I started writhing on the ground slowly. I could feel myself. My body parts and my thermal status were low. I tried to lift myself up but my head was too heavy. These people had used something strong to make me extremely weak. Never had I ever had such a strong feeling of super-weakness as I had that day. I could hear some voices in the background. They were human voices. I tried to turn to the direction the voices emanated from and luckily, I managed to try. I slowly got myself up and holding on to the wall, I slithered like a snake  towards the voices. 
I arrived at the place where the voices emanated from. It was a small room with a black door. . I stood at the doorstep. I didn’t want to peep. Horrors from my last peep at the fridge were still haunting me. I thought for sometime.

Why am i here? 
Where is Baron? 
What do these People want with me? 
Where am I? 
All these questions raced through my not-so-accustommed mind such that I started feeling uneasy. Just then, the voices started becoming clearer and clearer. I could hear A familiar voice from the inside. I thought it was Baron. I knew his voice and I couldn’t mistake it. He was inside there. 
Hurriedly, I walked forcefully and pushed the door open. . The door was a bit clogged by something like gum but lastly, I managed to push it wide open. 
“O My Go….!! ” I was shocked beyond everything that has ever happened to me in my life. 
I rubbed my eyes again to ascertain what I was seeing was real. It didn’t change. It was real. In front of me, was Baron. He was healthy. He actually didn’t have any scars nor bloody marks on his body  like me. In front of him was a table and his hand held a cup of tea as he sipped slowly watching me like I was some “Sodom and Gomorrah”  movie. He was with another short looking chocolate ugly guy who possessed a grotesque face with inappropriate facial contours. I watched them for a moment. They weren’t shocked upon my abrupt presence. I had indulged into their privacy without notice nor any invitation.
“We need to Talk”  I blurted out as I gazed him like a statue. I mean Baron. He wasn’t moving a thing. His friend seemed to be unfriendly to me. His left hand was almost reaching a nearby knife . I trembled and walked towards Baron. I held his hand and tried to pull him out. 
“what is this place?” I asked as I gazed at him concerned about his life. 
He didn’t seem to worry about anything. My God, I was almost loosing hope. 
“what did he do To you?” I asked Baron as tears rolled down  my Cheeks. I couldn’t believe he was “some kind of a vegetable” who couldn’t understand anything that was coming from my mouth. I don’t know what this short guy had done to him such that he seemed not to remember me. 
Suddenly, as I was going to turn around. His fellow guy took his knife and held me like a calf ready to be sacrificed under cold blood on a dark night. I actually remembered the story of Abraham as he was sacrificing his son. I at once tried to resist as I imagined the pain I would go through as the knife sliced my throat. I was already popping  on  my self. This time, it was real fresh poop. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I screamed but he didn’t care. As he was going to cut my throat, Baron raised his hand and said, 
“Stop it Boyka. She needs to know” 
I Shockingly looked at Baron In disbelief as he dropped me to the ground. Even as I hit the ground, I looked at him in his cute eyes and figured how he could be the mastermind of all the things I had seen inside the place since the day I got here. How could This be? 
“Baron? Is this you? ” I asked him as I crawled on the floor  and held his right thigh. 
“What happened to you?” I asked once again. 
“There is something you need to know Bella ” he started. “I have done all this for us to have a better life. All the places we have gone and all we have done with you is because I had the means to put them going.”
“Really? By killing people?  Slaughtering and stealing their jewels?”  I quickly removed all the earrings and bracelets I had and threw inside his cup. ” How can you even think of cutting a human being with a knife?  What really happened to you?” 
“Stop it” he said angrily 
I could see he was getting bitter. His face was changing and some trickles of sweat could be seen running down his temporal side of the head. 

In here, he was the boss. I could see that. Out there, you couldn’t even think that Baron could kill a Rat. He was the kind of people who were soo silent and always wanted to stay alone.
He got up and Pushed me on the floor. He beckoned the guy who was with him to do something I didn’t understand using his arm. Just then, this guy whose name was Boyka, took me by both his arms and put me on his shoulders. My head hanged on his back such that my nose was right on his slope towards the bottom. A stench that I couldn’t understand was irritating my nose as he walked with such long strides. We arrived at a certain room and like a dirty rag, I was thrown inside the place. The door was locked from the outside. I would here the guy’s footsteps as he walked away. 
This was my second day. I hadn’t eaten anything since I was kidnapped. The bad news  was that my best friend was the mastermind of this weird place. He eats people. My god. I cried bitterly as I remembered how I had planned to take him home and sleep with him. I had actually given him my entire heart. He was mine. I would Do anything for him. If we were in this together as prisoners, I would be inspired 100%. I felt soo left and used too. He had betrayed me. I am here because of him. My heart sank. I could feel my bowels sounding soo loudly. Hunger though a symptom in my new situation, wasn’t a priority. I wanted to escape. I wondered how. 
I stood up from my sitting position and started exploring the room. It was lighted but still darkness maintained the supremacy. The walls were kinda wet and the fungus lichen had grown all over the inside of the room. There was a bucket at the corner. I walked slowly and Peeped inside. It was a toilet. The contents almost made me puke. As I meandered through the room, I spotted a cloth and lifted it up. It was a female bra. It was torn and dirty. I sensed something wrong had happened in this place. 
“It could be a cell” I told myself. “Why would they put me in a cell?”
I continued asking myself numerous rhetorical questions which bore no fruits. 
Suddenly , I had someone walking at the corridor at my door step. I felt this was my chance to talk to Baron and assure him to release me and I couldn’t tell anyone what I saw. I rushed to the door and banged it severally to attract attention. The person continued walking as I kept banging. Suddenly, the person  stopped and walked towards my door. I could feel The footsteps coming towards my room. I walked away from the door and waited. The door opened and a hooded person got inside. He had a black hood. His face couldn’t be identifiable. His hands were bloody and he had long nails. He came closer and closer and gave me a strong blow on the nape of my neck such that I could feel as if he had uprooted my entire cleavage. I dropped on the floor. The figure knelt on the floor and told me, “Wait for your Turn”  I slowly watched the person as he left the room.

Part 4 Here >>> PHANTOM 4



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