By: [Ken and Speranza]

If you didn’t read part One > PART ONE : OBSESSION : I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY DOCTOR

Robert, Sharon and Erick

Robert – an Administration Police (now in Prison)
Sharon – A Lady Caught Between Two Lovers
Erick – A Mental Health and Psychiatry Doctor



[At the Town Memorial Hospital]

The time was 6am in the morning. This is the time the hospital professionals, who were working on night shift, review their patient status and wellbeing. The silence that had previously enveloped the hospital environment had being tampered with as nurses and doctors reviewed the patients.

Robert opened his eyes. The first thing that caught his eyes was a rotating fan overhead attached to a clean-white ceiling. He turned his head to the right and noticed a hospital table-like cabinet. This surprised him. He tried to get up only to realize he was in a hospital. His clothes were different. They were apron like and he did not have anything on the inside leave alone underwear! He slowly turned inside the warm white sheets.

As he went to turn on the left side, he saw two men looking at him keenly as they wrote some notes on certain white papers. Mental Health Nurse Specialists were studying his behavior to monitor for effective management rather than the normal management using pharmacotherapy.

He abruptly sat on the bed pushing his blankets towards his legs. He got out of the bed and started knocking at the observation window. The observation window was a window that had been placed to view or observe the patient inside the room. As he was busy knocking the door, one of the nurses got inside the room and faced him.

‘How are you feeling Mr. Robert?’ he asked cautiously.

Robert looked at him from head to toe and then back to the observation window.

‘Where are my clothes?’ Robert asked. ‘I need them. There was a picture inside those clothes that I really need.’

‘I will have your clothes brought to you soon. But why do you really need the picture more than the clothes?’ he asked as he tried to look straight on his face.
Minutes after being asked why he needed the picture, Robert’s facial expression changed. The midline vein between the sinciput became more pronounced. He started sweating as the veins in his hands became much more visible. He gazed at the nurse who had already started stepping backwards. He had sensed the fury in Robert’s face.
His eyes turned red and at this moment, he became uncontrollable. He rushed towards the nurse as he shouted, ‘Give Me Back My Picture!’

The nurse locked the door from the outside as Robert kept banging the door from the inside.



[At the Town Memorial Hospital]

Just before 8am, Dr. Erick arrived at the hospital. He was punctual as usual. He parked his car at the basement parking lot. As he locked the door, he adorned his white coat and the hospitals identification tag around his neck. He later complemented the look using a stethoscope. He walked straight to his office. The hospital clerk got to his office and dropped some documents concerning the different patients on his desk.

As his usual routine, he walked to the patients’ room one by one, as he inspected the progress of the treatment.
Robert’s room was just adjacent to his office. It would be the last room he would check before getting back to his office.

After some minutes, he approached Robert’s room and noted he had being restrained on his bed using straps. He knew the patient had behaved violently that led to him being placed like that.

After inquiring about the problem and checking, the history recorded in the nurses’ patient files he noted the patient became violent every time he saw the picture in his mind. He also became aware that the picture had gone missing since he came to the Hospital.

He quickly wrote some notes on the notebook he was holding and left the room.



[Sharon’s Apartment]

The sun’s rays had already shot inside her room through the long grey curtains. She got up rolling the blankets over her abdomen towards the south of the bed. She curled herself on the bed and turned on the right. She remembered Dr. Erick, grabbed one of her white pillows, and hugged it cordially and tightly. She had missed having someone by her side. She missed the touch of a man she loved. She missed him.

She slowly got out of the bed and walked lazily to the bathroom. Before she got inside the bathroom, she dropped the sleeping gown on the floor and walked inside the bathroom ‘au natural’. She took a hot shower.

She was feeling great. Her mental status was okay but she wanted to visit the doctor. The feeling was insatiable and demanding. She needed to see Dr. Erick but not for the obvious reasons why people need to go to the doctor. He was in love with him. Every time she thought of him, she could feel her heart become joyful and her body temperature rise abruptly in anticipation.


She got inside her car and drove towards the hospital. She arrived in the morning hours at the hospital parking lot and halted next to Dr. Erick’s car. She got out of the vehicle and just as she turned towards the hospital’s Main entrance, she bumped on Erick’s sight. He was coming her way – towards the basement. She crosschecked her outfit again and her appearance on her car window’s. She felt she was perfect.

‘Hello Sharon.’ he asked. This time round, he looked friendlier to her.

Before she responded, she hugged him tightly. Her small hands clenched on his shoulders and held him like a magnet. He succumbed to the emotions and flung his hands towards her too. The pleasure of the physical connection intensified.

‘Am fine Dr.’ she responded as she pulled herself off him. ‘I had come to see you’

Dr. Erick became surprised.
‘Have you encountered another mental attack?’ he asked, as he got closer.
‘No. actually, my problem was solved since the day I started coming to your office. I am fully perfect upstairs’ she responded.
‘Then, what makes you want to see me?’ he asked. His look was ‘lenient’ compared to the other days they met.
‘I have always missed you. You have been in my thoughts all the time. I love you and I want to be with you always’ she responded as she hugged him once again.

Dr. Erick’s passion had been awakened. He has never received those words from any other person in his entire life. He also had the some thoughts about Sharon especially after she came to look out on him. He remembered how he kept looking at the passport picture of her hospital file and knew he also had been attracted to her. There was something different about her compared to others.


‘oh, I had come to get some files.’ he said as he opened his Land Cruiser’s back left door and got inside leaving the door open. As he was flipping through the papers, a document fell right on Sharon’s legs. She gradually picked it up, bent over towards the inside of the car, and handed it over to Erick. As he picked the document, he felt the warm touch. It was new to him. He became warm. His skin color was shifting from brown to pinkish. He was the type who did not know how to hide his real thoughts with the cover of total indifference. Sharon knew he loved her too. She could see it in his eyes.

Suddenly, he pulled her inside the car. As she got in, she closed the door behind her. They gazed at each other. This time, more closely. He could notice her sparkling aqua eyes and her ripe, full lips. She possessed that look that would turn indifferent virtuous men like Erick On. At this moment, their interpersonal chemistry had taken progress to the next level.

There was no room for hesitation. They kissed for short moment. Sharon did not want to release her grip from him. His kiss had robbed off her breathe. Her outfit was almost bursting at its seams. Her knees were becoming progressively weak.

Erick halted the consuming emotions by hugging her. Her head below his chin. The sweet scent of her long hair rejuvenated his senses. She raised her head and looked at him again. She smiled. He smiled too. He slowly opened the door, held her hand, and helped her get out of the car.

‘I have to take some documents to the office. I will be back in a few minutes’ he said as they hugged once more.

Sharon tapped his shoulders as he walked away towards the main entrance to the hospital. She stood erect on her heels as she watched Erick disappear in the hospital. Her face was bright. She seemed happy. She walked around her car as she smiled unconditionally. Any passerby would say she is a lunatic or high on something like bhang.

Suddenly, she noted Dr. Erick’s keys on the ground just below his vehicle. She quickly picked them up and started walking towards the hospital’s main entrance. She had previously seen Dr. Erick’s office at her previous visits and so, she did not need any assistance in knowing the routes inside the hospital.

She started walking on the corridor towards Dr. Erick’s office as she peeped through the patient’s rooms through the observation window. Just before she approached Dr. Erick’s office, she saw someone who seemed familiar inside one of the cubicles. She moved closer towards the window.

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