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The Unfinished House 4


unfinished house

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Cain and Abby


They arrived at the homestead. She loved the compound at first sight. Cain walked ahead of her and opened the door for her letting her get inside. He later locked the door from behind. He directed her to the couch and made her comfortable by giving her some pieces of newspapers to read as he hurriedly walked into the kitchen. He quickly started preparing some tea while he checked other things to ensure they were ready e.g. Bread and blueband. In an African setting, like that of Cain, a visitor was welcomed with tea and bread no matter the hour of the day as he/she awaited the meal. This is what Cain was currently doing. 


Within 20 minutes, the tea was ready and since it was getting late, he quickly served her breakfast as he removed the newspapers she was engrossed in at the couch’s end. 


“Thank you, very much. This is so kind of you”. She said 

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all relationships start up happily . and everything seems to be so sweet.

all relationships start up happily . and everything seems to be so sweet.

It comes a time in life when you get tired of being submissive to someone who usually treats you like ‘just another stranger’. The ‘anger in you’, the ‘bile in your throat’ keeps getting bitter and bitter as the feelings become more and more pronounced. You can’t continue anymore. You are bored of being the submissive type you were. It reaches a time when you unleash your zeal and break free off the troubles of love.

Jane Wambui has been married for almost 6 years now. She is in an abusive marriage. She has been suffering since their second year of marriage. Her husband has been a complete opposite since the day he ganged up with a group of ‘drinkers’ and ‘boozers.’ The beatings, the loud noises, her ceaseless painful screams, her daily wet pillow covers, her careless husband has been the talk of the estate ever since.

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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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