started eating. Just then, I saw a street kid who looked like 18 or 20 scavenging for scraps on the floor. I was soo touched. Giving myself the courage needed to approach someone who I feared, I slowly opened one of my windows and called him.

“Hey. Come ”

The street kid rushed towards me with his hands directed to show he needed something to eat. I opened my other front door and told him to get inside. He rushed next to the  bonnet and got inside the vehicle.


Image source : PepRelics by Derek Chatwood

” Funga mlango” (close the door) I told him. He quickly closed the door, his eyes fixed at the fries next to my bag. I gave him the fries and he started eating ravenously.  I also handed him the chicken.

“What’s your name? ”

” My name is Kevin.” he responded with a faint voice. He had got the power to speak up. Luckily, he was able to converse in English. I liked that.

“How old are you? ” I asked. He looked big indeed.

“25 Years Old.” he responded.

I was shocked.

“What do you do for a living? ” I asked

“I kill for money, I carjack for other people. That’s how I get my pay.” he said as he looked at me. He had had his fill. He wrapped the polythene bags inside the fries paper and put them in his dirty-looking side pockets. He had cleared the food. He looked at me. I was scared. He had multiple  scars on his face; an evidence of multiple gang fights. He lifted his left hand and…

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  1. I loved the flow from the beginning to the suspense in the end. I enjoyed reading and was captivated by each word

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  2. So captivating,the flow is wonderful..can’t wait to read the next part,, keep it up!

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  3. Dr. Magare Magara

    I really love the article. Waiting for the remaining part. So lovely

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  4. Wow. This is a very beautifully written story. I wish i could write like you 😍😍

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  5. Well done. Lots of suspense. And you convey Nairobi life well.





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