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‘Hey, have you got ‘helb’?’ Shem asked Reece.

‘No, have you?’ he asked him in response.

‘I haven’t received yet’

‘Does it mean some people have received ‘helb’ money?’ Reece asked in an appalled manner.

‘I was just asking because am actually tired of waiting’

Helb’ is a certain amount of money that is loaned to some university students to help them with their campus needs.
Reece was a third year student who had been receiving ‘helb’ money since he was in first year. Since then, he had been used to writing his objectives of what to do with the helb money. This time around, he had a new mission. He had been circulating and exchanging his ladies in circles, playing the game and changing the cards in a professional unnoticed manner. He had been on top of the food chain in this type of game. He was cute and he knew how to ‘play the cards wisely’.

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the L-BOMB

Solace and shelter I stole from you

Always making love chills run down my spine

Spin me to the edge of my dreams

Drift me to a slumber of roses

Roses that don’t prick


Taking me to the rings of our memories

Which I always want to build again

Make them exists, be a reality again

Write our story over and over again

Flip every page in my mind

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When I saw her the other day before we met, I was mesmerized by the look on her face. Bliss engulfed the inner me, my heart skipped in response to her smile. Agitated with this inviting expression I decided to take the next step to talk to this adorable lady.

Despite the cold invite to other guest I decided to test the waters to see if I would be lucky to at least hold her warm hand. Desire had overwhelmed my heart to the brim and I would not hold it anymore.

Holding your hand is enough for me

Holding your hand is enough for me

On this blissful day, the sun was promising a warm welcome. I knew the sky would be blue for me and maybe when the sun sets I would wrap her in my arms and we would watch the beautiful sunset together.

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Normal thoughts but unique view




Yote ni Vanity. Mungu Mbele. Hio inatosha.



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