[2300hrs – VOI TOWN]


At exactly 11pm, there was a knock at the lorry’s driver door. It was not a single knock but a persistent knock. Issa slowly got up from his limbo. He was a bit conscious. He unnoticeably unlocked the door and opened it. Alas! Before him was a young lady, maybe 18 who was dressed in a brown pullover and black lingerie. She had donned white sport shoes and black stockings. Her left hand was holding the door open while her right hand was already exploring the truck’s seats. She twitched and writhed on her standing position as she lifted her left leg onto the truck’s entrance.

She gazed at Issa and softly asked him, ‘May I Get in?’

She maintained that eye contact that suggested something. She continued writhing her back as she massaged the front seat of the truck. Her long black hair was covering her right eye such that she kept swinging her head back and forth to get a closer look at Issa.

Issa was at first flabbergasted by the enticing ‘au natural’ curvy sight in front of him. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat on his driver’s seat. This time round, he glared at her visibly. He murmured some words that weren’t audible then extended his right arm to her.


‘I don’t mind. Get in.’ he said as he flapped his maxilla and mandibles in joy as he held her hand and helped her get inside by lifting her. She sat on the seat next to the driver’s.

He looked at her and dropped the lorry’s curtains by the touch of a button. It was dark. He then lit a blue fluorescent electronic lamp that illuminated the entire cabin. He towered over her well-formed muscles and locked the door on her side.

‘What’s your name?’ Issa asked  her as he directed his gaze at her body making his prowling fingers circumnavigate the anterior compartment.

‘Ilaara Misso is my name’ she said as she released the kinds of  breaths that meant something was kinda ‘consuming her’ up. At some point, she seemed to lack her breath.

At one point, Misso got up and pushed Issa stuffing him on the driver’s seat. She quickly got on top of Issa whilst the man in the game made hard-striking efforts to get his way through. At some point, they all succeeded. Issa rushed to get his condom pack from the dashboard.

‘Ah Ah! No. don’t use that.’ Misso said as she restrained his hand.

At first, Issa was a bit flabbergasted with his face expressing some sort of paranoia. He closed the dashboard and agreed to Misso’s idea.

The atmosphere of the room was lukewarm and the blue light gave them the green-light to do what they were about to do.

It arrived to a point whereby Issa held her tightly and pushed the curtain at the back of his seat and landed on the emergency bed. The bed behind the driver’s seat. The rhythm, the intensity and the virility changed. Misso seemed to have waited for this ‘thing’ for her entire lifetime. The hunger became evident as they all struggled to get a glimpse of the other. It wasn’t about tasting but finished the entire ‘Cadbury can’. Those who could have managed to be on the outside watching the lorry, couldn’t have lacked to witness the bouncing-effect of the lorry due to the ‘romping romping’ at the cabin.


They were both seated at the cabin as they gazed at the Voi Town lights and the restaurants ahead of them.

‘How did you get to Voi?’ he asked her.

‘My friend introduced me here. I’m a Luo by tribe and my hometown is Kisumu.’ She responded as she sat up coiling her long hair using her fingers.

‘What made you come here?’ Issa asked her once again.

‘Money. I need money. And what we have just done is what I do for a living.’ She said as she straightened her arm towards Issa.

Issa smiled as he got inside his pocket and pulled out a thousand shilling note. He put it on her left palm.

‘This? This isn’t enough for what you have just got. I need 3 more Gs’ she said as she sat up in a more confident posture.

Feeling annoyed, Issa got inside his pockets again and pulled over a bunch of notes and counted for her additional 3Gs and handed it over to her.

‘Thanks for doing business with me.’ She said as she opened the door. ‘I have to go to other lorry before the sun rises.’

She hugged him and closed one of her eyes and bid him good luck.

‘I loved it.’ Misso said as she jumped out of the vehicle locking the door behind her.

‘Hey! Hey!’ Issa rushed to the door and called her back.

‘Hey, want to add 4Gs?’ she asked as she got closer to him.

Issa gazed at her and got off the cabin to the outside. His right hand holding the lorry’s container.

‘Give me your address or number.’ Issa said as he handed her the phone. She quickly typed her number on the dial pad and handed back the phone.

‘Don’t forget to hit me up on your way back to Mombasa’ she said as she walked fast in between the labyrinth of long Lorries.

Issa stood at the place for some time as he breathed the outside air. It smelt of dust and roasted meat. The restaurants around were working fulltime as the sounds continued to emanate from every club. The sky was pitch black. There were no stars leave alone the moon. The street-lights and the bar lights in addition to the lorry’s headlights illuminated the area. A number of half-naked ladies walked around the area shifting from lorry to lorry.

Issa opened the door to his lorry again and got in. he closed the door and got inside the sheets at the emergency bed. He lay looking at the lamp; his hands behind his head acting like a pillow. He thought about his wife and children. His face seemed sad and out of the normal. He lay on his side and later shut off.

He slept.



The hooting of Lorries and the sound of wheels as they grinded on the sandy paths were evident. The smell of tires as the friction devoured the strong rubber could be smelt too. The clubs and restaurants music was gradually reducing as the sound of drivers became evident as they got out of the clubs one by one.

‘Kong! Kong!’ There was a knock at Issa’s lorry.

Despite his sleepy mood, he got up with difficulty while rubbing his eyes. He hurriedly pushed off the sheets and walked towards the door while rubbing his eyes.

‘Issa!’ Logan continued calling

The door opened.

Logan was standing at the door.

‘We should get ready for Nairobi. We should be at Mlolongo at 11am so we get to sleep there as we await the Journey to Salgaa- the third stop over.’ Logan said as he got inside Issa’s truck.

‘Where are the Rest? Omondi and Juma… we can’t go without them.’ He said as he removed a drink from the lorry’s cold box.

‘They are inside the club. I left them finishing up. Am sure they are coming this way soon.’ Logan said as he took his bottle too.

They both drunk as they talked of how their fellow long truck drivers had been mugged for years by prostitutes and bandits. They insisted on driving as a squad lest they would befell the same fate that their friends underwent.

As they continued talking, they caught a glimpse of Omondi and Juma getting out of the club. They had a pack of girls with them as they laughed their way out of the place.

‘Wait, you have been here alone all along?’ Logan asked Issa.


‘Yeah.’ Issa responded as he giggled.

‘Told you. Being married as a long distance truck driver is difficult.’ Logan responded. ‘How do you manage to stay ‘dry’ all this time as you see your friends ‘getting it’ every night?’

‘I try hard to manage myself.’ Issa responded as he started the engine. ‘Get your friends ready, we need to get going.’

Logan got outside the lorry and beckoned his friends (Omondi and Juma) to get into their trucks.


| 0646hrs |

The darkness was disappearing slowly as the eyes managed to see little bit of the horizon. They all hit the tarmac highway towards Nairobi. Their next stop over would be at Mlolongo as they headed to Uganda.



The Journey from Voi towards Nairobi wasn’t that ‘tidy’. The next part of this story will take over next week [BRUNT: The Pimping Voyage 4]



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