25yr old Female ♀ Teacher in a Boy’s School

31st Dec 2016.

This was to be the last day of 2016. I was happy and I didn’t know why. I just felt happy inside my heart. Maybe it was because of Josh. I knew I would meet him today. “Damn!  It was long since I hugged someone like him. A light skin built kind of a man” I told myself as I glared my self at the mirror. I still had my white  bathroom gown on. I sat in front  of the mirror and did my hair and make up. I was definitely awesome. I smiled and did some unique calculated grimaces on the mirror to ascertain that my look was perfect. I was dayum. I did my nails and also my eye brows too. My hair was the curly type. It went well with the shape of my head. I wasn’t that awful. I tried my best to always stand out. I walked to my bed side and dropped my bathroom gown on the mat next to the bed. I walked in my newborn suit to the cabinet And chose my best and  colorful  undergarments. I knew something weird would happen and I needed to be colorful everywhere. I guess you understand what I mean. I needed to be that perfect. I took my date  dress and put it on. That dress wasn’t the everyday wear. It was secured for awesome days. A day like this one. So sometimes, I would go up to one month without it having my scent.


It was a great Saturday even by the look outside. The sun had already set those rays inside my cubicle. The birds had sang enough and were now spreading their wings for the sun to burn underneath their feathers. I opened the windows of my bedroom and switched on the fan. I was living some kind of cool life and I really wanted to continue being the best of what I really wanted in life. I wanted to live a stable life. That’s why I really wanted to be a teacher in a girl’s school. Each time the thought of my interview hit my mind, I kept thinking of being a teacher in a boys’ school and I didn’t auger well with the thought. It ate my other brighter thoughts e.g. Meeting with my long time friend, Josh.

I walked to the kitchen and prepared some light  breakfast. I didn’t want to eat too Much such that I would not get enough of Josh’s meal. I was 100% sure I would eat something different that was out of my daily budget. I took my breakfast and went to the living room where I sat and switched on the Television. This was just to pass time as I waited for The call.

I didn’t wait for more than 30 minutes before I heard my phone buzzing. It was him. It was Josh.

“Hello Josh? “

” Hello Joyce. Are you ready?”

“Yeah am definitely ready.”

“Where Will I pick you up?”

“Ooo, let’s meet at University Way at around 11am”

“that’s Awesome. I will be there at that time. Hope you doing well though”

“Yeah. Am perfectly fine Josh. Hope you are okay too”

“Yeah. Meet you there. Bye “

” bye ” I took the phone off my ear and placed it on the table.

The time was 9.54 at the moment. I had about 1hr to be at the place. Since I resided at Westlands, I wasn’t far of from the Venue. I planned to leave at 10.20am due to the traffic. Meanwhile, I prepared myself. I put my cash in place since a smart lady must have cash ready just in case something happened.

I took my jewelry and donned them on. I hadn’t married so my left ring finger was empty. And I was a graduate. The feeling in me was soo great. I didn’t want to hit 30 still single. Some Obstetrics Nurse friend  of mine had told me a lot of risk factors for getting babies past the normal age. I had to keep that at the back of my head. I was ready and time was running out. I quickly got a taxi that commenced the Journey to take me towards town. I told the driver to halt at Anniversary Towers next to The University of Nairobi, Main Campus. Since there wasn’t anywhere to park the car around the place, he halted at a certain Junction still along University way road.

I stood there as I took my phone seeping looks around. Some onlookers would through those sweeping looks at me. The kind of looks those  “hungry-starved” men would give when they want a “piece of meat”.  You get me? Yeah, that look. I was dressed to impress. I knew my looks were that killing but I maintained it and walked with that confidence of a diva. I was a  short madam but I understood the art of being a model.

I checked the time again, it was 11.10am. Where is Josh?  Could I have arrived a bit earlier than him?  I asked myself. I wasn’t that desperate so I took my phone and as I was going to call, Josh called me.

“Hello Joyce? “

” Hello, Josh. Where are you?”

” I arrive here at around 10.50am and am just chilling inside my car. Where are you? “

” I just alighted and am also standing somewhere here waiting for you. I wanted to call you now. “

” are you the one dressed in that black fitting dress with the curly hair? ” he asked.

” oh my God. Yeah. How could you sneak on me like that you Josh.” I laughed as I looked around to await his alarm.

I saw a BMW 320i parked just next to where I was standing. It’s lights were flickering on my side. I walked towards the car in my anticipation that it was Josh’s. As I approached the car, someone pushed the door open and got outside. It was The real Josh I had seen on WhatsApp. I hugged him as he lifted me up like I was some kind of a leaf. Anyone who would see us together would think we were lovely couples who  had been seeing each other on daily basis. I had never seen this guy for past 5yrs now. He kept me on the ground and opened the door for me. I got inside and in no time, he was inside too.

“so tell me about your life since you graduated” he asked as he started the Engine.

We talked a lot just before he arrived at some petrol station in Westlands, where we got inside at Chicken Inn and bought some good chicken in those boxes. We left the place and got inside another hotel where by it had an outdoor place. We sat under the shades on those artistically curved chairs as he ordered some heavy meal. I was salivating deep inside me. Thanks God, I had gone for a long-call earlier on and also, because I had tamed my bladder some good manners. However, I had to behave like a good lady as I ate the sweet meal. It was long since I took something expensive like that especially when it’s not from my pocket. He continued ordering some drinks as I struggled to finish.

He would swallow so “heavily” such that I could visualise his thyroid gland at the neck swerving up and down as he swallowed. I loved the fact that he didn’t show any additional signs of himself. He was just himself. I was good at spotting a good and a fake. Something told me he was someone worth trusting.

After spending hours in the hotel, we got inside the car once again. I was soo full. I couldn’t take anything more. As we were heading back to town, he got inside the gate of a certain flashy place. It was a club. He wanted to purchase drinks. We got inside the place and sat at the seats on the top floor as we watched people dancing on the floor.

“What’s your poison? ” a well dressed Waitress asked me politely.

I looked at Josh. I didn’t know what the Waitress meant by” poison”. Josh had already noted it.

” Bring Two Strong whiskeys that you got” He told the madam who was almost asking me the same question in my mother tongue.

Honestly speaking, the last time I drank wine was back in my graduation day and the Campus event whereby Josh took advantage of my happiness and had a quickie with me. I wasn’t the usual drinker. I didn’t like it though but it made me feel awesome especially when I needed to forget all the stress I had. Though, the stress would exhume again after the hangover!

The glasses were brought and the long almost 25 cm length-bottle was placed in front of our table. She poured it slowly on our glasses as we took the glasses and did the cheers 🍻 thing with Josh. We started drinking just like we did back at Campus. It was in my system as I wolfed it down my throat. I liked it. I continued taking more and more. It reached a point whereby I was only sleeping on Josh’s shoulders as a helpless young lady. In case he wanted to perform anything with me, I doubt I could resist. I was out. The only thing I could see were silhouettes, blue and red blurred club lights. I was slowly drifting. The drink had taken me to cloud 9 as they say.

After he was full, he lifted me like a small baby and headed his way out of the dark club. We arrived at the car and on opening the front door, he placed me inside the car. He buckled me up using the safety belt and walked around to his side. He started the engine.

“Hey. Hey Joyce?” he called me.

Too bad  I couldn’t hear anything he had to say. He wanted to take me back to my house. Since he didn’t know the way to my home, he had to take me to his house. He couldn’t leave me out there. He drove towards Mbagathi Road until he arrived at Lang’ata. He drove inside the gated community and parked the car at the basement. He lifted me towards the outside of the car  once again and helped me walk while he held me by my waist. We walked until he got inside the main house. He kept me on one of the big sofas and closed the door. He went back to the basement and locked the car after which He started walking back to the building. He opened the door and watched me again. I laid there helpless with my dress almost exposing my inner thighs. I was breathing with some kind of power inside me. My face was soo lovely and my eyes closed. I was still having the drink to the brim of my occiput while having those flashbacks that I would be in a  boys school. He kept glaring at me in such state.





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