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Story By: {Ken & Speranza}

Many have gone but few make it back successful…

Welcome to the extra-regurgitated story that falls on deaf ears of many who have the insatiable taste for unseen rewards in abroad. These ‘Thomases’ only believe when they go there and are deported back with ‘painful scars that sometimes never heal’.

Wait, the heading itself is ironical and full of sarcasm if stated. That is what those planning on taking a flight there after paying a hefty fee for their death should come into terms with. They are lured by promises of posh jobs with big salaries.


How many women have come back and explained exclusively the horrors and atrocities that they met there? How many have been flown back to our country as rotting corpses? How many go there and they disappear under mysterious circumstances? Why do we still want to go there to look for jobs? Meager jobs that lead to many of our young girls and women being overused in useless ‘maid’ jobs under very excruciating conditions. When asked, they say that some of the ladies they know have made it there and are getting paid ‘good money’. Some get good employers while some; in fact get employers who are equivalent to or rougher than ‘beasts’.

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This article revolves around the suffering of human beings precisely either internal or external torture. This can be as a result of natural, political, emotional or spiritual interventions that overwhelm the human heart to a point that they decide suicide is the best option of survival.

suffering africa

heavy tears of the forgotten

There comes a time in life when all you have has been deprived off you; when you feel you cannot move anymore.  The clenching of teeth and wiping tears that never ceases to roll. Your eyes change to red color for a number of weeks until you feel you cannot do it anymore. The feeling is overwhelming and excruciating. That is the time you know the real pain of suffering. 

Suffering is an excruciating situation in which you feel so deprived of something that really mattered to you. The feeling prolongs for long depending on the subject it is based upon. These can be in political instability, death, poverty, children exploitations where young children are recruited as soldiers, sex exploitation especially where women are imported secretly or conned for sex-slavery. The get into the world of massive torment and torture. A world that nobody ever wanted or believed they would ever be in. A world where all the voices you know or have heard about are related to screams and anguishing in abject torture.

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Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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