The Unfinished House 4


unfinished house

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Cain and Abby


They arrived at the homestead. She loved the compound at first sight. Cain walked ahead of her and opened the door for her letting her get inside. He later locked the door from behind. He directed her to the couch and made her comfortable by giving her some pieces of newspapers to read as he hurriedly walked into the kitchen. He quickly started preparing some tea while he checked other things to ensure they were ready e.g. Bread and blueband. In an African setting, like that of Cain, a visitor was welcomed with tea and bread no matter the hour of the day as he/she awaited the meal. This is what Cain was currently doing. 


Within 20 minutes, the tea was ready and since it was getting late, he quickly served her breakfast as he removed the newspapers she was engrossed in at the couch’s end. 


“Thank you, very much. This is so kind of you”. She said 

“Welcome. That is the norm when a visitor comes. I had to be fast so you do not get late. It’s already 5pm”. Cain said as he looked at her displaying that worried face. 


Abby looked at him and got up. She walked closer to him and looked at his eyes. 


“Where am I to go?” she asked. “I love you and I feel at home”  


She hugged him tightly. Cain looked surprised by the words. He had not expected that to come out of Abby’s mouth. He was in sixes and sevens as if wondering whether to hug her back or not. He at last put both his arms over her back. They stood there steadily like scarecrows for a while before they separated on each other’s arms. 


Cain had the feelings for her but he did not know when or how he would say it. 


“Feel at home.” Cain said in a confident voice as he guided her to the seat next to the door. 


He sat next to her and they talked as the drunk the warm tea. They would at times laugh together as they sipped the tea slowly. At one point, Abby put her cup on the table and kissed Cain on his lips as the heat started intensifying. It was long since Cain experienced such a phenomena. Similarly, it was the first time Abby had someone who she felt she would start a world with. She felt like she owned him for herself. She was bonkers in love with him. The kiss was taking long as it is supposed to be such that Cain at one point separated himself at once in a non-destructive way. 


“Can we take a walk for a while before dusk?” Cain asked her as she gazed at him surprisingly. 


“Yeah. Why not.” she answered with so much enthusiasm. 


They got outside and started walking towards the main gate. Before they would reach at the gate, Cain took her bicycle and told her that he would carry her on the bicycle’s carriage. Abby was not sure if he could. She feared a lot being a passenger on a Bicycle. At last, she agreed to it. They opened the main gate and got outside. After locking the gate with a padlock, Abby got on top of the bicycle just behind the saddle where Cain had sat. She made sure she held him at the flank region so tightly to prevent her from slipping off to the ground. Cain would actually feel her nails gripping him soo tightly at his “Six Pack” region. He started cycling as they talked in loud voices. They were headed towards the pineapple plantation once again. As they cycled they seemed to be very happy about each other. Cain hadn’t had a friend for so long. While Abby didn’t have a male friend too. They had just bonded and the reacted chemical was just awesome by the look of their faces. 


They slowly approached the pineapple plantation. They got off the bicycle and they started watching the horizon. It was a beautiful view. Cain held Abby’s waist as they gazed at the plantations.


It was getting late. The time was 6.45pm. Darkness had started engulfing the place. It would be dark Soon. Cain looked at Abby. Her lips looked more attractive at this moment. Her skin more enchanting with those goosebumps everywhere. Her eyes had that look that couldn’t put away Cain. Her eyeballs round and blushing all the time.  They slowly kissed again. and again. This time round, they were walking towards the Unfinished House. There were no workers around, people had retreated to their homes after a hard days’ work.  The uncompleted building in which they had met on that first day when it was raining. They walked hurriedly and with short rapid steps, as they extremely needed each other’s passion with great gusto and enthusiasm. On reaching the House, Cain remembered the bicycle and rushed towards it. He took it with him and put in inside the Unfinished House as he held Abby close to him. There was no time for hesitation while in the presence of his seduction. An explosive reaction and spontaneous seduction threw both of them into oblivion. He lifted her up and made her seat on one of the incomplete windows. He got closer to her as they wolfed down each other’s lips. Their passion seemed irresistible. Nobody wanted to leave the others grip. She pulled him closer as he got into her.

‘No!’ she said as she got herself off the raised window.

unfinished hiuse

‘Not today. Not now.’ She continued speaking as she tapped her clothes and headed outside the unfinished house. Cain followed her as she took the bike from the ground. She stopped and waited for him.

‘I’m sorry if I offended you.’ He said as he looked at her in disguise.

She didn’t respond. She looked at him and pushed the bike towards him.

Nobody was saying anything to anyone. They were quiet. Cain got on top of the bicycle and informed Abby to get on the carriage. As he supported her, she hunched up on the carriage and they started the Journey back. Cain cycled soo swiftly towards his house. Abby kept quiet all the way. On arrival, Abby asked for a bathroom. Cain showed her the location of the bathroom. 


“Take a shower at the bathroom.” Cain informed her as she sat on the couch flexing her knees to fit in a curvy position.

“After you Cain” she said as she posed elegantly on the couch.

Cain got to his bedroom and headed to the bathroom with a towel around his waist.



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