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By: Ken &  Speranza


So let’s look at life as it is. From when we started reasoning and perceiving things in a more proficient and ethical way, we have discovered a lot of ‘pregnant’ issues pertaining occupations and professionalism in the Kenyan sector. Not only could this issues discussed here be effective or beneficial in Kenya, but also to innovative people across Africa and the world especially in countries with the same status-quo as our country Kenya.
In Kenya, 90% of citizens go to school so as we can be able to self-sustain ourselves financially –just to help us put our heads above water. That is a fact. Those people who did not go to school are normally considered poor and illiterate. That is what most people believe in. and in fact, 90% of those who did not go to school find it very hard to make it in life. Why? Does it mean learning until university is the new financial hot cake to success? No! Absolutely no.

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‘Ponyoka Na fresher’ [GRAB A FRESHER]

…where campus wolves hunt for fresh kids


your first display in campus tells a lot to the people around you

This is a real phenomenon. It happens and every striking fresher lady should be on the lookout. Oops! The fresher dudes too. You are grabbed too. Grabbing of fresher’s happens; only that the extent of it depends with the kind of university/college that you have been integrated into. Every guy/lady out there knows that a fresher’s mind can be very easy to manipulate and some are mishandled completely during that one ‘bash’ that brings the ongoing and fresher students together. Smart fresher’s tend to be alert from the time they step inside campus. Those ones prosper well in the first year of campus life. So what about this campus life?

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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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