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ABYSS: The One Night Stand That Ruined Me

Arrgh! The Only One Night Stand

We had just been meeting and those unexpected exceptional one night stands would always happen. That moment when our eyes met and I felt some heaviness inside my undergarments, I knew that it had to happen. I was not the dominating one in this since she also wanted to have some fun too. In biology, I remember we called it a symbiotic relationship. It has never been serious. We loved fun. Is that what everyone feels good about? Yeah that is it. I have to admit that the one-night-stands were soo great that i only longed for the next time i shall meet this electric beauty. I bet you understand the meaning of the term ‘electric’ as used in this context. Her name was Sally. She was the dazzling dark beauties of all time. In my village back at home, she was the only girl who at least managed to own some flesh in her gluteal tissue. To add on to that, she was the infiltrative type of lady. Meaning, she was choosy and selective to certain men. I knew she had fun with many people but I still could not get enough of her time. She had a cartel of men who I guess operated on her on my absence. She would get admitted and discharged after been worked on for hours or days. Sometimes I thought she did it for cash and that is why every time I came back to my village from college, I used to have a packet of approximately a 100 barrier contraceptives. I had that feeling deep in me about what I was getting into.

Therefore, it happened that this day, I managed to get home from school on a Friday. I was extremely tired and weary. The time was 3:30pm. The sun was still shining bitterly on my clean-shaven head. There was a bit of a shaky drizzle that was trying to drive away the sunny weather. I approached my village that was situated in somewhere deep in Ukambani. A lot of grass-thatched and mud-walled houses were the spectacular things in this region. You can imagine the tourists would come to take pictures of our houses and pay us. That shows how deep poverty had stricken our village. The only privileged man in the area was called Mr. Muthama who owned a wooden house and a bicycle.He made a lot of cash when ferrying residents to and from town and that is where he got his cash.

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Half Baked Men

Half Baked Men


Creative Works By : Melting Ice Towers

Ever gone to a place and wondered what life is? Men are just extremely engrossed in non-profitable businesses and they do not care. Businesses like basking under the sun at 8 am on a Monday morning whilst discussing uneducated bullshit and the likes. A Generation where men have ‘thin’ minds and grow thinner each day as they are continually devoured by each bottle of beer they consume.

It is around 8 am. The sky is blue. The scorching sun is aggressively shining its light on the remnants of the earth. Diana is walking down the road towards town for shopping. She is dressed on that fish sundress that is bright yellow in color. Her black heels and dark shades adding flavor to her clad. She had visited her countryside to check on her friends. She was fond of travelling too. It was long ago since she came home from town. Many things had changed since then.

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‘Hey, have you got ‘helb’?’ Shem asked Reece.

‘No, have you?’ he asked him in response.

‘I haven’t received yet’

‘Does it mean some people have received ‘helb’ money?’ Reece asked in an appalled manner.

‘I was just asking because am actually tired of waiting’

Helb’ is a certain amount of money that is loaned to some university students to help them with their campus needs.
Reece was a third year student who had been receiving ‘helb’ money since he was in first year. Since then, he had been used to writing his objectives of what to do with the helb money. This time around, he had a new mission. He had been circulating and exchanging his ladies in circles, playing the game and changing the cards in a professional unnoticed manner. He had been on top of the food chain in this type of game. He was cute and he knew how to ‘play the cards wisely’.

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She kept banging the doors and making those grunting noises to be released by the man who had termed himself as ‘the collector’. She couldn’t imagine what was about to happen to her. Worse thoughts of rape and torture rushed through her mind as she continued kicking her legs on the dashboard and twisting her neck in that torticollis-like way in a bid to free herself. The driver stopped the vehicle at a certain rather dark place where trees had bend over covering the road as if bowing down in prayer. He opened the door and walked out towards the side of the lady and opened the front door. Even before she asked anything, she received blows and abuses hurled furiously against her. The guy pulled her outside in the dark and slapped her thighs as he made sure he curbed her mouth fully to succumb her screams to the depth of silent moans.

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……kissing matters more to women and to good-looking men, SEXUAL KISSES both who tend to be pickier and choosy about mates.

it's great when done in style.

it’s great when done in style.

Kissing is the act of pressing one’s lips against another person’s lips to express sentiments of love, passion, romance, sexual attraction, sexual activity, sexual arousal, respect, greeting or peace. It has a lot of significance. In our context here, we will specifically tackle the kissing that involves passion and romantic connotation. Not many like kissing as they think it’s bad. They don’t like the exchange of saliva. Others hate the sound kissing ejects. But those who have been kissing for years, exactly knows the sweetness involved in holding your partner close and pushing your lips upon his/her. They have a well-defined nature of what kissing is. This illustration can help explain a jist of it.


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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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