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Desmond Island
‘Get some strong sticks’ Carl requested
‘Strong…? Are those not strong?’
‘Strong enough to burrow the soil’
‘Okay’ Liz responded as she bent plucking and picking the fallen rods of firewood. She was humming her favorite song.
Carl was digging the graves of their two sons, Greg and Colly. They had only noticed by the lockets on their necks they had bought during birthdays. Liz was busy fetching sticks to excavate the soil. They were no ‘jembes’ or ‘pangas’ around.
After some hours the grave was ready. It was just a minimal trench that would fit the remains of the two sons. As they carried the sooty-grotesque bodies, tears from Liz eyes dripped.
‘Hold the lower part of the limbs as I hold this upper side.’ Carl said as he held the fluffy part of the head.
As they reached the grave like structure, Carl positioned the head down slowly and gazed at Liz.
‘Put it down slowly’
They buried their sons in the island. They pushed the soil back to the grave. They lay wild flowers which Liz had plucked from a certain bush. She sat on a certain granitic rock and stared at Carl. She remembered of her huge house in Washington D.C. where there were teeming city streets, glass skyscrapers, glitters and glitz and also the luxurious landscapes.
‘Was life made to be like this? We have lost our sons. They are barely 16yrs. What a life?’ Liz questioned as she gazed above.
‘Problems come in life Liz. This one was unexpected. You should even thank God for saving your life. You are alive and kicking.’ Carl responded
‘Its…’Liz was cut short
‘That doesn’t mean am not sobbing the death of our sons. I’m also grieving their loss’ he said as he squatted on the grassy area.
‘Carl, why aren’t you sad, I see you smiling; no sad face; is there something you are keeping behind my ass? Liz asked.
‘Honey, men are always jovial; by the way do you see men crying in burial?’
‘To some extent, I don’t. But don’t you feel pain for your own flesh and blood? Did their demise mean anything to you?’ Liz questioned holding her chin.
‘As a man, I feel it in my heart, but I can’t bear showing it physically like you do. Just don’t be angst-ridden.’ He responded

‘Hugh!’ Liz angrily responded as she sat a bit further away from Carl.

Desmond Island
Carl and Liz were beside each other; cuddling as Liz lay his head on Carl’s shoulders. They had no clothes.
‘I’m starving’, Carl hungrily spurted out
‘Same applies to me’ she responded
‘Ladies job in the African world was to fetch food, so walk out’ Carl requested
‘Mmm…’ she chuckled. ‘Men’s job is to fetch firewood, so get up’ Liz jeered at Carl as she pulled him from his seated position on the rock. They all set out to look for the preferred items. Carl went around gathering small sticks and kept them in an arranged manner. Before he was done, he spotted something unique and went for it. It was a tattered piece of magazine and a human premolar tooth beside it. He was shocked by the size of the premolar tooth. It wasn’t normal.
He reported back to the area they had agreed to light the fire. There was an aroma of something cooking.
‘What an aroma?’ Carl said as he closed his eyes and lifted his nose high in a bid to have the whole of the aroma.
He met Liz busy preparing something.
‘Jeepers, Liz, are those grasshoppers’ wings?’
‘Yeah, we are taking crickets and grasshoppers for lunch. We have nothing else to eat’ Liz responded.
‘Have you gone nuts?’Carl rubbed his neck
‘No, am just trying to be more sane’ Liz confidently responded.
‘Get serious Liz and stop making jokes…? Are we feeding those insects?’
‘Yes. I’m not jesting around’ she responded as she turned them on the fire using the sticks she was using to roll them around; just like a grill.
Carl looked back and spat bits of saliva.
‘Are you going to feed on them?’ he asked.
‘Why shouldn’t I? I’ve got nothing to eat!’ she responded.
‘Did you roast the whole body?’
‘Yeah, Head, thorax and abdomen in exclusion of the wings’
‘Oh my God, then make sure you don’t annihilate them’
Lunch was ready and Carl ate grumbling and whining.
‘We will build a house-like structure tomorrow’
‘A House-like structure…? Okay, as long as you provide poles and ‘makuti’’
‘What?’ Carl asked
‘As I said’ Liz responded as she put her finger on Carl’s lips to prevent him from saying a word.
They prepared a bed to spend the night. They lay dried grass and kept clogging to increase the amount of fire so as to generate a reasonable amount of heat. They lay facing each other just in front of the fire.
‘Carl, I love you.’ Liz told Carl as she held his cheeks
‘I love you too. Have a good night’ Carl responded as he pulled Liz closer to his arms. They glared each other for some minutes then succumbed to slumber.
That night was as silent as a grave and frogs croaking sounds were evident. After some minutes, Liz got up. She glared around and woke Carl.
The lit fire was diminishing.
‘Hey Carl’ Liz tapped him. Her face seemed tremulous as she called.
‘What’s up Liz? It’s already dark.’
‘We don’t have clothes. We are naked. Don’t you feel different?’ Liz said as she hid her breasts and abdominal area thinking that someone was watching them.
‘That’s tomorrow’s work, get to sleep.’ Carl responded as he drifted to sleep.
She stayed up for a while and drifted to sleep also.

The sun had already risen. Liz had already prepared breakfast. There were wild fruits and macadamia nuts. Carl felt the burning sensation of the scorching sun and sat up scratching his ‘burnt’ legs. Glancing behind him was Liz who had already woken up. She was seated just next to him. He hugged her from behind.
‘Good morning Liz? How was your night?’
‘My night was fine. You slept for a long duration’
‘I was tired.’
As he was going to stretch on his side, he lay on something that was soft and piercing. He turned and spotted the premolar tooth and the old newspaper. He was terrified. The tooth was extra-ordinarily long. He threw it aside and got hold of the newspaper. He took a glance of the first page and turned on to the next page. As he inspected the newspaper, he reached at some points where his eyes changed and became investigative.
‘Hey Liz, I got something.’
‘What’s up?’ she responded in a relaxed voice.
‘Do you understand ‘Pokwame’ language?’ he asked as his eyes squinted. He was awaiting a polite ‘No’ but oops!
‘Yeah, my grandma was one of the great pokwame speakers. I got to learn some bit of it.’
‘That’s great. You have to help me out on this.’ She handed Liz the paper pointed at the selected part of the paper. ‘Interpret for me this message. It seems crucial especially because it has quoted ‘Desmond Island’ in its context’
Liz got hold of the paper and scanned it using her eyes. She started.

By KISOH of Daily Headlines
3rd October 2018

There are about 115 volcanic formed islands in desmond.  They are made of thick granitic lava rocks. Phtographs from M67 satelitte had spotted  ‘supernatural’ and weird creatures that fed on people for their livelihood. They consumed both animals and human beings. They dug deep pits to bury the remaining bones and teeth. Its believed that radiations from the volcanic island forced humans to change and mutate to form such beings. They have an instict of camouflage and so it becomes difficult to sight those man-eaters. People were requested to evacuate the area before eruption begins. For many years, there area has remained domarnt and no visitors are allowed to get to the island.


Carl glared at the premolar he was holding. Liz remembered the sarcophagus they had spotted.
‘Carl, we need to get out of this place!’ Liz concluded as she put down the newspaper.
Carl glared at her and held her shoulders.
‘What? When? Why are you so tremulous of a paper dated 2018? We are in the year 2038. These creatures aren’t alive by now. We should reason about upcoming things.’ Carl said in a happy attitude.
‘Mmm…’ Liz stared at Carl as if conquered by her husband. She nodded her head in the affirmative.  She stared on the ground diffidently and confirmed that she was bare. She raised an alarm.
‘Carl, we should get something to cover our bodies.’
‘Let’s go to the banks right there’ Carl pointed a certain reeds infested area of the sea and started walking towards it as Liz followed him. Liz was the first to arrive at the banks of the sea. She watched the sea suspiciously. It teemed with fish which swarm in brilliant shoals. She plastered a smile on her face and breathed the cool air around the sea. She lifted her nose high as her hands held her waist.
‘This is amazing. As a man, get in the waters and get me the reeds’ Liz commanded.
‘As long as you promise to make me a short trouser’ he smiled coldly as he walked towards the sea.
‘That’s my job, you know’ Liz responded
He had no trousers to lift or coil. He went straight to the banks of the sea whilst Liz watched his bare back. Carl forced his right leg into the water. His feet sank into the soft mud. As he walked, he could feel his brown sensitive feet crushing on some small organisms and creatures of the sea. He reached the reeds and plucked as many as he could passing them to Liz. After some minutes, Carl turned back and waved at Liz. He walked out of the sea and went straight to Liz. He sat next to her as he helped Liz make the ‘clothes’. They laughed at times whilst cuddling and hugging each other.
After some moments, Liz had made their ‘cloths’
‘I think this fits you’ she gave Carl his ‘cloth’
‘Yeah, it fits perfectly well. How did you guess my waist size?’
‘Mmm…’she smiled. ‘Since I started holding your waist, I knew everything; I mean everything. She repeated as she held Carl’s chin.

In no time, they were all in jungle-like pants. They constructed a hut-like structure just a few meters to the sea. The sun was still shining. They rested on a certain granitic rock holding each other’s arms.
‘Hey, what do you say about our new house?’
‘It’s a barn-like house. It’s nice. We have to stay.’ She said
‘We got no option’ Carl responded as Liz lay on Carl’s chest.

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