The luxury apartment stood great on the four storey residential house. Carl’s house was the third one from the left. He lived with his wife Liz and their two sons, Greg and Colly. The house was surrounded by brightly colored new tips of trees, the pots of purple and pink geraniums with cellophane drops glistening on the leaves, the clusters of basil and oregano sprouting near the lemon tree.


The coastal fleet

Washington DC
‘Hurry up guys’ Liz said loudly as she pointed at Colly and Greg.
‘We ready mum’ her first born Colly responded.
‘Where is dad?’          
‘Carl outside packing the luggage’
Colly and Greg rushed outside to assist their dad carry the bags. They were all clad in luxury garments. Liz was clad on a red sari compliment with an auburn curl and her glistening chocolate eyes made her look beautiful and ready for a show. Her husband Carl was a young, pony-tailed guy who had adorned a black executive suit.
Liz met Carl in their bedroom.
‘Do I look sexy?’ Liz asked
‘Of course you look young and sexy to me only’
‘Mmm’ she smiled. ‘You only?’ she asked.
‘Yes darling, before my eyes’ he responded.
After they had masticated to their fullest, Colly dug in his pocket a Samsung Galaxy S2 and made a phone call to his uncle in South Africa.
‘Hello uncle Sam? We are flying to Durban today.

They were all elated. They assembled in the dining room. On the table, lay overpriced baguettes cocktail drinks, black coffee and carrot cakes. They had elegantly been arranged on the master table. Colly extended his right hand to reach the Drosdty Hoff bottle which was a meter far away. He opened the bottle cork and turned a wine glass. As he was going to fill the glass, Carl got up and glared at Colly.
‘No drinks for kids.’ Carl uttered
‘But…’ Collie’s word was cut short by his dad
‘Ahem… No alcohol for youngsters’ Carl said as he took the glass away from Collie’s presence.
He barked angrily in a commanding voice. After breakfast was over, Liz forced the children out. She then slammed the blue-metallic door locking it from the outside.
‘Did you give me a morning kiss?’ Liz plastered the question on Carl’s face
They kissed each other right in front of their children. They then whispered some words to each other exposing their smiling faces.
‘Well, that’s my morning kiss dear’ Carl said as he held the luggage. ‘Thanks honey, don’t keep escaping my ass like you did last night’ Liz added tapping his husband. They were all inside the car. The engine started. Their blue-black escalade hurled through the labyrinth of tarmac roads to the vast artistic fields of the airport in Las Vegas. The hot humid air made the mood to be just cool. The airport was full of noise; the rumbling of airplane wheels overpowered the burping motor scooters and the whining Renaults. They rushed to the ascending escalators and shot to the top. They shuffled on the lanes pulling their large-wheeled travel bags until they approached a certain desk.
‘This is the information desk. My name is Sandra. How can I help you?’ a lady from the inside welcomed them.
‘My name is Carl. Where do we book tickets for the South African flight?’ 
‘Right over that counter’ Sandra responded as she pointed with her finger.
‘Thank you’ Carl responded.
Liz clutched her stiletto high heeled shoes to the counter. She got hand in hand with one of the cashiers. He was a young bald headed man.
‘How much do we pay for S.A?’ she asked.
The cashier made the calculations and they were good to go after Carl paid the fare.
She faced her husband and gave him a perfect smile.
‘Darling, take the luggage as I take the kids’ she said
‘Why should I carry luggage all the time?’
‘God blessed you with a big body Hun’ Liz responded as she pecked Carl.
Carl got hold of the luggage and got hold of Greg as they walked towards the plane.
They slowly shuffled passed the departure hall and before reaching the plane, Carl slowed down.
Liz and the kids’ looked at him as he checked on his pockets.
‘Hey our plane number was?’ 
‘BQ 4991’ Liz shouted as the area was noisy.
‘Right there let’s hurry’ Carl pointed the gate of which they were to get to the plane as he walked to the luggage officer.
They handed the luggage officer the luggage as the officer handed them a number tag for their goods. They got inside the plane.
‘Guess I’m love with the back seats’ Carl said
‘Let’s hope to secure them. But why do you love the back seats?’ Liz posted a query.
‘Firstly, most people at the back tend to survive and the second thing is that, I hate being far from the John’ Carl responded in an amazing look.
‘That’s often a piece of cracking shit and why do you always think of the negative things?’
Colly sat by the window and stared at nothing in particular, holding his father’s hand. Colly was always quiet and the same quality was possessed by his younger brother Greg. They were always as lonely as catacombs. It’s ironical to get to know that their parents were the loudest noisemakers in their massive house.



The journey was already at its peak when Colly woke up. He squirmed and yawned obstructively. Looking on the other side, he noted his dad was asleep and tried to wake him up.
‘Dad?’ he punched his biceps
Carl yawned obstructively, forcing people in the plane to turn their heads in a bid to see the ugly ‘yawner’. He spread his arms and yawned again. He looked at Colly.
‘We got a lot of time to arrive Colly. Get to slumber. I’m not fed up with my sleep.’ Carl said as he leaned on the reclining comfortable chairs and closed his eyes.
Colly glanced at his mom on the other side. Her hand was strongly gripped to Greg’s. They were all in their third or fourth dreams. He became drowsy also and slept. Almost all the passengers of the plane BQ 4491 had already drifted to slumber. 

Carl dreamt of a mysterious dream. He and his family were in a private jet. They enjoyed viewing the far away horizons; throwing fireworks throw some gadgets in the jet and lastly playing games inside the jet. Brusquely, the heavy machine lost control and started tumbling down. It crashed on a hard granitic mammoth-rock where it exploded. Just at that moment, something similar happened in reality. A sound not a sound really, but a crash.
‘Boom!’ a sound emerged from under the plane forcing all the passengers to get up.
(A sound emanating from the speakers of the plane) ‘We’ve just collided with another spacecraft, put on your gas masks; I repeat put on your gas masks’
‘Get yourself ready; anything possible can happen at any moment. Be prepared for emergency landing’
‘Carl! Carl!’ Liz called as she pushed his husband in bid to wake him up. She had held her two sons tightly. Carl woke up abruptly and was flabbergasted by the scene inside the plane.
‘What the hell is going on?’ he asked
‘Put on this mask’ Liz said as she stuffed in him the gas mask, ‘the plane has collided and we are heading downwards’
The plane tilted the cockpit ramming the air downwards at a terrific speed. Greg and Colly were just but crying clung to their mother’s waist. Its velocity as it propelled downwards increased as oxygen supply became insufficient. Some people fainted as others plummeted downwards hitting the door heading to the cockpit. One of the short windows cracked open forcing the other windows to crack and break open at the climax. A blustery of wind and the pressure the plane had exerted made Carl and his wife Liz among other passengers, who were standing, be blown out through the open door. Colly and Greg were left inside the plane trying to open their seatbelts to follow suit of their parents. It was too late for that. The plane crashed and exploded on a rocky quarry. Carl and Liz had plummeted on the ground. They lay on the grassy ground for a number of hours. Liz opened her eyes whilst wincing in pain.
‘Carl! Greg! Colly…?’ she called out twice.
Glancing on the opposite direction, she spotted two bodies. One of the bodies was totally bloody. It was Carl’s. She strained to get up while she pulled herself to get to Carl’s body. Carl was not twitching. She feared he was dead.
She got across him.
‘Carl?’ she called shaking him. Carl was as deaf as a doorpost and as red as beetroot.
‘Ah, ah’ he jabbered out. He had a painful stab on his knee cap and a deep bruise on his waist.
‘Thanks God you are alive.’ Liz responded as she rushed to view the next body just a few meters beside Carl’s.
As she rotated the body to get a better look, she noticed the body had no eyes and the limbs seemed to be half-chewed. She jumped back and sat a few meters away filled with fear and trepidation. She was afraid. She glared around to see if she would note anything. There was nobody or any residence. They were in the center of nowhere.
‘Carl, Greg and Colly are lost’ she said as he seeped looks around
‘Lost… how? We should…?
‘We should?’
On his laying position he glared at the two sides of the horizons and couldn’t see a site of anything. Sadness was greatly engrossed on her visage. She feared her sons were dead. They glanced at each other tongue-tied for a while. The plane was nowhere to be seen.
‘Liz, I need to tell you something.’
‘Go ahead’
‘I dreamt of this entire odious scenario when I was at the plane.’ Carl said
‘So you knew this?’
‘Stop it Liz and get me up. It was only a dream nothing more. My knee is bleeding.’
Liz lifted Carl up by holding his shoulder and pushing him upwards. His patella was in a bad state. He walked with difficulty as the talked.
The body Liz had found on the area just beside Carl was still in her mind. She tried much to forget it but it still instilled in her fear. Carl gazed at Liz and as she was going to kiss him, he refrained and looked at each other. They had no clothes. The intense landing and heat had blown their clothes away as some of them stuck in the plane held by seats.
‘We are naked’ Carl said as he looked at Liz
‘Mmm! that doesn’t stop us from looking for our kids’ Liz mucked as she walked past Carl.
They were surrounded by tempestuous water. The water was so rough that no one of them thought it would come to a tranquil. Liz looked around the horizons around them.
‘We are in an island’ she said
‘Do you think the plane landed on this island?’ Carl asked
‘Yeah, I had the sound. I just hope it didn’t land in the ocean.’
They continued walking and surveying an area that they didn’t know very well. The area was covered by grass and old vaulted ruins. In some places, they met old demolished houses. The area seemed to be inhabited before by people. They came across one homestead. They spotted a sarcophagus which looked very old by nature. Carl’s heart pounded so fast that it felt like a staccato drum roll was in his chest. Goosebumps filled Liz’s body as the hair at her head stood on ends as her feet wobbled. She quickly walked past the sarcophagus and approached a pit which looked like a forsaken dustbin. She bent on the dustbin whilst her left hand scratching her ass and picked a scrap metal. She rubbed it in a bid to view what was scripted. She squinted and read with difficulty. 
‘Desmond place’


The Environment

‘What? Desmond?’ Carl was surprised.
‘We are in Desmond Island’ Liz said surprisingly.
‘I only heard of this island when I was back in my pre-school years when I was asked to check one island I know from the atlas. I actually don’t remember where it was located. Do you have a map?’
‘No, but I think Greg had one’ she said.
‘Where did you say you heard the sound?’ Carl asked.
‘Over there. We are almost. Let’s get walking. God bless those kids’ Liz commented as she held Carl tight around his waist.
They came across a cliff. On the other side of the cliff, clouds of smoke would be seen whirling sardonically as the whistling wind welcomed them to drive them far away. As they reached the cliff, the air itself smelt of death and destruction was well written on the black masks the evil monster left behind. They walked until they came to the top of the cliff.
Glancing down on the other side of the cliff, Carl blindfolded Liz in the eyes. The plane was a total wreck. Liz perceived through the small paces of Carl’s fingers as she cried. She had gotten the impression that her sons had perished in the clash. She cried uncontrollably as she held Carl’s shoulders. 
The bodies of the crew lay there burnt beyond recognition. Carl was tongue tied when he saw the charred remains of the victim’s fatal accident. The jet-fuel had scorched the victims vigorously. The whole area looked fierce. The silhouette like bodies were swollen and drenched with burnt blood. The stumps were sooty. The grotesque burnt bodies looked very ugly. The whole place was stinking freshly cooked meat. Their sons were dead.
Click here for Part Two Unprecedented Island

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