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The Hombres in Negro Veils

The Hombres in Negro Veils

The time was 10am.

I was seated silently at my favorite corner inside the library. My long A4 books and fancy notebook together with those rare fancy biros you receive when you attend a conference at the likes of Kempinski Hotels; were just in front of me on top of the table. I was strategically placed such that I would view every corner of the entire huge library. I was the kind of person who got easily distracted when someone got up from their seats or when they started walking around the library. I kept peeping on them.

The structure of the library was big. It was 6 stories. I was in the Biology department which was situated in the 4th floor. Mind you, it was a spacious hall. As a biology body, it had various artifacts that made it wonderful and beautiful. The hall had an aquarium where different kind of fish swum, there were two huge man-made human skeletons on the sides and also some enclosed algae plantations still inside the library. The hall had in addition, 360 rotating executive seats. The long windows and numerous fans made the massive hall conducive for learning activities despite the large number of readers who were seated doing their et cetera. At the very entrance, long alternating shelves lined up the walls of the entrance showcasing the numerous books in store for us at the library, forming some kind of an aisle that led inside the 4th floor.


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The ‘Black Days’ In The Streets

Creative Works by : Melting Ice Towers


At the sides of the road, they crawl using their ischemic worn out palms and semi-gangrenous knees gradually as they look upon the riders of cars and those walking with a pair of blessed legs. Others watch from their wheelchairs as they wave to at least get something for the day from you who sometimes dismiss them as pretenders.

‘wachana na uyo anajifanya. Io mguu amekunja tu!’ (Leave that begging man alone, he has just coiled his leg so we give him money)that is how they say.

Their eyes depicting the kind of suffering they have endured all through their entire life.Some are children aged between 6yrs to 14yrs, young adolescents and the aged who should be taken care by their children and grandchildren. Why abandon your parents and grandparents who survived on ‘weaving baskets and selling soap stones’ for you to live that kind of posh life in the city? Why don’t we have that heart to care for our parents despite everything they have done for us? They brought us into this world. Young girls begging on the roads are raped repeatedly, men sodomized day in day out, and nobody raises an alarm nor cares about whatever happens to them. Haven’t we heard enough stories?

There is something that has been happening in secret that should be brought out to light. There are certain people who are taking them for a ‘bad ride’. There are certain people making the disabled people feel the pain of whom they are. Some even wish they could be left alone to die than continue suffering in the places they are in. Some have cried until they cannot do it anymore. Life has become a misery to many of the disabled people in town.

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she was left alone at 9 yrs in this horrid world

she was left alone at 9 yrs in this horrid world

She had already lost hope in life when her parents succumbed to HIV when she was 9 years old.  Generally, they were poor and lived that life that most people in the world can never even imagine. The shimmer of success that had remained in her shredded into thin air.  She did not know the next step to take.  For the first 2 weeks after the demise of her last guardian, Joy Atieno locked herself inside the house crying day and night. She did some cooking for survival using the last grains that had remained. She knew that at some point she would have to go outside and beg for food and money. She also knew some of her girls who had ventured into the prostitution business commonly known as the ‘late-night-ladies’. She did not want to be in such a business herself. Joy respected herself and her wellbeing.

The 3rd week had commenced and she did not have any food at her disposal. She had to get outside the house and look for something to feed herself. She was a minor but she had a great vision on survival skills. She started marauding the slum looking for girls like her who had been derelict like her. At every corner she took, scary, imminent eyes were scrolling her from head to feet. All kind of men aged from teenage to married made sure they got a glimpse of her. She walked with that strong confident gait. She did not seem abashed by anything. Some men even went to the extent of sniffing her clothes as she passed through the old thatched ramshackle houses that were closely erected. As she was about to approach the main opening to the local town, a certain teenage boy who seemed gloomy spanked her behind in such a strong blow that she almost fell on the dirty looking flowing sewerage. She abruptly gazed behind her with her face grinned and her teeth clenched. She wanted to retaliate. However, looking at the rabble of ‘hungry’, ‘starved’ and ‘feminine drenched’ men who had formed a small congregation with the boy, she decided to continue walking and assumed the ordeal.

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This article revolves around the suffering of human beings precisely either internal or external torture. This can be as a result of natural, political, emotional or spiritual interventions that overwhelm the human heart to a point that they decide suicide is the best option of survival.

suffering africa

heavy tears of the forgotten

There comes a time in life when all you have has been deprived off you; when you feel you cannot move anymore.  The clenching of teeth and wiping tears that never ceases to roll. Your eyes change to red color for a number of weeks until you feel you cannot do it anymore. The feeling is overwhelming and excruciating. That is the time you know the real pain of suffering. 

Suffering is an excruciating situation in which you feel so deprived of something that really mattered to you. The feeling prolongs for long depending on the subject it is based upon. These can be in political instability, death, poverty, children exploitations where young children are recruited as soldiers, sex exploitation especially where women are imported secretly or conned for sex-slavery. The get into the world of massive torment and torture. A world that nobody ever wanted or believed they would ever be in. A world where all the voices you know or have heard about are related to screams and anguishing in abject torture.

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part two: (cry of the oppressed )



being trapped in this world of problems has been my entire life. I pray my children that they will fight for a better life in the years to come.

I can see the light beyond,

Light beyond the tunnel vision,

It dims and glows,

I perceive the happiness in the coming days,

Maybe it is not my happiness,

But destined for the sons and daughters of my grandchildren.

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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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