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Creative Works by : Melting Ice Towers

This was the fifth day out when she was staring at this man at the pineapple plantation. She was anxious to speak to know him and get to understand him. She had this unknown attraction to this hardworking man. She did not know anything personal about him. All she knew was that he came to the plantation on Mondays and Thursdays. She made sure she visited the place on these days to make sure she saw him do what he did. She had not had a man in her life before. She wanted to feel loved and she needed to feel what people in love felt. This inner spirit drove her crazy every day and night. She would feel her muscles twitch and her temperature rising especially when she had feelings of her ‘future-man’. Many men had made advances on her but she remained to this one guy she had never spoke to –the man at the pineapple plantation.

She had monitored this man until she had known his routine. He would weed the plantation for some hours then disappear in some bushes. After a while, he would emerge with different clothes then rush to a nearby eatery frequented by fellow farmers’ just meters from the plantation.  The man followed that routine strictly and this added some worth in him from her. She admired his set of style and timing.

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Dr. Jaoko, His Range Rover And The Club

Taste Me and Become My Prisoner


Its 5 am on a Wednesday morning; the air is quite wet and it is drizzling lightly. The sky is a bit dark with the stars disappearing gradually as the dawn dawns. The path is muddy due to last night’s heavy downpour. Puddles and murky pools of water are all over the façade of the ground.


Mr. Jaoko has just left the bar towards home. If you are a pseudo-medical analyst, his ataxic weak gait and diplopic sleepy eyes can give you an estimate of the alcohol-dosage he devoured.Alcohol was his dearest friend.He had clung to it like vines on a rock wall.The insensate personality in him kept predominating 100% as he scuttled home. The humid, damp, clammy climate reduced Mr. Jaoko to a limp wet rag.

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all relationships start up happily . and everything seems to be so sweet.

all relationships start up happily . and everything seems to be so sweet.

It comes a time in life when you get tired of being submissive to someone who usually treats you like ‘just another stranger’. The ‘anger in you’, the ‘bile in your throat’ keeps getting bitter and bitter as the feelings become more and more pronounced. You can’t continue anymore. You are bored of being the submissive type you were. It reaches a time when you unleash your zeal and break free off the troubles of love.

Jane Wambui has been married for almost 6 years now. She is in an abusive marriage. She has been suffering since their second year of marriage. Her husband has been a complete opposite since the day he ganged up with a group of ‘drinkers’ and ‘boozers.’ The beatings, the loud noises, her ceaseless painful screams, her daily wet pillow covers, her careless husband has been the talk of the estate ever since.

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I ironically laugh when I hear Kenyans saying that we attained full independence over 50yrs ago. When you ask one of them why they are happy, they responds by saying, ‘don’t you see we got Madaraka Day celebrations yearly?’ did we really get full independence or is it just a feigned process that hides itself in the annual celebrations?



You will hear the village men saying, ‘we fought for our country and it’s our own who are ruling us and we are happy because of that’ Not knowing that the white settlers estimated the recourses they were using and saw there were a lot of extravagance; most of them refrained back in their country so that they could

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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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